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  1. Hi Peter is the kinko tsuba still available? 



    1. peterd


      Sorry sold

    2. Greg F

      Greg F

      No worries thanks anyway. 

      I appreciate your reply. 



  2. Mei Tomohisa 75x70mm £300 + postage.
  3. peterd

    Shibuichi Tsuba

    I thought the word shibuichi means three quarter. I assumed (which is probably where i got in trouble) that it means 75% copper 25% silver. If other metals are added this would make a difference.
  4. peterd

    Shibuichi Tsuba

    Adam. I just formed my opinion from a topic. What shibuichi looked like when new. In tosogu 1 september 2015. Some one called Ford Hallum.
  5. Most testers had there own kao. this would definitely be testers kao not the makers.
  6. With these guys i usually go on workman ship not mei. can we have a look at yours Thankyou.
  7. Many thanks Steve, what would we do with out you.
  8. peterd

    Looking for school

    This Kozuka has mother of pearl eye. Is there any schools that are known for this. Thankyou.
  9. Would any one be so kind to translate box of six Kozuka
  10. All £250 each plus post Shingen (mukade) 84x80. Kyo sukashi 84x84 Owari 78x78 Myochin Muneyoshi 78x78 Deryusai Yoshiyuki 78x74 Mito with papers
  11. Very nice. Well worth restoration.
  12. Nice tsuba. Kao does not seem to match mei.
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