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  1. There was an exhibition a while ago. The actual Koshirae of HM was displayed. https://tsumugu.yomiuri.co.jp/special/桃山展「本庄正宗」の刀装初公開/ Stephen T.
  2. Your welcome JP I put up these 3 videos. The first one is not a comparison but just is of a section in need of full polish. This side is opposite of the pictures above. Look closely at the twisting Chikei and thick lines of Hataraki running down through the Hamon to the Ha-saki. https://youtu.be/FQPmOUJzdgw https://youtu.be/mtSSLaSdEtE https://youtu.be/lKaVuI4ubLQ All the best friends, Stephen T.
  3. I'll get them back up tomorrow for ya. Thanks, Stephen T.
  4. A few more pictures for the record. Thank you, Stephen T.
  5. Hello, I hope this is Ok with you Brian. .A window was done on the Omote Monouchi and Tip. The Ura seems to be more nie laden but it was decided to put a window in the Omote because the Hi lines would need some work and the Togishi chose not to tackle it. In the pictures I have prepared, in the first one, look for the Chikei. I love the wild curved parallel Chikei, if that's how its describe it.? The second picture will show parallel curved segmented Hataraki from the Hamon to Ha. Also on the left, a ball from the hamon to Ha-saki. I wish I could show the true color of the Hamon/Ha. It literally glows with a silky bright titanium color. Never have I seen anything like it. My pictures may not turn out well. If not, PM me. All the best my friends, Stephen T.
  6. Friends, It is difficult to let something die, especially when there are features in the sword that aren’t Kaga Kiyomitsu. Mei and oshigata comparisons aside, let’s look at the one characteristic that really matters. The Steel. -If there are “Sparkling” hardened spots of nie gathered above the hamon, aren’t they Yubashiri? Look at this video in ½ speed, at 0:49 seconds, watch as the sunlight hits the left of the sword. A few inches to the right on top the hamon will be a rounded sparkling mound with fingers of nie that shoot out the top. Like a sunrise over the horizon. Now go to 3:21 of the video. On the left will be the sunlight, look to the right for a sparkling hardened rounded area above hamon. At 3:25 of the video on the far right will be two flashes. One over the hamon and one just underneath the Hi. The upper being made of a solid concentrated line of nie. At that point there is another at the center of the screen and when the sun moves, just briefly can the area be seen. And again at 3:46 is a good shot of the first one again. Like the descriptions, they appear transparent at first. https://youtu.be/GBAK6l3HIrI -Also, please consider the thick bountiful Chikei all over the blade along with the fact that the “Hataraki in the Hamon goes to the Ha”. Isn’t “Hataraki in hamon going to the Ha” a kantei point to elite Soshu? I think Darcy pointed this out. -There are many nie that come out in a kaleidoscope of Yellow, red, green, purple. I hope one day to have it polished and perhaps I will share when I do. All the best everyone, Your friend, Stephen T.
  7. I too would like to see it closer. There used to be a video on youtube showing its beautiful Hada, but havent seen it lately. I'll look for it and get back. Happy New Year, Stephen T.
  8. Ray, Thanks for speaking with him. That's probably it or maybe someone made up the name and story. Thanks again! Stephen T.
  9. Friends, Speaking of flower shapes, here is another. Stephen T.
  10. Hello Darcy, Its a pleasant surprise to hear from you. 1. I am thinking of a post that was written on a bbs Japanese forum. It gave the kanji "Kiku Masamune" sword and gave its history. 3. Why should you run if you see flower shapes? The "Jo Izumi no Kami Shoji Masamune" has "flower shapes" or "flower looking elements". Please study pictures carefully. I have drawn on one picture to show location. Sincerely, Stephen T.
  11. Foster, Wow, that's pretty amazing about your relation Geoffrey! So you are cousins with the 24th descendant of Masamune?? Stephen T.
  12. Franco, Ah, botan utsuri is interesting but when your intrest lean to something similar to botan-ba, let me know. All the best, Stephen T.
  13. Franco, Thanks for thinking of me. You seem to be interested...so, PM me your email and let me introduce to you "petal to the metal" ....I have to behave myself so can't post it here. Stephen T.
  14. Franco and everyone, Thank you for your kind help. Stephen T.
  15. Franco, Haha, no I'm not suggesting the smiths or togishi don't know about distinctive Masamune features. I have seen only certain things written about and discussed, like the elements in the illustration. (fans, crescents and such) I have not seen these "flower" shapes drawn or discussed anywhere. This makes me wonder if people see these "flower" shapes like I see them or if they see them as "just another Masamune feature." Does anyone know of any recent books in Japan that identify special features/elements in Masamune's steel? Thank you, Stephen. T
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