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  1. Anyone interested in updates? I will be back home tomorrow after nearly a month and a half out. Assuming my housekeeper didn't walk with my collection. I can take some new pictures to see how the wax has held up.
  2. BJ - Those are the cases I use. They are very nice. I ordered mine on Amazon.
  3. JT - PM me. They have sent me swords VIA FedEx Express before. I'll see what I can do. Best, James
  4. JT - I've never had a standoffish relationship with them. I have had a few preemptive concerns in the past,especially in the beginning, but they always came through and exceeded my expectations.
  5. JT - I do a lot of business with AOI. I'm sure they would work with you; however, if you really like the pieces I would just wait. I also agree with Oshy in that this is a great time to consider a fresh polish or paper upgrade. I may be heading that way in a few months. I may be able to bring them back for you.
  6. Adam, Thanks for the heads up. There was a full set on AOI (F+M) a few weeks back I missed out on. Best, James
  7. Tom, Why do you think it is not right? I'm still learning, so specific details would be greatly appreciated. Best, James
  8. drvac, Can you take some shots of the dehumidifier setup on your case? Best, James
  9. PNS - I'd like to learn more about this topic. Would you happen to have a link or resource?
  10. Ian & Ken, Do you have any ideas as to what the function of the weights were? Best, James
  11. JP - Thanks. Yes, it could be. Geraint - I think I'm just going to have it xrayed. It could be anything I suppose, just never seen(heard) something like this before.
  12. All, Here are some photos. 1. Looked for a lose shim and didn't see it. 2. Nothing is lose. All pieces are very tight. 3. The sound in coming from around the center. A friend says it sounds like beads.
  13. All, I was cleaning a tsuka today and noticed something rather odd. When shaking the tsuka there is a rattle/sliding sound. I looked in the handle and I see nothing. Everything is tight, so it is not the fuki making noise. I took a neodymium magnet to it and didn't get a pull. What the heck could this be? Best, James
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