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  1. zanilu

    Strange menuki theme.

    Adam if you do not want to receive comments to your post do not post. If you post any member of NMB is entitled to give his opinion on the topic, regardless of the fact that you like it or not. From your profile it seem that you joined NMB about three months ago, since then your posts have become increasingly intolerant of criticism on what you post. If you cannot withstand negative opinions, or opinions diverging from yours you are on the wrong blog. Personally I am here to learn from more experienced collectors. If this involves being corrected, even in harsh terms, fine, I have shoulders strong enough to bear it. I prefer onest opinions to flattery. Luca
  2. Yes Ken. I really love the tri dimensionality of the dragon and the way the sand ripples around the dragon body... Regards Luca
  3. Dear All Being not exactly my line of study I ask for your help about the school attribution of this tsuba. Goto? Mino? Thank you in advance Luca
  4. From my Collection: Regards Luca
  5. zanilu

    Is it too easy

    Dale If you do a quick search on google using "yoshiro zogan tsuba" as keywords you will see how they looked with all the inlay in place. I am pretty sure that Adam piece lost the inlay, sometimes ago. As Geraint noted you can still see the traces of the lips that kept the brass in place. Regards Luca
  6. Hello Bruno I like your Tsuba a lot. I have a similar one in my collection papered by NBTHK to Heianjo. Regards Luc
  7. Thank you all for your contributions Mauro, if we have a Onin attribution, even though on an old paper, who am I to disagree? I have seen similar pieces attributed to Heianjo and Yoshiro... Heianjo on Tanoshi Shinshu Zogan Tsuba by Otani number 85 and as Yoshiro here. Florian, I like the chidori idea, more fitting than the raven one! Regards Luca
  8. Look's like a good guess. Thank you Bruno
  9. Hello to everybody I am trying to identify the decorations on this Heianjo (or at least this is my guess at the moment) tsuba: For educational purposes I am also trying to do that associating it with the Japanese name including kanji. I have to admit that I am rather unsuccessful so far. My guesses are: Left image: North: No idea of the meaning. Maybe no meaning at all East: Some kind of implement? South: Raven (Karasu - 鴉) close to a river? West: Chrysanthemum (Kiku - ?) floating on a river Right image North: Large and small stripes. Looks lile the hirumaki (蛭巻) pattern found on saya (for example on the Toyotomi Hideyoshi daisho at Tokyo national museum -link ) but no idea of the meaning East: The four leaves top image looks like Paulownia (kiri - 桐) but it is not clear South: Waves from the blue ocean (青海波 - Seigaiwa (せいがいは)) or a wave pattern West: Some kind of implement Any help is appreciated Best Regards Luca
  10. Brian you are great! I was about to ask and here is the answer! Luca
  11. Thank you Guido This is probably the reason I was struggling to find it! Regards Luca
  12. Dear All I am translating a tsuba paper issued by NTB. I have figured it out all except the first kanji of the director name: The last three kanji are 井雄一 but I cannot find the one marked by the red arrow. The name should be something (?井) + Yūichi (雄一). Thank in advance for your help. Luca
  13. Grazie Mauro... Lavoro fantastico!
  14. zanilu

    Tsuba gimei

    Happy Birthday Grev.!
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