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  1. Hi 👋. I’m looking for an Hayashi or Kamiyoshi work with the design of „Dead Trees“ in gold zogan. To team up with a kojiri in my collection. Here a nice example: Sword Guard with design of Dead Trees Kamiyoshi Rakujyu the 3rd the late Edo period (the19th century) Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art (The Ideta collection)
  2. Hi there. Final price reduction for the two wonderful tsuba, if you want to make an offer, we can talk about it. Do not miss! Higo Sakura (Hozon) 850 EUR Higo Hosokawa Mon 480 EUR Cheers!
  3. Myochin Sold Weekend offer for the two remaining, beautiful Higo Tsuba: Sakura (Hozon) 950 EUR Hosokawa Mon 500 EUR Thanks!
  4. Chōshū Sold Myochin On hold pending payment Thank you very much!
  5. Thank you, gentleman. Yes, I enjoyed the pieces very much! But it's time to pass them on
  6. Dear Nihonto friends, to free up space for new additions to my collection, I would like to part with 4 very nice iron Tsuba. 2x Higo, 1x Myochin, 1x Chōshū Please find detailed information in the attached PDF below. Tsuba.pdf I will gladly consider reasonable offers. Don't hesitate to contact me. In case of a successful sale, I will donate some proceeds to the forum. Thank you for your interest!
  7. Ah, so close 😉 Nice pieces.
  8. Dear Nihonto friends. I need your help: I'm looking for Goto Shakudo Menuki (Edo period) for a Katana. With the preferred theme sea/water: shells, swallows, crab, crab/bamboo or also sparrows playing with water or bamboo/sparrows would be possible. Prince range 400-800€. Many thanks in advance.
  9. This project is really wonderful. Great work all arround. How many eggs have you used for the Saya? I'm already excited about your next projects
  10. Hello everyone, I am looking for an antique iron Higo Kojiri for my Koshirae project in the well-known style of a boat (Funagata). Here is a photo of a similar piece. Thanks!
  11. The Tsuka's been sold. Last price reduction. Gentlemen please do not miss the beautiful tosogu at a fair price. 1. kozuka 500 € 3. mino tsuba 350 € 4. Distant Pine Tsuba 230 € If you are interested in an item and want to talk prices, do not hesitate to contact me.
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