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  1. Hi Mark I had the same impressions as yours. Yoshioka is know for his dragon on the edge but the style of the dragon didn't match at all. This is the reason why I was generic in my original post. Regards Luca
  2. Dear All I have recently acquired this little hamidashi tsuba from Yahoo Japan, since I liked the little fella on the mimi, even though not in my line of study right now. Dimensions 53.4 mm x 36.8 mm, thickness at mimi 4.6 mm, at seppa dai 4.1 mm. Any help on attribution is really welcome. Regards Luca
  3. They could be later additions, both the gan-kin and fukurin. It is difficult to say if they were original to the piece. I have seen some cases were the fukurin was added to disguise damages to the mimi. In my collection I have a daisho of Bushu-Ito tsuba with added silver fukurin to disguise corrosion damages. Regards Luca
  4. Dear Ford Please focus on getting well and regain your strength. The book can wait. I was not a backer on kikstarter, I did not seen it in time other wise I would have been. Do not consider the comments of those that do not understand that backing a project on kikstarter is by itself a bet. Sometimes it pays sometimes not... Get well My greatest respects Luca
  5. zanilu

    Kaga Yoshirō

    Thank you Mikolaj. Nice piece indeed! Regards Luca
  6. zanilu

    Kaga Yoshirō

    Dear all About six months ago I set my mind on organizing the information collected so far about Kaga Yoshiro school. It started as adding some pages to my collection catalog and it ended in a longer effort of putting in one place all the referenced pieces I have in my database. I have made it mainly to organize in my mind the material I had found from different sources and looking on online auction sites. Doing so I started noticing things and similarities that sparkled my curiosity for further research. My first impulse was to keep the result for my self since it can be a mound of bull*t and it is always better to keep silent than to speak out and look the fool. But then I though about putting it on a post in the tosogu section of the NMB to sparkle some discussion among members, Maybe some of the more knowledgeable members will proved some interesting information. If my bull*t is proved as such at least I will have learned something new even at the price of looking the fool. Since the file is too large for upload in a regular post I asked Brian for help. The "Appendix A" in the title is due to the fact that this is an excerpt of my collection catalog. Please feel free to comment. Best Regards Luca
  7. Steve you are simply amazing! Well above expectation! Regards Luca
  8. Steve, Peter and Piers Thank you for your interesting insights. The butterfly is on the back The complete picture of the NBTHK certificate is (the stamp of the lower right side is a watermark of mine): I do not see any reason to doubt it, but Piers your point is a legitimate one, unless the Shichi-yō Mon is one of the lucky patterns. Further research is required it seems. Again thank you for your input. Regards Luca
  9. Dear All I am in the process of translating the paper for this tsuba: What I have not being able to work out so far, without any knowledge of Japanese only by counting kanj strokes, is : 1. 鑑定書 Kanteisho Certificate 2. 一(つ)蝶 (に)瑞(祥)文様尽図鐔 Itotsu Chō ni zuishō mon'yō 尽zu tsuba One butterfly with a Mizusho pattern tsuba 3. 無銘 仙台 Mumei Sendai Without Signature Sendai 4. 竪丸形 赤銅磨地 金銀素銅象嵌 丸耳 片櫃孔 Tatemarugata Shakudo migaki-Ji Kin Gin Suaka Z\=ogan Maru Mimi Kata hitsuana Vertically elongated Circular Shape Shakudo Smooth Surface Gold Silver Copper Inlay Round Edge Single hitsuana 5. 右は當協會に於て審査の結果保存刀装具と鑑定しこれを証する Migi Wa T\=o-Ky\=okai Ni Oite Shinsa No Kekka, Hozon-T\=os\=ogu To Kantei-Shi Kore O Sh\=o-Suru Upon examination by this organization, the item mentioned herein has been appraised tosogu worthy of presentation, which judgment is hereby certified 6. 平成 二十年 六月 二十七日 Heisei Nij\=unen Rokugatsu Nijūnana-nichi Heisei 20th Year 6th Month 27h Day (27th June Heisei 20th - 27th June 2008) 7. 公益財團法人日本美術刀劍保存協會 K\=oeki-zai Dan H\=ojin Nihon Bijutsu T\=oken Hozon Ky\=okai Public Foundation The Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords What is bugging me at the moment is block number 2 (the description). Can any of you kindly confirm the identification of the kanji and provide me with the transliteration and translation. Any comment or improvement on the translation of the other blocks is of course welcome. Thank you in advance Best Regards Luca
  10. Dealt Bob First of all. I find this thread really interesting and entertaining! Your collection is wonderfull. About your tsuba number 149, I have a very similar one ex Robert Haynes collection classified by him as Katchushi. The folded structure of the plate is clearly visible in the nakago-Ana, thus the attribution to Katchushi in spite of the lack of the raised mimi. Hope this help Regards Luca
  11. Dear Brian You are probably already working on it, but the button "mark this forum as read" have disappeared. We all appreciate your work Best regards Luca
  12. Dear Bazza. Here is a larger picture of the menuki. I do not know if they are solid gold. Luca
  13. Hello Mark In my early days of my collector career I have put toghter this set. It is made purely by my western taste. I put together what are probably Mito fittings coming from different sources. I think of it as my Frankenstein set. Any comment is of course welcome Best regards Luca
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