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  1. zanilu

    Tsuba Boxes

    No pillows Dale, I have no sewing skill, this is the only item I miss to have a complete box. Daisho box is possible they are made upon request, no mass production involved. No nails either. There is only wood, silk and paper in the box. Instead of nails I use toothpicks to fix the "nakago" to the base. I did some experimenting with toothpicks they break off cleanly at the base of the "nakago" post without protruding if the "nakago" snapped off the base. I will not ship my tsuba in the display/storage box anyway. Regards Luca
  2. zanilu

    Tsuba Boxes

    Dear all Recently finding good quality tsuba boxes has become increasingly difficult and expensive for whatever reason. So I asked a friend of mine, that is a professional carpenter, to make some prototypes using a mid range Japanese made box as a reference. We used well seasoned poplar as base material, since poplar is a wood known for not releasing any corrosive substance. I am quite pleased from the quality of the first prototypes shown in the previous pictures. Some small defects have to be corrected but the overall results are quite good. I was also able to make the lining myself starting from a square of poplar board provided together with the boxes. Regards Luca
  3. As said by other members it looks above the average Soten copy. Given the layer of dust that cover it, it is also difficult to see the color of the iron base that could be a indication of the provenance. As for the signature it is difficult to say because just looking at the sheer number of them, only among the papered or referenced ones, is a long and troublesome job. In the reference cited by Peter there is a small collection of signatures. If you can post a picture of the other side I will be grateful Regards Luca
  4. Ciao Mauro The statement of the seller was clear to me. The piece is a fine one regardless of the paper and seller statement. I was just trying to gather more information before accepting the possibility of an error ("shock horror in the rural Japan!") from the all knowing NBTHK. Glad to hear that they are human too. Luca
  5. Thanks Bruno I found that too and, as you, I do not think it is connected. Luca
  6. Dear all I have recently acquired a NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Yoshiro Zogan tsuba signed, as per NBTHK paper, "Hiroshima Ju Ginza Chosuke". According to the seller the signature is "Hiroshima Ju GINYA Chosuke". I was not able to find any reference or information about the "Ginza Chosuke", but some about the "Ginya Chosuke" on the Kinko Jiten by Wakamatsu Homatsu. A rough translation of it is (please pitch in if you have a better one): Chosuke Living in Nagasaki, Japan. Named Ginya Chosuke, carved in brass flat inlay on a round iron base in Yoshiro Zogan style. Early Edo period. So this "Ginya Chosuke" seems to be spot on for the tsuba. style However I would like to hear your opinion about the NBTHK and seller attribution. If any of you have information about "Ginza Chosuke" or additional information about "Ginya Chosuke" that you care to share I would be grateful. Best Regards Luca
  7. zanilu

    Book translation

    Dear all. Do you know if the translation fo this book is available and if it is worth having? Best regards Luca
  8. Grazie Mauro Sei una certezza! Thank you Mauro. I was sure that you will provide something of interest! The most intriguing thing though is the connection between the three themes, if any! Regards Luca
  9. zanilu

    Christmas Quiz

    John I have a fuchi kashira showing the deed of Nasu no Yoihchi just after he let loose the arrow And a tsuba probably depicting the battle of Dan No Ura... These are among my preferred pieces in my collection. Best Regards Luca
  10. Hello, and season greetings to all I have recently purchased an Heianjo tsuba with a composite theme. On the omote side we can see flowers that I think are autumn plants (Akikusa - 秋草) with overlaid a sort of cloud full of hanabishi (花菱) kamon. On the ura there are wild geese and waves (gan no nami - 雁波). I need some help to sort out some questions I have about the themes. First it is right to refer to the ura theme as "gan no nami" and use the kanji "雁の波" or there is a more befitting way to refer to it? There is any story connected with such a design or representation? While I can see a connection between the autumn grasses on the front and the wild geese on the back, i.e. autumn migration of the geese, the connection with the hanabishi kamon with either one is not clear to me. As far as I have understood the hanabishi does not refer not is abstraction of any real flower. Any thought about the tsuba itself and about the theme are most welcome Thank you in advance and best regards Luca
  11. zanilu

    Christmas Quiz

    Mauro Nasu no Yoichi was my first thought too. But the lack of waves stayed my hand. According to the Heike Monogatari: Without the waves I was a bit lost. Regards Luca P.S. Merry Christmas to everybody.
  12. Greg I can see some bubbles on the surface. My vote is for cast. Regards Luca
  13. Hello to everyone. This one is in my collection. Is papered by NBTHK to Umetada I hope this help. Regards Luca
  14. Hi Thomas You can be perfectly right too... Regards Luca
  15. Hi Thomas That was my first impression too. But there seems to be a vertical stroke connecting the two horizontal one. This is what I am seeing: Regards Luca
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