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  1. Hi John , Re Item No. 83 - looks like your tsuba and #83 could be a daisho pair between them . To me there is some variation in quality with the other examples you have posted , most obviously in the Boston and Bonhams where there is some misalignment of the punches - not great perhaps but noticable. Interesting research on the man behind the signatures - possibly a fitting that needs to go to shinsa. Thanks !
  2. Re. Item Nos. 87 & 88 Additional photos taken at more oblique angles - maybe a little easier to see detail...
  3. Item No. 87 - Iron Tsuba with shakudo , gold and silver inlay 7.15 cm x 6.90 cm x 0.52 cm , 0.90 over inlay Subject of the sea and beneath showing an octopus and a grouper type fish under the waves . Early 19th cent. ? Very difficult to see and photograph , but there are numerous silver dot inlays spread amongst the waves , the octopus and grouper both in a lustrous black shakudo. Acquired 3-4 years ago as part of a larger auction lot. Item No. 88 - Iron Tsuba with brass inlay 6.85 cm x 6.56 cm 0.39 cm Subject of vine leaves and tendrils on a hammered ground . Tendrils possibly gilt. 17th/18th cent ? Heianjo type tsuba on relatively thin plate. Inlay appears 100% intact. Bought at the same auction as Item No. 72 ( buffalo ) , for a pittance - nobody else interested. Will try to post some better photos on both of these.
  4. Hi Grev, Have deleted posting - On second thoughts , not a good idea . Thanks for your response ! Regards
  5. Re Item No.86 Some photos of the box as featured . This is made from over 1000 year old Japanese Cedar and still has the classic cedar fragrance. I understand that trees of this sort of age are classified in a similar way to ancient monuments. It is illegal to use any wood from them unless it is as a result of storm loss or natural death. This means that the wood is greatly sought after...
  6. Item No. 86 - Set for Daisho pair in mixed metals Related themes on a recently mounted set of fittings by Ford Hallam These were made approx 18years ago as a commission for a U.K. collector and show themes or associated subjects such as tiger and bamboo , dragon and rain ,the chinese ' four gentlemen ' , autumn leaves etc. I will post some additional views of the fittings seperately , also of the box.
  7. Hi Mauro , Re Item No. 85 I am sure you are correct about the scenes being Lake Biwa - you have reminded me that I did a little research when I first bought the tsuba , about 15 years ago , and Lake Biwa was mentioned then . I had completely forgotten about it . Re Item No. 84 Ko-Shoami was the attribution given by the auction house at the time ( it was part of a larger lot ) . Heianjo would perhaps suit better... Thanks for your comments !
  8. Item No. 84 Iron Tsuba with brass inlay 7.68 cm dia. x 0.50 cm Attributed as Ko-Shoami mitsudomoe design with vines and tendrils , early 17th cent. Nicely made iron tsuba , in good order with all inlay complete. Acquired at auction over nine years ago. Ex Clarence McKenzie Lewis Collection Item No. 85 Iron Tsuba with pewter ? inlays and gold decoration 8.32 cm x 7.85 cm x 0.46 cm Iron tsuba with a total of eight different scenes on inset plaques thought to be pewter , possibly illustrating part of the tales of Genji . Ichijo School. NTHK papered. Smooth , well worked iron tsuba , very tactile . The piece shows a few signs of having been mounted at some point . I have seen a number of these plaques in the past , mainly with tsuba , but these are the freshest that I recall. I think that they are little stampings ( rather than carvings ) which were produced in sets , but these were probably made when the stamps were new and still retained their original fine detail.
  9. Re Item No. 83 Is there sufficent similarity when the high resolution is viewed , to assign a known artist to the kao ? Does having a different kao necessarily take away from the authenticity of the tsuba ? - and if so are we putting a kao above the evidence of the workmanship ? Just a few thoughts , and after all there has to be a first time for everything , even Japanese art signatures / kao.
  10. Hi George , Many thanks for your work on this - you mentioned that the views of the kao were out of focus. I have taken a number of extra shots and this is the best of them , taken at a higher resolution - hopefully a bit clearer. Regards
  11. Bob M.

    Tourist Trap / Crap

    Hi Dale , Yes , the first one is in enamel , but it looks as if someone amateur was experimenting as to how to use it. Possibly following the design on a genuine piece ? The second and third are outsize tsuba like plaques . Funnily enough the third has quite a nice fitted box , which has a label stuck to it - perhaps I should see if someone could translate - although as the label appears to be printed rather than hand written , I would not expect much... ( attached ) The fourth is straight chinese rubbish . Fifth , sixth and seventh are all in soft metal with various coloured inlays / appliques as imitations of classic pieces - possibly Japanese ? Number eight seems to be a real tsuba , gold plated . I guess that you can still purchase iron tsuba in Japan by the kilo and then have them plated , enamelled , whatever , for sale to tourists in the markets or on auction platforms .
  12. Hi Matt , Thanks for your help - the tag relates to this , then - Regards
  13. Could anybody please give a hand with translating this tag ? It has become seperated from its fittings case.... Many Thanks ! Regards
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