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  1. Hello, First I did wrong. Ura Menuki installed 4 hishi before kashira. I corrected - I installed 2 hishi before kashira. I wanted to not cover the fusahimo braid on the Menuki ura. Wide diamonds to show the large samegawa grain. Soon I will show all koshirae with this tsuka. Take care! Shellfish lacquered stipes - new technique recognizing.
  2. Hello, I have completed the koshirae project. The first time I was wrapping a curved and rounded saya - naginata shape. It was an interesting experience. Working with samegawa is done after it gets wet and you need to know the drying and shrinking time of the skin to do this. What was new to me in this project were: - new shape of the seppa rim, - leveling the braid on the sides of the tsuka - jabaraito katatemaki, so that the attached tsukaito strips on tsuka ura are not visible - tsunagi - first job. Saya and tsuka was made of Ho wood, tsunagi - alder wood. I still need more practice with wood work, have to buy more tools Thanks for watching. Best
  3. Of course, I understand and I did not want to offend anyone, I took it seriously but also fun at the same time. I keep my distance from comments and I didn't expect tsuba to be ok. I also wanted to understand a bit why someone broke a pretty nice tsuba, as Vajo noticed.
  4. I am very beginner. The longer I am interested, the less I know. I spend most of my time learning koshirae techniques, so forgive my immaturity in the topic of tsuba. Thanks a lot for Your opinion.
  5. Thank you for your opinion on such an expert level. I didn't imagine it was a forum for painters. No offense. We're having fun...
  6. Hello, I would like to ask experienced colleagues for a general opinion on this tsuba. It is known that the photos do not reflect the full feeling. Could this be an authentic Hamano Tsuba? I received several negative votes. The argument: "You didn't pay 10K for this". Anyway, I like it. Please click the photo for more HD pictures.
  7. Brian, I'd really like to try my hand at it. This year, unfortunately, I had too many personal problems to worry about and my right arm stopped working for 3-4 months. The second thing is that I'm a bit limited by not knowing how to go about it. I will complete my current projects and spend more time on this. I will definitely turn to you for tips / help. I will be obligated for your help.
  8. Gentleman's, thank you so much for your kind words. It really motivates me.
  9. Hello, I wanted to show the last project. The order was for tsukamaki. However, after unwrapping the old braid, SAME was found to be in poor condition. I peeled off and cleaned SAME and then stained it using the traditional method. It was not the end of worries. The new fuchi and kashira needed a new spigot to make the fitter solid. On this occasion, I tried a new way to integrate new wood into the current wood. The wedge-shaped and additional 2 pins for this work gave a good effect. It shouldn't fall apart. Previously, I made flat inserts with 2 pins but I believe that the wedge will hold better if the tsuka was to be used for training. About tsukamaki. I learn something new every time. Currently, I plan to focus even more on shaping the washi paper under the braid. I believe my next tsuka will be even better. Thank You for watching. More photos and video here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/artur_drogamiecza/albums/72157717440581412
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