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  1. This project is really wonderful. Great work all arround. How many eggs have you used for the Saya? I'm already excited about your next projects
  2. Hello everyone, I am looking for an antique iron Higo Kojiri for my Koshirae project in the well-known style of a boat (Funagata). Here is a photo of a similar piece. Thanks!
  3. The Tsuka's been sold. Last price reduction. Gentlemen please do not miss the beautiful tosogu at a fair price. 1. kozuka 500 € 3. mino tsuba 350 € 4. Distant Pine Tsuba 230 € If you are interested in an item and want to talk prices, do not hesitate to contact me.
  4. From today until Sunday I offer all articles reduced as Corpus Christi special! 1. Kozuka for 620 € 3. Mino Tsuba 380 € 4. Distant Pine Tsuba 250 € 5. Tsuka 180 € I will also accep reasonable offers. Thanks!
  5. Thanks guys this is much appreciated! Tsuba Nr. 2 Umetada is on hold.
  6. Hello, I want to make room for new things, so these Items are looking for a new home: A Kozuka with Hozon papers, three Tsuba and a Tsuka. 1. Kozuka with NBTHK Hozon Papers, 820 Euro Very finely crafted Kozuka. Main material is Shakudo, fine Nanako, silver and gold painting on waves, Samurai and boatman. length 9.5 cm, width 1.5 cm, thickness 0.4 cm, weight 32 g 2. Tsuba signed Umetada, motif Ginko leaves, 160 Euro Main material is Iron with copper inlays of dew drops length 6.9 cm, width 6.2 cm, thickness 0.4 cm, weight 96 g, Nakago-Ana: length 2,7 cm width 0,9 cm 3. Tsuba probably Mino, motif autumn flowers, 420 Euro Very fine Nanako and carvings of autumn flowers in Shakudo, fire-welded gold inlay and silver Fukurin. length 6.6 cm, width 6.2 cm, thickness 0.4 cm, weight 85 g, Nakago-Ana: length 2,5 cm width 0,9 cm 4. Tsuba with famous Higo motif distant pine, 280 Euro Main material is Iron. Very famous Higo Hayashi design of distant pine in open work, Sukashi. The Tsuba is in my opinion a vintage reproduction, since the steel does not match the quality of the Higo school. However, it was not cast and is overall a beautiful presentation piece for a low price, the box is included. length 8.1 cm, width 8.0 cm, thickness 0.48 cm, weight 137 g, Nakago-Ana: length 2,9 cm width 0,95 cm 5. Tsuka for a Wakizashi, 250 Euro Nice Tsuka with flowers and fence design in Shakudo and golden highlights. Menuki dragon motif in brass. length 20.5 cm, width 3,8 cm, thickness 2.5 cm, weight 90 g If you have any questions about the items, or would like to see additional pictures, please contact me. Shipping: 5,99 Germany, 13,99 EU, 36.99 US, 45,99 Asia Thank you! Hannes
  7. I was able to pick up the tsuba in person. Very nice pieces on offer. Many thanks for the nice afternoon! I went home with two pieces. Thanks a lot! Hannes
  8. Third one is very nice indeed!
  9. Hi Ed, PM send. Thanks Hannes
  10. What a great tanto with NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon papers. The second sword, which was recently for sale on Aoi. I always thought that it was almost impossible to buy a real Muramasa blade. https://www.aoijapan.com/tanto-muramasa/ Well for the starting bid of 4,500,000 JPY
  11. Thanks gentlemen, you probably saved me money here.
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