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  1. As I said before I can recommend these kanji cards I have mine in a card index Not being able to read them I have put the stroke number on the card with a sub-number grouping together the kanji that are similar in the strokes used This way I only have to go through a few of my sets rather than all of them
  2. These are mine does anyone what to count them? I'll give you a couple of numbers to help out A free Covid vaccination for the winner. The winner will be notified by their medical authority sometime in 2021 1 - The wall display cabinets hold my current 'keepers' along with other small fittings and odds & ends 2 - The tsuba box pile are my best example and quite a few are papered 3 - The tansu has my newer tsuba that are yet to checked out and labeled. Quantity = 41 4 - The office index box are my for sale tsuba (two images). Quantity = 41 I know most of you have seen my listing but for those who haven't the link is below https://www.dropbox.com/s/q0g8f5og1wl8ze5/NMB listing Nov 2020.pdf?dl=0 Grev
  3. Just ordered from the above link - dirt cheap - thanks
  4. I know someone who collects Satsuma tsuba but have no idea what they are
  5. This is turning out better than I'd hope for and some nice articles I felt the oshigata scroll is 185- 1900 due to similar images with 'foxing' but it all depends the conditions it was kept in New images as requested
  6. Interesting - Would Amiya be the equivalent of say Liberty's as a sign of quality So just to find out about the maker Would any more images help?
  7. Thanks for the translation I assume Amya was the owner but not being a sword collector can anyone supply any more information?
  8. Hi I bought a scroll from the MNB last week and I'm asking for help with its translation
  9. Some very interesting tsuba that I'd love to own - Well done
  10. If find if difficult to have no visible prices
  11. I'd also like to recommend these kanji cards
  12. kissakai

    Mito Dragon

    I have six 'dragon' tsuba for sale that have reference images and descriptions Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/q0g8f5og1wl8ze5/NMB listing Nov 2020.pdf?dl=0
  13. kissakai

    Omori Hisanori?

    Though so - at least this post wasn't side tracked for long!
  14. kissakai

    Omori Hisanori?

    Sorry to sidetrack Do you think this is OK
  15. kissakai

    Christmas Quiz

    Thanks for the link to Japanese Art I have to book but this enables easy access I downloaded the PDF version
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