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  1. Hi Grev thank you - EUR 690 is the best price. Shipping to the UK has become expensive recently and would be an additional EUR 26.90. Best Chris PS: Of course, you may have a first refusal.
  2. Dear all I would like to part with a very beautiful little tanto tsuba made from pure shakudo with three butterflies inlayed in shippo. The quality of the work is amazing. Just take a look at the small heads of the butterflies with their nicely shaped eyes and their antennae done in ito sukashi. The size of the head is just two millimeters! On the other side of the tsuba the ito sukashi becomes a karigane. I think that this is a very unique and cool design. The fukurin is decorated with a nice star shaped nanako and gold zogan showing a sayagata pattern. When talking about shippo, Hirata comes to mind immediately. However, I have seen tsuba with shippo inlays attributed to Kinko, Bushu and so on. Therefore, I think it is safe to say that this is a Kinko or maybe Den Hirata tsuba. Age: (early to middle) Edo period Dimensions: 6.3 cm x 5.8 cm x 0.35 cm Asking price: EUR 690.00 plus DHL shipping costs (donation to the NMB will be made) depending on your location and whether you want a fully insured delivery or not Best Chris
  3. Dear all I would like to part with parts of an old yoroi which came as a pair. Description: Suji-bachi kabuto with 52 plates with a matching five part shikoro imitating hon-kozane laced in murasaki and orange odoshi-ito. Both fukigaeshi are missing. It looks like someone has lacquered the bachi with a thick black color. The helmet comes together with a matching yokohagi okegawa-do made from iron. The helmet weighs roundabout 2.6 kilograms and is approximately 17 centimeters high with a diameter (including the shikoro) of about 28 centimeters. The do weighs about 4.2 kilograms and is about 40 centimeters high. Please take a close look at the pictures for the condition. It seems to me like this set is rather old (early Edo or maybe even Momoyama period). The stand is not included. Asking price: EUR 2,600.00 plus actual shipping costs (will be something between EUR 25 and EUR 120 depending on where you are located including an insurance up to an amount of EUR 2000 and tracking) Kind regards Chris
  4. Thanks, Steve! You are right and I have found a similar piece: https://nihontou.jp/choice03/tousougu/tuba/562/00.htm
  5. Wish I had that tsuba, Curran ;)!
  6. First and last bump: EUR 190.00 plus shipping
  7. Dear all I woul like to sell a wakizashi/tanto sized tsuba showing two shachi with a tama pearl in their mouths. In my opinion, the body of the tsuba has been cast and the details including the mei were chiseled afterwards. Unfortunately, the tsuba has suffered from rust. The interesting thing about this piece is the design of two shachi which used to be placed on top of castle or temple roofs in order to protect them from e.g. fire. The signature reads Mitsusaru Saku (光猿作) Dimensions: 7.0 cm x 6.8 cm x 0.45 cm Asking price: EUR 220.00 (including a 5%-donation to the NMB but excluding shipping & PayPal fees) Shippings costs (including insurance and tracking) are: Germany: EUR 4.99 EU: EUR 13.99 Worldwide: EUR 37.99 Best Chris
  8. Tsuba No. 3 is a steal at that price!!! Best Chris
  9. Bruno by using some Japanese kanji (Mino Tsuba = 美濃 鍔), you can find plenty of pictures via Google - like this one: https://blog.goo.ne.jp/tsuba_001/e/ff2d0e3ed1555c36fc0147c62b29aac2 Best Chris
  10. My guess would be early Edo Mino workmanship - neither the nanako nor the carving do look like Gotō to me. A really nice tsuba! Best Chris
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