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  1. Hi Grev, I've seen both terms Kobushi-gata and Kawari-gata to describe similarly drawn outlines of irregularly shaped tsuba. Is there a difference in their use, or are the two terms interchangeable?
  2. Bruno, the Tanaka school produced some amazing work. I really like the yin yang aspect to the light and dark birds in the one you posted.
  3. sorry, that was Curran who posted the Higo. My apologies
  4. Bruno, I'm also a fan of so many of the Higo school tsuba, including these elegantly "simple" ones from Hirata Hikozo, as well as these ones from Kamiyoshi, and Jingo: I also really like some of the elaborate Hayashi tsuba:
  5. didn't realize the Image i posted was of such poor quality... here's a better version (hopefully)
  6. That's one heck of storm. I like it when they put rain lines across a tsuba. And is that a mountain goat up on the cliff above the water? No problem for the goat but a nightmare for the sailboats...
  7. I like the octopus... don't seem to see that very often. I also really like the 3D depth on that one And kuddos on having a 100% complete Heianjo. The dimple-textured plate also seems unusual.
  8. re #60 Here's a "similar" method of sunken botanical depressions & gold inlay accents, signed Echizen Ju Kinai Saku:
  9. re #35 signed shigeyoshi Here's some more, signed: 'YAMASHIRO KUNI JU UMETADA SHIGEYOSHI' and another Umetada Shigeyoshi... I get the impression from Haynes and Long that there were several Shigeyoshi at Umetada: regarding the image on the left "Which Shigeyoshi this is, we do not know."
  10. # 72 Here's another emaciated water buffalo... maybe they were frequently overworked in the fields?
  11. I searched for it but didn't see an existing thread and figured we could benefit from a little eye candy. There are so many tsuba that I think are spectacular but I'll try to refrain from going overboard, so I'll just post one This one is a kawari (irregular) shape made by the Tenpo/Tembo school. Everything about this makes me think "wow". The overall balance of the irregularity, the relative shapes of the sukashi cutouts balanced with the one hitsu-ana, the surface texture and the raise lip of hammered rim, as well as the one sukashi cutout that was filled with an intricately textured shakudo plug. I realize that everyone will appreciate different design elements of the nearly infinite variety of tsuba and that not everyone's favorite will be favorited by all. My intention is NOT to identify "the best tsuba", but just see a variety of tsuba that make us all say "wow", or maybe call attention to something that someone may not have considered before. Feel free to post a tsuba that you admire and maybe a little blurb about what exactly made you pick that particular piece.
  12. there's no way that's battle damage...
  13. A family member keeps telling me I should use a tsuba as a decorative key plate for the front door... I think I'll pass on that option, but it would probably look pretty awesome
  14. OK I ended up making a metal kogatana for the small kozuka. Now it's able to fit back into the koshirae again. I didn't have a piece of bamboo (thought I had some left over) and just gave it a go with steel. I managed to get it to stay in securely with just a friction fit so I'm pretty happy with that... no glue needed! This is just the rough finish... still need to refine the surface and the edge. Now that i'm looking at it in the photos, does anyone think I should thin the width of the blade some more to make it a little more stilleto-shaped? I'm also redoing the wood tsunagi to correct some of the issues from the first attempt The proportions are much better the second time round ... will post when it's done.
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