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  1. Item No. 38 Fuchi Kashira in shibuichi with gold , silver and shakudo . Monkey and trainer with all the accoutrements . Inscribed Myochin . Another set with a questionable signature ? Decent quality work , although not outstanding...
  2. Hi Geraint , Thanks for your observations . I am finding it very difficult to make out the signature on this piece , even with trying different lighting / angles , rubbing etc. There is always the powder method of highlighting marks or indentations , but I am reluctant to use it . The pictures do show up the signature somewhat clearer than looking in hand , but I have had to rely on information from when I acquired the tsuba , some years ago . I must compliment you on being able to decipher them - sharper eyes than me ! Regards
  3. Item No. 37 Iron Marugata Sukashi Tsuba 7.00cm dia. x 0.43 cm thick Subject of Maple leaves in positive and negative silhouette. Signed Yoshikuni , unknown school / era.... Simple but effective motif especially when viewed straight on against a light background , as second pair of pictures.
  4. Hi Bruno , Hi Dirk , Many Thanks for your contributions above . It is great to be able to expand knowledge with each others help... I must admit the Otter Festival is a new one on me.
  5. Item No.36 A Kozuka in pale shibuichi , with copper and shakudo , gold and silver details and inlays. Subject of an otter with a captured catfish , next to a stream with bank and sluice gate ( ? ) . Signed - Kikugawa Mitsuyuki saku - school ? Ex : H. Seymour Trower collection Ex : H. G. Beasley collection Ex : Naunton collection - this is claimed by Sothebys when the piece was auctioned in the early 1980's - I cannot find it in the Joly book of the collection . Is there another book / part to the Naunton collection or were Sothebys misinformed ? The otter and other detailing finely carved. The shibuichi has strong ' tiger ' striping when viewed in the right light - I have taken a few pictures at different angles to try and show this. Is this an encouragement to the values of persistance bringing their own rewards , as the catfish is notoriously slippery and difficult to hang on to ?
  6. Item No. 35 - Iron Tsuba with Gold Mei and highlights 8.00 cm x 7.84 cm x 0.55 cm at centre , 0.58 cm at rim. Signed Shigeyoshi Plain iron tsuba , laquered at some time , with the gold outlining of the hitsu-ana really standing out against the dark background. The fukurin is part of the piece , not a later edition . There is however an undercut along the edge of the fukurin which makes it look as if it is a later addition. In order to facilitate this ,the outer part of the tsuba plate all the way round has been carved with a tapering profile. The hitsu-ana shape is ornate - Chinese influence ? Can anyone help with likely school attribution ? Bought on Ebay from a Japanese seller about eight years ago...
  7. Doing some digging about on documentation for Item 34 - It has been given a classification of Reijyu - zu Tsuba by NBTHK. Is this the term for its shape ? Have never heard of the description before.
  8. Item No. 34 Iron Tsuba with gold silver and copper inlays 9.01 cm x 7.21 cm x 0.41 cm Signed Front - Yamashiro - koku - jyu Kanyosai Back - Nanban - tetsu - kitae Yoshitsugu - sei Subject of - Dragon and Tiger with quiet appearance on rear and fierce on front. Is there a name for this shape of tsuba ? School ? NBTHK papers attached A most unusual design , any ideas as to why , or do we need a reason ? Acquired direct from Japan approx 8 years ago.
  9. May be mistaken , but I seem to remember references to broken koto bridges as a theme on tsuba . The bridges shown on No.33 are incomplete as required by the design , but not necessarily broken - anyone remember this theme also ? I was wondering if the flexibility meaning was another of these Japanese word games or puns ( or is this just a western misconception ? ) referencing the need to be able to use/move the bridge to suit any situation , as well as being able to switch between matters military and matters artistic . Moving of the bridges on the koto to suit the music , being analagous to the use of tactics on the battle field...
  10. Seems to me that the information I have for this tsuba is a mishmash of both 04584 and 04585 . This was the info. as shown with the ebay lot , as I said ,from a Japanese seller . Just goes to show how difficult it can be to unravel the facts , even for native Japanese speakers. Once again I have to thank you all for your input and insights - I would like to call upon your assistance with future items , where it appears that there are questions and observations with nearly every piece... The next tsuba , Item No. 34 , will be posted tomorrow ( Friday ) . It may raise a little interest...
  11. Item No. 33 - Sukashi Iron Tsuba by Masatoshi Ito - 7.22 cm x 6.86 cm x 0.46 cm at centre , tapering to 0.32 cm at rim Subject Koto Bridges Another tsuba that feels and displays better in hand with the discolouration as seen in the pictures nowhere near as visible . The Iron is smoothly polished , giving a lovely tactile feel - the sort of enticing piece that you could put in a pocket and carry around all day. Signed , I believe , Kofuju Masatoshi ( Ito school , Edo ) , a pupil of Masatsune. Can anyone find a Haynes ref. or other text to verify this ? Can't find an entry for Kofuju Masatoshi in Sesko Geneologies. I bought this approx 10 years ago direct from Japan for a song - it was on Ebay , but the photographs , obviously taken with flash , made the piece look very poorly. In the end it only got three bids...
  12. Hi Dirk , Many thanks for the Wakayama info. Never too late to join the party - we are only just getting started ! Hopefully see you again when we can hold meetings safely. Regards
  13. Hi Grev, Ford's the one with the good eye ( unsurprisingly ) , me , I'm just bumbling along . Acquired this direct from Ford , I think about 13/14 years ago.
  14. Item No. 32 Iron Tsuba with gold and silver dot inlays 8.06 cm x 8.00 cm x 0.50 cm Subject of ferns An early Ford Hallam piece , made about 25 years ago.
  15. A delicious sea cucumber , of course . What else could it possibly be ??
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