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  1. Just a heads up on another non-tsuba that appears from time to time. These desk ornaments were made back in the late 70's, not the 1870's, the 1970's. They were made as museum replicas for a travelling exhibition on Japanese swords and sword furniture, I know because I went to it in Sydney about 1979.(yes I am that old) I have seen these passed off as genuine mounted examples of Edo work and some have the bases removed to make them 'serviceable'. As a replica I paid $40 which was fairly high priced at the time, but some are now being sold for $400 or more - another is on auction right now - opening bid $20 which sounds fair but I wouldn't bid much more!
  2. Dear NMB members, I have recently acquired this beautiful Tsuba with a finely carved design of a dragon in cloud’s. Metal base is refined copper (suaka), and it’s size is about 70 mm x 62 mm x 4 mm (probably made for a wakizashi). The design and Mei indicate and corresponds with the Hamano School, but I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and comments on the subject - and especially on the translation of the Mei. Best regards Soren
  3. Hello, please find herewith 4 tsuba of my collection to be sold: #1 - Kaku gata iron tsuba with brass rim - Design of warabi - 6,7 cm * 6,3 cm - 150 euros ($160) #2 - Maru gata iron sukashi tsuba with dark silver rim- Signed SHO ZUI (gimei) - Design of dragon - 7 cm * 6,8 cm - 325 euros ($350) #3 - Maru gata iron tsuba with brass rim and acid etched surface treatment (Slightly depatinated) - design of maple leaves - 7 cm * 6,7 cm - 130 euros ($140) #4 - Maru gata iron tsuba with brass rim and acid etched surface treatment - design of pawlonia - 8 cm * 8 cm - 250 euros ($270) All fees (PP & Shipping - custom) will have to paid by the purchaser, knowing that the tsuba are in Europe (France). Please feel free to pm me for more picture and all inquiries. Thank you
  4. I've had this tsuba a number of years, it came off a tanto but didn't look right on the blade, too small. Looking at it in more detail now I was trying to determine the school and Kamakura-bori came to mind but I would appreciate members help and opinions please? I think the hitsu-ana may have been added at a later date. It seems to have what could be a layer of lacquer? on the surface. Details: Mokko-gata Uchikaeshi mimi H: 57mm W: 47mm Mimi: 3.65mm Seppa dai: 3.35mm Nakago-ana: 27mm x 7.5mm Many thanks.
  5. Hello! I could use some help with another translation—this time on a dragon/sea serpent themed fine iron tsuba. Thank you in advance to whomever can help! —Matt
  6. Has anyone come across any postage stamps depicting tosogu, specifically tsuba? The only two examples I have found are the two issues shown. I realize stamps are not strictly tosogu but my interest includes all things tsuba related. The Nippon stamps must be rare, possibly issued in only one prefecture unlike most postage stamps issued nationally in other countries.
  7. Dear NMB members, I have acquired this Tsuba as it rather intrigued me. It’s not that pretty and feels more like a design that probably were not that uncommon. But - that is open for discussion🤓 Mt. Fuji on four sides. Tate Ito Gata (design) Iron (magnetic with a clear bell sound) 80 mm x 79,5 mm (diameter) 120 grams (weight) Both Kozuka Hitsu-Ana and Kogai Hitsu-Ana Uchikaeshi-Mimi (iron reversed and rounded edges) Probably brass inlaid “mon”? Probably mid to late Edo period School - could be Bishu (Owari) or Shoami? A similar Tsuba was discussed in a tread from 2013. That Tsuba had only one Hitsu- Ana, no mon” but a different inlaid design. Disclaimer: apologies if someone should be offended by one of the “mon”. I would appreciate any of your input, opinions or just comments on: The “mon” - not quite sure that they are mon? (What are they?) School and possible the maker Any reflection that comes to your mind 1.
  8. Thanks to @Stephen @kissakai @christianmalterre for the December fundraiser, I a now has a tsuba collection! I really enjoy the mix of types, added to the tiger one I had previously due to a like of tigers at the time. Now on to a lot more homework to find more about their styles, etc... really wish there was a "Connoisseurs Book of Japanese [Tsuba]" out there that covered it all.
  9. Giving away two nice tsuba-fk “sets” 1.1. Rat, fans and willow tree tsuba Very nice example, fine inlay work, minute work always attract attention. Mumei, after Okamoto Sadamasa work. Price: $450 1.2. Rat, fan and komebukuro/chairebukuro fuchi-kashira Nice work of the Tsuchiya Yasuchika school. Very accurate inlay work. Signed “Yasuchika”, very strong mei typical to first gens. Price: $350 2.1. Plovers and waves tsuba Chidori/plovers are a migratory bird in Japan. They are usually depicted flying over waves. Since they have to overcome high waves and strong winds, they are a symbol of strength and perseverance. Outstanding piece from Mito, fine finish, the birds are very well executed, emotional intensity is conveyed masterfully and very clearly. Mumei Mito, tokukicho paper of a similar tsuba attached for reference. Price: $500 2.2. Plovers and waves fuchi-kashira Very nice fk in the same strong nami chidori motif. Details are very well underlined. Mumei Nara. Price: $300 Donation to the board is included, everything else is negotiable) And Happy New Year! Cheers!
  10. Releasing some plates from my collection 1. Shishi and peony tsuba Very strong and beautiful shishi botan zu tsuba. Carving technique of the highest level, look at the fur’s circular “curls” and compare those to the one recently unsold in Lempertz auction. God's gift and scrambled eggs) Another example of a comparable quality by “Somin” went on yahoo a couple of weeks ago for around $3000. Silver nawame-fukurin, nice addition. Signed “Soyo Kao”, there were four guys in the Yokoya family line who signed “Soyo” (H08951-H08954) Price: $1500 2. Kuruma-waterwheel tsuba Wonderful iron piece, smooth sukashi-cuts, perfect chocolate brown patina, pure pleasure. The waterwheel serves as a common symbol in Buddhist culture, representing rapid spiritual change and the cycle of rebirth. Mumei Bushu NBTHK Hozon with translation Price: $1200 3. Rising sun and waves tsuba Small but amazing tsuba. Perfect ishime-ji, beautiful waves carving, gold and shakudo spray inlay, sukashi elements. High level of workmanship. Signed “Tou”, several gens of Tsuchiya Yasuchika signed their works like this. Price: $550 Donation to the board is included, everything else is negotiable) And Happy New Year!) Cheers!
  11. Oh the humanity! What were they thinking?
  12. Two new additions to my collection. Both in the Thousand Monkeys or senbiki-zaru theme. The second tsuba seems to be a nicer example of the theme. Both tsuba are about 70 mm (2.8 inches) in diameter. The first one has a single hitsu-ana and is heavier. It doesen't show well in the photos, but all of the spaces between the monkeys is openwork. The second had two hitsu-ana and the eyes of the monkeys seem to have been accented in gold, but you have to look really closely to see it. The second one also has monkeys at the bottom that are playing a neck wrestling game called kunipiki. Kunipiki was a game where the opponents would put a loop of rope around their necks and then try to pull the other person over. I have found these examples online: Both tsuba also seem to have monkeys that are of the "See No, Speak No, and Hear No" variety.
  13. I would like to give Gary a plug [promote] for his latest book which has just been listed- https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/403359851899 He has some great examples, some of which have been published before and more never before seen. [I am glad he didn't call it a beginners guide - it looks more for the experienced collector and I hope it does well for him]
  14. I just bought this ugly duckling that needs probably more than a good clean up. It is very far gone but even the infirm need a home! What caught my eye was several Chinese fakes of very similar design that were selling for more than what I paid. https://www.jauce.com/auction/r306153157 https://www.jauce.com/auction/v663567475 The intriguing thing is the number of copies of genuine guards, how do they copy them without the original piece? Copy and replicate the image or is it more "here, make something close that will fool the novice"?
  15. I just got notified that my second Nihonto in in transit from Japan. It will hopefully be here by Thursday. It is another sunnobi tanto. Photos from Aoi Art are attached. When I have it in hand I will post some more pictures. This blade passed Hozon in June.
  16. Can anyone help with this mei? Maybe something like 董重 Shige? 日 It may be Akasaka circa 1700 Yatsuhashi bridge and Iris although iris looks a bit dodgy
  17. Hi I have created my second tsuba for sale catalogue with a price listing The link below will enable you to see all the available tsuba https://www.dropbox.com/s/fakjukzmer8vmla/NMB%20listing.pdf?dl=0 Would you please read the first page before you raise any queries Nothing in the PDF is copyrighted so I’m happy for anyone to keep a copy or ideally pass a copy to any other interested friends or clubs Those that remember my 1st sale will see some changes. There are some of the original tsuba available but the price may be slightly reduced and there are quite a few new tsuba When I asked about a Tanaka or Inaba tsuba I was shocked at the prices but this sale will enable me to buy some of these higher end tsuba to improve my collection As usual there will be a donation to the NMB Grev UK
  18. cdrcm12


    Hi, I've had this tsuba for a wee while now and was looking at it again recently to carry out some further research. My thoughts on it have come to think it may be Ko-Shoami. It has a couple of tekkotsu on the mimi, image below and dishes a little from the mimi to the seppa-dai. It's maru-gata with a kaku ko-niku mimi. Design is of bamboo in nikubori-ji-sukashi, quite rustic. Overall dimensions below: Height - 66mm Width - 66mm Mimi thk - 5mm Seppa-dai thk - 4.75mm Any thoughts from members would be welcome.
  19. Hi, A recent addition, I'm unsure if Owari or Akasaka but I'm drawn to Owari. It has nakabiku from the mimi to the seppa dai. The sukashi elements look more Owari. I understand the karigane and geese in flight but not sure what the other four sukashi elements are? Dimensions: Height: 65mm Width: 63.5mm Mimi thk: 5.4mm Seppa dai thk: 4.85mm Welcome any thoughts please.
  20. Hi 👋. I’m looking for an Hayashi or Kamiyoshi work with the design of „Dead Trees“ in gold zogan. To team up with a kojiri in my collection. Here a nice example: Sword Guard with design of Dead Trees Kamiyoshi Rakujyu the 3rd the late Edo period (the19th century) Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art (The Ideta collection)
  21. Here is the koshirae of my sun-nobi tanto. The saya is aogai-chirashi, the menuki are a feather design in shakudō, the fuchikashira is an engraving of ume tree and flowers on silver plate. The tusba is iron with a feather design on the rim and ishimeji on the surface. The kozuka of the kogatana is silver in what I think is a ishidatami pattern.
  22. From my collection of WW2 period tsuba, I have decided to let a few treasured pieces go. The express/tracking/postage cost of AUD60 will need to be added, but this is generally the safest and quickest way to get them to you. So add the AUD60 to the price listed..... 1. The EXTREMELY rare Sakura Showa tsuba, AUD200. NOW SOLD!!! 2. A complete Tachi set including ALL the Seppa, AUD120. 3. A '98 Tsuba with the cut out that suits the outfit that came with a leather securing strap. Normally on outfits with an old blade, AUD120. 4. A '98 Tsuba that is used on a outfit with the "chuso" spring clip, AUD120. If two or more are purchased, only one AUD60 needs to be added. These are good, collectable, useable, as found pieces, no cleaning or chemicals have been used in my time as owner. When converted to USD or EURO, they are well below current market value.
  23. Thoughts on origin? Two small files are from sale pictures; other is in hand in natural sunlight; attempted to crop but for some reason the program would not show the cropped pictures. Will send reverse side in following. john
  24. Hi all. I'm looking for further information on this later branch of the Umetada school, who signed the "Ume" character with a carved plum flower. I'm having difficulty finding much on who they were/where there were working. Any other images of examples and help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!! *Image pulled from the MFA website and used here for educational purposes only.
  25. Hi I have decided to merge my two old posts. They have been running for some times but I like to occasionally 'bump' it up for the newer members As a new post it helps if any one wishes to add any comments/observations The books are in full colour in hardback and PDF formats and there are quite a few tsuba for sale with a donation to the NMB Link to my books on LuLu publishing https://www.lulu.com/search?adult_audience_rating=00&page=1&pageSize=10&q=greville+cooke Link to my tsuba sale https://www.dropbox.com/s/q0g8f5og1wl8ze5/NMB listing Nov 2020.pdf?dl=0 Old NMB link to my tsuba sale https://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/23218-massive-tsuba-sale-2/?tab=comments#comment-235310 Old NMB link to my book sales https://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/22902-tsuba-from-birmingham-uk/?tab=comments#comment-232177 Grev
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