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  1. No longer for sale due to lack of interest
  2. Shoami NBTHK Hozon Reduced $750 Final reduction https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hb5gjdwuwy9baon/AACDOzhPGVEAZsF1YtgGh77qa?dl=0
  3. Shoami NBTHK Hozon Reduced $900 OBO https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hb5gjdwuwy9baon/AACDOzhPGVEAZsF1YtgGh77qa?dl=0
  4. Thanks Michael it's a beautiful piece
  5. Hello All, I have 2 tsubas for sale, please PM on the site (Please note tsuba boxes are not included) I have perfect feedback on Ebay 152 transactions and have sold both a Wak and Katana and fittings on this board if you would like references Shoami NBTHK Unsigned $1000 OBO https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hb5gjdwuwy9baon/AACDOzhPGVEAZsF1YtgGh77qa?dl=0 Matsuyama-jū Shōami Nobutada SOLD https://www.dropbox.com/sh/esanplvn4nk3yb4/AAAVbAgMaoNOSzdlyJfnLrI-a?dl=0 Thanks Steven in Maryland
  6. I had a couple questions bc I recently purchased the sword. Unfortunately I have to sell bc of financial reasons/unexpected downsizing
  7. Hello I am looking for SOLD but an open to offers .Please PM me with interested. I am located in Maryland. O-Kissaki beautifully forged in a very high grade shirasaya. Signed Bingo Miyoshi Ju Tamura Masajuki beautifully on the Nakago. The blade has the most beautiful wood grain Hada. A wonderful piece to sit and study. Just an absolutely beautiful blade with gorgeous Hada and beautiful sparkle along the Hamon in the sun. A very substantial hefty blade in the hand. Fits in the SHIRASAYA very well. The blade is extremely sharp and appears to be in nice polish with no flaws. The Shirasaya appears to be in excellent condition. Very attractive piece. Please be aware of your country’s laws and restrictions on swords prior to bidding. I will not ship to country’s that prohibit edged weapons sales. Measurements are as follows: Blade length:65.7cm/ 25.86 inches Curvature: 1.4cm / 0.55 inches Total length: 93.0cm/ 36.61 inches Blade Weight: 745.0g Total Weight: 1067.0g Age: Late Edo era (1850-1860's)
  8. Looking to buy please pm if you have one available
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