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  1. Justin

    Tsuba Kantei Fun

    Hi Piers, Hope you’re well. Unfortunately I cannot see the link. I receive an error. Can you please repost this. Thanks
  2. Justin

    Up cycling

    Not exactly upcycling, more re-purposing an old printer’s cabinet and adding a display box to the top. Now all I have to do is fill it up 😊
  3. Thanks very much Gentlemen.
  4. Also this one. Any idea of the title? Thanks
  5. Does anyone know the name of this book?
  6. Hi Dale, I have this book and pages 246 and 248 are missing from my copy too. Must be a printing/numbering error. Cheers Justin
  7. Justin

    Tsuba Kantei #2

    Thanks for posting this Mauro. Interesting to see the Shonai attribution. My tsuba is not papered, however it is almost identical to the one from Ginza Choshuya (in the picture above). I cannot read the description, so not sure if this mentions a paper or whether the Akita Shoami attribution is just this dealer’s view. Cheers Justin
  8. Justin

    Tsuba Kantei #2

    Akita Shoami school
  9. Justin

    Tsuba Kantei #2

    Good guess, but not Shonai
  10. Justin

    Tsuba Kantei #2

    Further to my previous post, please see photos below for kantei #2. Shakudo tsuba with horizontal lines in gold and shakudo with water dragons done in gold. Two dragons on the front and one on the back. Wood bark pattern on the surface of the tsuba. Dimensions: 7.7 cm x 7.4 cm x 0.3 cm (at mimi). Thicker at the seppa dai. Any guesses on this one? Answer to be revealed on Monday.
  11. Justin

    Tsuba Kantei Fun

    Thanks for the guesses. My thought when I first saw this tsuba was Higo Kamiyoshi. The previous owner also thought it was Higo. He submitted it to NTHK and received something else, so he submitted it to the NBTHK, but received the same attribution as NTHK. Both attributions came back as SHOAMI. By the middle of the Edo period the Shoami style had lost much of its popularity. The rise of Bushu and Choshu tsuba, as well as the new kinko schools further reduced the prestige of the once great Shoami. They ended up copying the style of more popular schools and this is perhaps where the Higo influence came from (or Tosa Myochin or Akasaka perhaps). I enjoyed reading your comments and would like to put up another tsuba for kantei if you’re interested.
  12. Justin

    Tsuba Kantei Fun

    Kantei time!! This is a tsuba I’m selling at auction here in Melbourne, AUS on May 24th. I have NBTHK and NTHK papers attributing this tsuba to ................... ? Dimensions: 7.2 cm x 6.8 cm x 0.6 cm. Round mimi.
  13. Thanks for that Peter. I will update the description accordingly.
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