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  1. More Pics of Tadafusa Tosaku
  2. Tadafusa Tosaku Tanto is still available
  3. Ariska Yasuaki Tanto is sold
  4. Tadafusa Tosaku $900 shipped Or best offer (click on pics to enlarge) Shinsakuto Tanto with attached Shirosaya which was made by 1999. Blade has both sign named -(front) Tadafusa Tosaku, (back) Heisei 11 nen 3 Gatsu nichi-. It is called - Shinsakuto - in Japan. Tadafusa is very famous sword smith who is activated at Ehime prefecture in present time. Style is called by Yoroi-doshi that means 0.8cm thickness. Blade is already polished and almost perfect condition. Temper (Ha) and Hada is very beautiful and there is not decrease at all on the blade. Yujyo styled Habaki is made by all solid silver. Blade is 32.8cm in full length, Temper part 22.6cm. Shirosaya is 38.8cm in full length.
  5. Hello, I have Two Tantos for sale 1) Ariska Yasuaki Tanto (Ceremonial and Rare) $1200 shipped or best offer
  6. Reduced to 3200 shipped contiguous US... needs to raise funds for family issue
  7. Priced reduced to $3400 shipped within US
  8. Sorry John I will make sure to limit this moving forward
  9. Thanks Mark, reduced to $3600 + 65 shipped hopefully that will attract a buyer in the US
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