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  1. The KOSHIRAE might be o.k. but the blade is doubtful. Photo of NAKAGO without HABAKI will perhaps show what it is.
  2. It may be corrosion or the photo quality, but this TSUBA looks cast to me.
  3. Jonathan, welcome to the NMB! This WAKIZASHI looks like a perfectly authentic one (no copy), but it is in bad condition. The HANDACHI KOSHIRAE (sheath and metal parts) might have been attractive at one time, but the TSUKA-ITO (handle binding) has probably been replaced (non-traditionally). The sheath is damaged, the shoe-lace covers probably some defects. The TSUBA is a late cast copy, if I am seeing this right. The blade is original and has some age ( mid-EDO?) but has some damage which would not make it desirable for some collectors. If this is your first blade and in case this should be offered at a very low price (200 - 300 $), you may go for it. But you should consider that you will not learn much from it in this stage of preservation, and a competent repair/polish will cost a fortune in comparison. On the other hand, any attempt to 'renovate' it yourself will very probably destroy it or at least diminish its actual value.
  4. Gilles, maybe it is a technical problem, so that I have no record. Did you get my PM?
  5. Dick, welcome to the NMB forums! This looks a bit as if the KOSHIRAE was the better part of the package. The blade seems to be signed KANEMOTO, a famous name among SEKI smiths, so I would not bet on the authenticity of it. More good photos of the blade (without HABAKI) and of course an in-hand inspection by an expert (nearest sword-club?) will be necessary to give an assessment of what it might be. For the moment it looks like a late 19th century item to me, but of course I may be wrong.
  6. John, that is what I expected. But it does not work always that way. Not a big problem though.
  7. Brian, I have the impression that with the former website it was a longer span of time we had for the correction of mistakes in a post. Did that change? How long now?
  8. Same problem here. I thought I was too slow, but probably a website bug.
  9. This why bells are cast. (irony off). This test does not work. It is mainly the form of a metal object that makes it ring (or not).
  10. Louie, prices are requested in the 'for sales' section.
  11. Danke, Peter! Very good article with nice photos!
  12. John, the first MEI looks like KANEHIDE, the second reads HISAYUKI SAKU, I think. This latter MEI lacks the usual confidence of a trained smith, so my impression. If you want to show the blade in full, we might tell more about it.
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