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  1. Item No. 180 Iron tsuba 7.22 cm x 7.05 cm x 0.51 cm Subject of tori and pine trees Tosa Myochin Kuniyoshi ? Mid Edo ? Good even patina , tactile piece. Is this artist referenced anywhere ? Item No. 181 Iron Tsuba 7.52 cm x 7.20 cm x 0.42 cm Subject of - well , what is it ? single horned , cross between tiger/lion and shishi or part kirin ? Signed Choshu Toyomasa Saku ? Late edo ? Another tsuba from a labyrinthine school as previous item. Is there a mention of this artist out there ? In fresh unmounted condition.
  2. Item No. 178 Iron Tsuba 8.73 cm x 8.65 cm x 0.29 cm Subject of - Signal Boards ? or Monkey Toys ? or Temple Bells ? ' Hozon Katchushi ( unban ) ' Any opinions ? Thin Plate almost circular with carved sunbursts and nicely forged rim. Apparently mounted several times , also featuring good ' face of stone ' texturing together with deep brown consistent patina. Item No. 179 Kozuka in shakudo , gold , silver and copper Subject of decorative present wrap cords and holder ? Unsigned , acquired as part of an auction lot about twelve years ago.
  3. Bob M.

    Welcome to 2022 !

    Nice ' spot the difference ' ! - the 'Japanese Kazoo' is in fact a Buri Buri - and is a New Year toy perhaps more analagous to a Mexican Pinata . Don't think it is as noisy as a Kazoo, except in decoration Regards
  4. Second Tsuba - in Shakudo , Ishiyama Mototada , NBTHK papered , subject of Male and Female tigers
  5. A couple of pieces amongst this years acquisitions , due to be posted on the long running thread ' A Series of fittings ' towards the end of next year - I should add that 2021 has been a very busy year , purchase wise , by my standards . Seem to have got hold of a number of reasonable quality fittings , but more by luck than judgement. First Tsuba Iron sukashi - Akasaka 5th generation NBTHK papered - subject Hikiryo Mon & Kiri
  6. Just a quick post to send Season's Greetings to all contributors to and viewers of this thread. Can't believe it's been ten months since we started . Lots more to come ! Best Regards to all. Bob
  7. Item No. 176 Kozuka in Copper with gold and shakudo details. Subject of two immortals - the Taoist sage Laozi ( Roshi ) and Tekkai Sennin . Signed on reverse Hamano Naoyuki and kao. Roshi is reading a scroll and wearing a robe. Both characters have teeth and eyes detailed in gold , while Tekkai Sennin has a staff shown in shakudo. Some fine work on this piece. Item No. 177 Tsuba in Iron with lead plugs 8.82 cm x 8.37 cm x 0.40 cm Tsuba with morning glory, wheel, and hexagonal patterns engraved . Myochin Nobuie ? Early to Mid 19th cent. ? Heavy piece showing some evidence of mounting and wear - could this be earlier than 19th cent. ?
  8. Item No. 174 Iron Tsubas 7.63 cm x 7.32 cm x 0.50 cm and 7.20 cm x 6.93 cm x 0.50 cm Subject of dragons in clouds - Choshu school signed as Tomokiyo & Nobuhisa An associated ' daisho ' pair . Is it possible to check these signatures / attributions against Wakayama or Haynes ? The only reference I can find in geneologies places the artist at the turn of the 17th/18th centuries. In very good condition for their apparent age. Item No. 175 Iron Tsubas 8.09 cm x 8.04 cm x 0.30 cm and 7.74 cm x 7.64 cm x 0.34 cm Another associated pair described as ' Ko Tosho cherry blossom & mon '. Received opinion is that the blossom is in fact a Katabami flower , a mon of the Chosokabe clan . The angular cut out is Genji Monogatari , an Incense Game symbol. Any ideas about the mon or perhaps stylised flower on the right ? Deep lustrous patinas on both these pieces.
  9. Thanks George , Almost a dead ringer for the first of your illustrations. Regards
  10. Item No. 172 Iron Tsuba 7.48 cm x 7.02 cm x 0.67 cm Subject of Four Seasons - Akasaka possibly mid to late 18th cent. Nice subject , good condition with deep even patina NBTHK papered Item No. 173 Brass Tsuba with gold highlights 7.30 cm x 6.83 cm x 0.50 cm Subject of dragon in clouds , signed by Hirado Kunishige? with kao. Heavy piece with good carving and detailing. The segment of scaled dragon tail shown on the reverse looks almost silver against the brass background. Also there is what at first looks like a tigers tail included in the image , but this must be from the dragon ? is it another allusion to the relationship between dragons and tigers ? Any help pinpointing the likely age of this would be gratefully received - is the artist from Hizen ?
  11. Second weekend's offerings - Item no. 170 Iron Tsuba with silver and brass inlays 8.47 cm x 8.00 cm x 0.55 cm up to 1.09 cm on Rim Big Tsuba with Nobuie style Kanji , Hitsu Ana as Daikon? Heavy forging to Rim , Signed but indistinct , deep brown patina. Item No. 171 Iron Tsuba 7.63 cm x 7.33 cm x 0.75 cm Iron Tsuba very solidly built, very dark , almost black patina . Sado school ?
  12. Thanks for the support ! First of the weekend offerings - Item No. 169 An associated pair of Iron Tsuba with Lead / Shakudo plugs 8.00 cm x 7.94 cm x 0.63 cm ( Indented Octagon ) & 7.78 cm x 7.60 cm x 0.55 cm (Straight sided Octagon ). Two tsuba , presented as a pair , first with lead plugs and arabesque type engraving , the second with ornate Shakudo plugs and engraved pine needles with stamped or engraved ume blossom . Signed Nobuie . 18th/19th cent. ? Possibly Myochin Nobuie ? Both show evidence of mounting . Even patination. Anybody hazard a guess as to what we have here ?
  13. Hello All , Just a few lines to say that from today onwards , until the start of the new year , I will be restricting new postings of Tosogu to perhaps one piece at the weekends. This is mainly to do with pressure of work and other commitments at this time of year . I will be restarting ' at full speed ' in early 2022 . Please keep watching / commenting and help keep this thread alive - Many Thanks ! Best Regards Bob
  14. Item No. 167 Iron Tsuba with copper , gold and shibuichi inlay 7.25 cm x 6.93 cm x 0.54 cm Subject of Kanzan and Jittoku , unsigned , thought to be an early Soten piece , dating to late 18th cent. An unusual treatment of a common subject with lots of painstaking detail . Another piece that looks far better in hand. Item No. 168 Iron Tsuba with Brass inlays 9.08 cm x 8.98 cm x 0.34 cm ( over inlay ) Large , thin tsuba with many different brass motifs . This sort of piece is often attributed as Heianjo , but would appear to be Yoshiro dating from the 1500's . In exceptional condition for its age , a tsuba that rewards some study to appreciate the different elements of inlay ( I count 14 subjects or types ). Ex Clarence McKenzie Lewis Jr. collection
  15. Item No. 165 Iron Tsuba with silver and gold highlights 8.45 cm x 7.85 cm x 0.37 cm on plain , 0.56 cm at thickest point. Subject of old plum tree in spring with blossom just starting to break out. Mumei . 18th Cent. ? Nicely forged mokko gata plate with good natural feel . The ancient tree is well carved and inlay presented to herald a new beginning to the year. Item No. 166 Iron Sukashi Tsuba 7.61 cm x 7.57 cm x 0.44 cm The inner walls of the cutouts are actually chamfers rather than straight sides. This came with attribution - Ko Shoami Senmen Sukashi - which would place it as pre Edo ; does this make sense ?
  16. Item No. 163 Iron Tsuba with copper 6.22 cm x 5.85 cm x 0.43 cm Sukashi Tsuba in iron , small wakizashi or tanto size unsigned. Very nice smaller piece in iron with good carving and finishing. Very dark brown patina in fine condition. There are four copper inserts to the top and botton of the seppa dai - can anyone suggest a reason why they would be placed where they are ? Whilst being used to seeing linings in the Hitsu ana , I don't know what function these would have performed. Item No. 164 Iron Tsuba 76.9 cm x 74.8 cm x 0.70 cm Heavy iron tsuba with beautiful semi gloss patina . Any ideas as to subject matter ? Attributed as Sado Sanzaemon . NBTHK papered.
  17. Item No. 161 Iron Tsuba with silver and gold detailing 7.82 cm x 7.58 cm x 0.65 cm Subject of geese and moon unsigned , feels mid 19th cent. Clever design of a popular subject with thin gold lines representing mist or high , thin clouds . The shape of the wings echoed in cloud tops , the whole scene illuminated by a full moon. Item No. 162 Iron Tsuba with gold detail 7.18 cm x 7.58 cm x 0.45 cm Subject of Carp leaping above turbulent waters . Signed Eiju with gold seal . Acquired 5 years ago as part of a large auction lot.
  18. Item No. 160 - Iron Tsuba 7.46 cm dia x 0.58 cm Subject of lobster or crayfish ? signed Yamashiro Tadatsugu - could anyone please verify this and also age - looks maybe late edo . When I look up the name on google , there are various references , some to sword makers , others to tsuba and one to a Christies auction in 2001 for a smaller tsuba by Yamashiro Tadatsugu from back in the 17th cent - cannot see an illustration , though . Could it be the same maker ? Striking piece with good , almost black , wet look patina . Cannot find any reference to this artist - maybe Haynes has an entry ? Perhaps caused by an over active imagination after too much coffee , the rear of the tsuba reminds me of the 'face hugger ' from Alien - maybe an early example of Manga in a Tsuba ?
  19. Thanks , everyone for your kind comments. Re Item No. 159 George , my understanding of the galvanic corrosion effect is that in this case , the brass would tend to cause corrosion in the iron . This would be very limited and slow if the piece is kept dry , much accelerated in the case of damp conditions . There is actually some evidence , in the form of rough spots , on the tsuba rim of minor iron corrosion . Years ago , when I was working for a company installing infrastructure pipelines in the middle east , we used to use large sacrificial anodes of Magnesium on the steel fittings ( tees , bends , reducers etc. ). These would help to give many years of protection to a pipeline especially where there was also the inherent risk of corrosion due to cavitation .
  20. Item No. 159 Iron Tsuba with brass inlay 7.65 cm x 7.38 cm x 0.45 cm at centre , 0.22 cm at rim. An intricate mesh pattern in brass , with a couple of small sukashi of chidori ? Unknown age , guess at mid to late 18th cent. The patient workmaship shown in this piece testifies to the Japanese spirit and will of the skilled craftsman to produce the best that he can. As with many Japanese works , there is a ' hidden ' treasure that in this case , shows in sunshine or bright light , when flashes of a multi coloured iridescence are seen. The plate has been shaped to show this by thinning down at both the rim and the Seppa Dai. Purchased direct from a Japanese dealer in mid 2007.
  21. Re Item No. 158 Looking at this post again , I find that in my haste to post this tsuba to the thread , I missed some of the most important facts about it namely , that it is approx. 25 years old , and is an early example of Ford Hallam's work . Sorry about this - I was late , going elsewhere , and knew I would not have access to my computer for a few days...
  22. Item No. 158 - Iron Tsuba 8.23 cm x 8.15 cm x 0.53 cm Subject of horse Acquired some 13 years ago - partly because it is my birth year sign , partly because I like it... The thickness varies between 5.3 mm over rim , to 4.5 mm inside the rim , rising back to 5.3 mm at the seppa dai My first thoughts with this were that it is like an oversize Yagyu style tending towards Owari. Any views ? Apologies - First two pics much too blue...
  23. Item No. 157 Copper Tsuba with Silver , Copper , Shakudo and Gold details 7.00 cm x 6.40 cm x 0.40 cm Subject of Bushi entering a room with screens . Pine tree on reverse Hamano School ( Hamano - Masazui ? ) signed Masaaki with kao - Is this Furukawa Masaaki ? Mid 19th cent. Delicately carved and realistically expressed - nice detailing on the screens , featuring Bamboo . Typical good hamano pine tree on reverse. Bought off ebay from Japan nearly 16 years ago.
  24. Item No. 156 Kozuka in Shibuichi and Shakudo with gold and silver inlay Subject of Tanabata ( Star Festival ) by Ikkin the 2nd , mid 19th cent. Front of the kozuka in striped shibuichi showing bamboo pole with paper decorations attached. Ikkin studied under Hashimoto Isshi and Goto Ichijo , two ' giants ' of their craft . The signature is particularly well done , it was worth buying the piece for that alone . Bought direct from a Japanese dealer some nine years ago. NBTHK papered
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