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  1. Price reduction £300 each. The Kenjo tsuba appears to have the kao of Fujiwara Kiyonaga.
  2. Three tsuba for sale. Kyo Kenjo 68x65mm £400. Shoami dembie 85x78 £400. Shingen 83mm £400 ON SOLD
  3. Sorry. When i posted and enlarged i figured it out. Thanks any way
  4. If any one would be so kind. Thanks
  5. Don't blame you for wondering Rich, it is one tsuba ,two separate plates. The Shingen one is only about 2mm thick (approx). Yes Dale it is in my collection. I will try to photo the two plates in the seppa.
  6. Depending on surrounding climate I think lacquered saya might help. Particularly in damp conditions i think it stops warping and keeps moisture out.
  7. I personally think old shirasaya is no better than old koshira and like wise new koshira is just as good as new shirasaya, after all internally they are pretty much the same. ?
  8. peterd

    Mon stamped saya

    Tanto saya with same mon stamped randomly approx 20 times. I like it and have not seen this before. I am shore you guys will have seen this before so was interested in what you think.
  9. peterd

    Signed Kogatana

    I see why you think that but normal thickness. I think it looks deeper than it is.
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