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  1. I know less than Jacques but isn't Kaga a wider inlay?
  2. Hi Bob The treats just keep coming. Something to admire with each tsuba just wish I'd been a lot more selective but we all travel our own path irrespective of all the good advice How long have you been collecting? Grev
  3. I've just received 'Massive rabbit and moon toshō tsuba' That is from Japan to the UK in no time at all As per usual pictures don't do it justice With thanks
  4. Contact for Less lesstewart@btinternet.com I sent mine yesterday and it had been booked in since November He puts the sword in a queue and lets you know whether to send it I thought John had retired but wasn't sure
  5. A major Shinsa failing Surely with the amount of fitting they see they could be a bit more forthcoming but this has been raised many times in the past My moan was with a Hizen sword to see if it was 2nd or 3rd generation but of course the papers didn't tell me Luckily Roger Robertshaw (Mr Hizen) told me it was 3rd generation and placing 2nd and 3rd generation side by side they are SO different
  6. Maybe this will help The second image would be better by changing your camera angle to get a better contract
  7. Hi Stéphane Welcome to the NMB and I hope in can increase your Nihonto knowledge What is your current interest, Swords or fitting? Grev
  8. Marvelous display James When I look at your collection I think of the film The Matrix 'We need swords, lots of swords'
  9. Hi Bob Did you read the posts just on wabisabi? I think it is a very desirable (for me) attribute but I agree you have to cut through the b$%^t There were some shown that missed the point but there are also some excellent examples I'd like to hear your views
  10. My eyes, my eyes! He did get rid of the black stuff, patination and that nasty line on the cutting edge
  11. Some interesting research - thanks for sharing - my Japanese is rubbish as it took me ages to translate for Yoshinobu but once found you see it is so obvious I'm using Grey's flash cards a lot more recently them onto the 'big' books if required In my opinion You need either books by Sesko and the Kinko meikan to authentic a mei Happy hunting My first trip out was yesterday to meet up with a dealer and bought 4 tsuba one being a very nice tanto Nara tsuba
  12. Hi Bob I've just bought a tsuba similar in design to your number 13 and I think it may be Nara I also have a tsuba with a similar technique as your number 15 which I believe is Aizu Shoami Keep them coming
  13. Hi Johan After having a smart phone for years I only found out a few weeks ago that there camera features available. On the menu at the bottom of the page there should be an option called 'more' selecting this may give you more options You can also download a camera app for macro mode I thing your images are OK (good enough to get some feedback) Lighting is the key - try taking images outside in natural light but not too sunny
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