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  1. Hello, maybe Fuchi and Kashira can claim originality in this "set"?
  2. Greetings! Please help translate the signature and the meaning of the stamp. Thanks in advance!
  3. Not everyone can show the sword that his grandfather brought from the war .... for you, in theory, it should be an invaluable treasure, a family heirloom. And if you still have photos of your grandfather from the war, then that would be great. And in this case, its historical value is not comparable with the material assessment. Put it in order - if there is such a possibility, no - put oil on the blade and enjoy what you have ...
  4. Greetings! And the last of the Mohicans 誠忠義士銘々傳 Sei Chu Gishi Meimei Den Kinchoro Yoshitora 芳虎 ,and as said Piers D I cannot find his exact one, either. Maybe it's a discovery!
  5. I will support Peter, an interesting and little-lit subject of swords of the indicated period and in the continuation of what Gilles said, does it make sense to raise this topic in the appropriate section, the author of which may be Gilles !! ?? (this offer cannot be refused) , everyone will have something to share
  6. Piers romantically, appeared from nowhere, like the signs of disappeared centuries ...
  7. Hello everybody! Another print. Ichijusai Kunisada 一寿斎 国貞 , Kabuki Kobata Koheiji scene
  8. As an option ://www.Japanese-sword-katana.jp/%e6%9c%aa%e5%88%86%e9%a1%9e/1610-1061-2.htm
  9. You're right Piers this call rang earlier ://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/27551-triptych-battle-crossing/
  10. The Victorious Army of Minamoto Yoritomo Returns from the Conquest of Ôshû Province (Minamoto Yoritomo Ôshû seibatsu shôgun kijin gyôretsu no zu) 「源頼朝奥州征伐勝軍帰陣行列図」 Utagawa Sadahide (Japanese, 1807–1873)
  11. Continuing, this is not Amabie, but we will not give up, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, biographies of the faithful vassals of the Seichu gishi den, ronin No. 16 Nakamura Kansuke Tadatoki 1847-1850
  12. In fact, wooden blocks allow us to rearrange values ​​— not us for engravings, but engravings for us, which allows us to constantly see them without resorting, sometimes to the difficult and not always appropriate process of searching for an album and contemplating it, which is often done quite rarely- similar to a process with packaged swords that the owner has not seen for months ...
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