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  1. I used to own the shoki/oni Fuchi Kashira. Nice set. Hamano school I believe. I bought them out of Japan and had a craftsman make the custom box before they were posted. Great price, considering the box cost me $200
  2. Last reduction to US$170 including shipping.
  3. Reduced to US$200 including shipping.
  4. Wakizashi tsuka in excellent condition. Nice same with large nodes. Shibuishi fuchi kashira with design of chrysanthemums in gold. Menuki feature vines and leaves. Nice binding. Would look great mounted. Approximately 16 cm long. Price: US$270 including worldwide shipping. Please PM me if interested.
  5. Wakizashi koshirae for sale. The tsuba has NBTHK Hozon paper to Ko-Shoami. Very good condition. US$850
  6. Just picked up the Kaneyama tsuba from Grev. Very nice guard. Some nice pieces left and the prices are very reasonable.
  7. Iron sukashi tsuba with design of chrysanthemum and kiri (paulownia). The horizontal lines represent water, perhaps with blossoms floating on it. A similar tsuba can be found on Jim Gilbert's website. Mumei. NBTHK Hozon paper to Akasaka school. Beautiful iron. Edo period. 7.5 cm x 7.3 cm x 0.5 cm Price: US$800 plus shipping. Please PM if interested.
  8. Nice tanto size Yamagane tsuba. 6.2cm x 5.8cm x 0.3cm. Comes with box. US$125 plus shipping. Please PM if interested.
  9. Thanks Piers. Strange that I cannot find any reference to him in Haynes. Have asked Bob if he has ever heard of him.
  10. Looking for some help with this one. I read it as 木村紫芳, Kimura Shihō or Kimura Shiroi, however I'm probably wrong. Cannot find any reference to a tsuba artist by this name. Thanks in advance.
  11. Wakizashi koshirae is sold. All remaining tsuba in my site reduced by 15%. Please subtract 15% from price listed, free postage included too! 7 days only and then all remaining items will go back into the safe (for good). www.tosogucollection.com
  12. Very nice tsuba Chris.
  13. Katana koshirae SOLD. Wakizashi koshirae still available. Last price reduction to A$1,800. Lots of other fittings still available at www.tosogucollection.com.
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