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  1. I'm still piecing parts and pieces together on this katana as I learn more about terms and things to look for. I am seeing utsuri with roundish peaks and valleys towards the kissaki end, possibly with a dark line underneath? I captured this with my ancient cell phone camera, hopefully it turns up so it can be zoomed in on to demonstrate what I'm talking about. Thanks for any leads.
  2. That's how I have been measuring sori in the original post. I've been trying to imagine the original shape of this o-suriage blade, but can only compare it to other o-suriage blades I dig up in pics on the internet.
  3. Are you talking about the kissaki taper or the sori of the blade? Would you classify the straightness from the munemachi to the tip or the whole blade including nakago to arrive at shape?
  4. Are there tell-tale signs that would make that call? I am hoping to learn from this blade considering I'm far off in age. Here's another pic of the hamon as well.
  5. Thought I would add a couple pictures. The hamon appears to be a thin suguha (Hoso, Ito?) with several areas of humps (Komidare?). With the state of the polish, it is hard to get pics of the hamon and boshi seems obsured by damage, but here they are. Would this point to a shinto school or smith?
  6. Hello fellow collectors. I would like to know if I'm heading in the right direction on this blade. With my limited knowledge, I'm guessing Yamato circa 1300's? There are several instances of what I would assume to be masaware on this blade. Here are the measurements: iori mune Chu-kissaki 3cm O-suriage Nagasa: 62.6cm Nakago Nagasa: 14.8cm Sori: 1.6cm Moto-haba: 2.82cm Saki-haba: 1.85cm Kasane: 6.1mm Shinogi-haba: 6.8mm
  7. Alright, thanks Kirill. I believe it has a mokume hada or Itame hada? I'm not experienced enough to tell the difference. Also included nakago pics if they help.
  8. Hey all, I'm looking at a blade that has these dimensions and am curious if this fits a certain age. Iori-mune O-suriage Mumei Bohi through nakago Nagasa: 65.5cm Nakago Nagasa: 17cm Sori: 1.3cm Moto-Haba: 2.74cm Saki-Haba: 1.84cm Moto-Kasane: 5.6mm Saki-Kasane: 4.5mm Kissaki-Naga: 2.4cm
  9. Sorry, don't have access to more detailed pictures, but it looks like this blade has surfaced on the forum before. Seems to be a Seki showato blade by the looks of it.
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