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  1. The blade I have is out of polish, but I circled the Ogiba on the Ogaki-Masamune to show the area I am coparing. It is a fan shape hamon with hitatsura (grouped tobiyaki). Although on the Ogaki it looks rather flat.
  2. Thanks Stephen. I focused on the Ogaki because a sword I have replicates the pattern I highlighted. I'm sure its not a Masamune (I'm not that lucky) and was looking for leads on other smiths who may have copied the pattern. I have a gif that shows the ogiba just to the left of the light source and it also has the thin spike and mountain shape on the other side of the blade. I asked about the blade last year in the thread below and shows an overall picture of the blade.
  3. I see. I am trying to find similar oshigata to the Ogaki, but this is the only one I've come up with so far. Thanks Michael!
  4. Are these patterns found on other smiths' work? This is a picture of the Ogaki-Masamune. I have a close up of the mountain shaped element on one side and the ogiba and hangetsu elements on the other.
  5. kkeeps

    Is this chikei?

    I see. It looks like the blade does have an itame/mokume mix. I would like to get a vid of the midare/choji usturi, but my phone camera is lame.
  6. kkeeps

    Is this chikei?

    Ok, thanks. Step by step I'm getting to know this blade
  7. kkeeps

    Is this chikei?

    Wondering if this is considered chikei in the hada?
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Here is another pic. No Sageo
  9. This koshirae consists of a plain iron tsuba, decent copper fuchi and menuki, and horn kashira. Has one copper seppa on the fuchi side of the tsuba that seems to match the fuchi and an aluminum? German silver? seppa on the habaki side. Habaki is a gold washed copper. Is this a civilian mount? Older? Newer? Thanks for any answers or leads.
  10. I'm still piecing parts and pieces together on this katana as I learn more about terms and things to look for. I am seeing utsuri with roundish peaks and valleys towards the kissaki end, possibly with a dark line underneath? I captured this with my ancient cell phone camera, hopefully it turns up so it can be zoomed in on to demonstrate what I'm talking about. Thanks for any leads.
  11. That's how I have been measuring sori in the original post. I've been trying to imagine the original shape of this o-suriage blade, but can only compare it to other o-suriage blades I dig up in pics on the internet.
  12. Are you talking about the kissaki taper or the sori of the blade? Would you classify the straightness from the munemachi to the tip or the whole blade including nakago to arrive at shape?
  13. Are there tell-tale signs that would make that call? I am hoping to learn from this blade considering I'm far off in age. Here's another pic of the hamon as well.
  14. Thought I would add a couple pictures. The hamon appears to be a thin suguha (Hoso, Ito?) with several areas of humps (Komidare?). With the state of the polish, it is hard to get pics of the hamon and boshi seems obsured by damage, but here they are. Would this point to a shinto school or smith?
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