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  1. Well known tsuba maker Marcus Chambers mei is night heron
  2. Thanks for letting me know Please try: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1e7m7e225ds10j9/1_NMB listing October 2021.pdf?dl=0
  3. Hi It's been about 4 months since my last post so for those that may have missed the original post the details are below The link below will enable you to see all the available tsuba https://www.dropbox.com/s/fakjukzmer8vmla/NMB%20listing.pdf?dl=0 Also a link to my LuLu books and a low quality screen shot https://www.lulu.com/search?adult_audience_rating=00&page=1&pageSize=10&q=greville+cooke Grev UK
  4. For me it's books every time but I understand how having details on a phone etc can be useful when at Fairs I've used photo books in the past but waited until they were on offer, but as my collection got bigger it was too expensive Now I use Lulu for my two tsuba books that are for sale and a private book that combined my collection and the Birmingham collection This was much cheaper to produce than the photo books
  5. What a wonderful surface on No 131, I'd have had it as earlier than late 18th cent but still learning but one I'd like to own
  6. Ron I hope your selling gets better in the future especially now that you have voiced your comments You could put in something in your post stating items bought to be paid for in two days I try to pay in a few hours but once I did forget to pay and after a nice reminder paid ASAP Good luck Grev
  7. I think round 2 or 3 is fine I like the (apparent) randomness of your pieces keeps up the interest Keep them coming and glad your computer has been sorted
  8. That is very nice with a great shape and lucky you could get this in your homeland - double bonus
  9. The colour is a bit off Details which you probably already know Accurate copy of an Akasaka tsuba by Tadamasa in copper It is a dark copper colour and doesn't appear to be lacquered
  10. Hi I wonder why no one else has said anything about the broken links At a start of 0.99p I'd be amazed if no other NMB member had checked them out Try https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304165551806 If OK select the sellers other items for other sale otherwise please get back to me It will only show two as two were sold Grev
  11. I said I wouldn't pull these from the auction and I didn't One sold for 0.99p and the other for £10.50 One has two days until the auction ends and one has bee relisted
  12. A very nice bell, I'm glad it sold as it saved me $500 I don't have!
  13. Well spotted Colin I had a reply from the Archive Assistant that gave me a link to all their tsuba which I went through over the last two days I've contacted a few museums before and never had a reply which can be annoying as one of there aims should be to show and educate I suppose the cutbacks where everything has to be done with nothing can't help but still think they are duty bound to reply to a request I've noted a few errors that if I can get to the Collections Manager I can pass on The two I posted I couldn't do myself and that is almost there It is one of the better described tsuba collections and I wonder when these descriptions were done
  14. Many thanks Steve for a great start All I've found out that Kotobuki is feminine name and Okabe Tadamasa. H09100.0 Worked in Aizu in Iwashiro province and Choshu and Nagato Province Died around 1700 Haynes states 旭翠軒 = Kokusuiken uses the ban 旭 which is unusual Not sure what is meant by Kokusuiken Any other help appreciated
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