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  1. I honestly I’m baffled .I spent way to much effort proving my point .He still won’t accept .He said I did not prove it to him.Show him another like it ?Then he showed me a silk screen copy now some famous Japanese artwork .I said yes I’ve seen those in a museum.Now he wants ague those .wow . So he will be posting forsale on eBay eventually and trying rip off people .I wish I can find another exact reproduction of it maybe he accept it then.I seriously think he is gone crazy and me too for even wasting my breath ! Artist: Kitagawa Utamaro He has those originals to if you guys interested forsale .lol
  2. Thanks guess I been texting him responses but I give up !he didn’t believe me and he is not believing experts .so it’s done !
  3. You would think the marker with 21 would convince him.he still texting me .it’s real Damascus steel.the gold is real it’s heavy and old .
  4. I give up he said tested gold and it is ?.and tested silver I sent him link .I explained.
  5. Thanks I text him maybe now he will listen he argued with me all night .
  6. My friend who buys sells things got this sword .he asked my opinion I gave it .He is now swearing up and down to me and arguing.Maybe if some others say it and I can show him he will cool down.I posted on another sword club and he wouldn’t except two others agreeing with me .
  7. Guy wants sell me this for $265.00 shipped .Just like some opinions I have my own but interested see opinion with more experience then me.
  8. Bjj

    Edo Period Wakizashi

    I had search that word came up with this on forums .interesting .
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