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  1. When opening a PM from my email notifications I can't get to the home page so I end up closing the webpage and re-opening it From the PM page I can get to selected topics but not the home page Ooops - Just saw almost greyed out 'home' button! No reply required
  2. Very nice tsuba especially the first one I watched but I'm sure the hammer price would double if I had it sent to the UK I almost got a nasty sock from German auction regarding the packing and shipping costs Luckily a NMB member picked it up for me
  3. kissakai

    Tsuba translation

    Nice solid tsuba and emits strength One I'd like to own
  4. kissakai

    Katana images

    I think that will do it Brian - thanks
  5. kissakai

    Saya size

    I put a wire down the say and it stops about the length of the blade and an interesting point so maybe not cobbled together
  6. kissakai

    Saya size

    How vary dare you Gwyn! A poser! Makes sense as only the outside would be seen
  7. kissakai

    Saya size

    Hi I just wondered why the saya was so much longer than the blade
  8. kissakai

    Katana images

    Hi Rich I think this has what I'm looking for Japanese Sword Visual Glossary I just depends if it pixilates when enlarged If I use this/these images it would only be a one off at the exhibition and I can state it's origin as well as the copywrite details Grev
  9. kissakai

    Katana images

    I may photograph one of mine but a line drawing would show up the hamon better
  10. kissakai


    I agree 'T'. The one I saw in an auction was fan shaped so it is a repurposed gessan
  11. kissakai

    Katana images

    That would work if it doesn't pixilate when enlarge Do you know if there are any copywrite issues?
  12. kissakai

    Katana images

    Thanks Bruce I was looking for the more standard form and with the blade out so I can label the hamon I'm sure a drawn version would be clearer
  13. kissakai


    I've just received the 'The Kinuko Manuscript' about the Hizen school As it was found in 2008 and his Hizen 'gold' book was a few years earlier I wondered if there were any thing new that he found out
  14. kissakai

    Katana images

    Hi Does anyone have an image of a katana and it's fitting for a museum exhibition It only need to have the basic parts listed but it can't be copywrited Or a katana image and I can add the parts labels A PM would be ideal
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