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  1. I hope this isn't 1k up. Or few hundred. To me you absolute need papers if your at the beginning stage. Or you'll end up wasting money on regrets. Please post pics of the sword. Think, only you will benefit from it no matter what.
  2. @Okan @oneshot onekill You both make great points. John absolutely you would want to study its history ect, that's the reason I'm in the business. And as Okan said quote rightly that a sword shop in Japan would have done more with it if it carried value. But judging by your responses John you have to accept what the blade and love it for what it is, even if it doesn't turn out to be the dates your hoping for. Shinto or shinshinto are still valuable. And I dont think its a good idea to be ever biased to one era as their are amazing stories in all eras. I personally enjoyed edo period works because it was such an interesting time ! Regards Paz
  3. If you get any of the reccomended sword books, you'll find a ton of info in there on what and how it happend. Literally every book I have on Japanese swords start with this scenario in history
  4. Your only bet on knowing what this is. Is by shinsa. But why wasn't the blade shinsad before being sold. I'm sure the Japanese had a clear idea of its potential and would have done all that themselves and sold it at a higher price if they beleive what your being told by the 40 year expert. It's still o suriage and you will have to hope it's early muromachi/ nanbokucho for it to fetch value. But the market right now doesn't favour sellers, unless you plan to keep it. For example the other day I met someone who purchased a nanbokucho badly damaged and full of kizu for 300 bucks. Which he will polish. But the blade defo looked early muromachi just from the horimono and shape most of all.
  5. Your in the U.S ... different story , apart from the 3 to 4 week wait for papers. Customs should be quicker. I've ordered twice from them. Very good
  6. Offer made pending my decision by end of week. Price drop £2,400.00 open to offers. UK only. FB to be updated soon.
  7. I hope that goes through Jon. Did you have tons of paperwork to complete with it ?
  8. Yes the economy is tough. £2,500.00 UK only. Will also soon be posted to FB.
  9. Good news Tony. About the scrutiny.....does this mean there going to be more strict in general ? Even before seizure.
  10. @Franco D I think another important aspect that your missing. Is that it depends on the level of your knowledge and understanding of these swords. As someone new to collecting it strikes me not surprisingly how unversed some dealers for example can be of papers. If your a new collector papers are important. Papers are what confirm that the sword is genuine. Signatures can and are faked in the nihonto world. Papers carry the weight. I've see enough documentaries and books which demonstrate how easily in Japan experts can identify a sword. There are kantei and shinsa competitions which can be viewed. They have years of experience and have seen more blades than we can dream of. Only at very advanced or high stages can someone be able to identify a blades smith or school. The age of the sword isn't as difficult due to shape an obvious feature. The other exciting aspect is that one who buys a paper sword should still do research on who the Smith was ect. This educates a collector with ease. However outside of Japan, only America I beleve has the luxury of viewing many different type of swords and schools due to a big inventory and various sword shows throughout the year. Some people like myself have to put our confidence in hozon papers. And I'd rather buy a papered blade than one that isn't. Even if it's signed. The risks are too high in the world of nihonto, especially with money and fakes. Only today I spoke to a millitria dealer who doesn't want to deal with nihonto at all. And he had a valid point that the subject is far too deep and broad, that buying is a risk. And would only take a nihonto for a week or more examination with several third parties before agreeing to sell on. I couldn't disagree with him. Regards
  11. Few more photos Price reduction aswell, as I need to fund a new sword. And I've had to reconsider what I'm asking for. £2,800.00 open to offers.
  12. Hi all. It saddens me but im going to part with my first Koto blade, as I need funds for a new sword. As often happens. This will be a UK sale only, and that being England(preferably south) as I'm personally going to deliver the sword or you can collect. This is due to insurance cost and the pain of finding a courier. My last purchase was also within the UK by personal meeting. The sword is 64cm. Mumei late muromachi Mino kanesaki akasaka senjuin school with Hozon papers and Meiji era koshiare. Blade length:64.9cm or 25.5inches. Sori:1.8cm or 0.70inches. Mekugi:3 Width at the hamachi:2.95cm or 1.16inches. Width at the Kissaki:2.01cm or 0.79inches. Kasane:0,64cm or 0.25inches. The weight of the sword:710grams. Era:The late Muromachi period. Shape:Regular width and thickness. Sori is deep and Kissaki is longer. Jigane: Itame-Hada and Mokume-Hada well grained, Jinie attached and Shirake Utsuri appears. Hamon:Konie deck, Togari-gunome and roundish shaped Gunome, and keeping with sharp(Togari) parts and mild Togari-gunome, at Boshi Midarekomi and turns back round. This sword is a piece with Togari-gunome midare, Sunagare and Kinsuji work in Hachu like Senjuin. It is polished by Sashikomi-ish way, so that we can see the work in Hachu very well, never inferior to Kanemoto in all matters. Koshirae is simple and quiet, however it is supposed to be used by the Imperial Army in the last years of the Edo period, Tsuba and Fuchikashira are interesting: Tsuba is supposed to be a Namban Tsuba from Nagasaki. I have many photos and will post more up. Im starting price around £3,500.00 but I'm open to offers. Please PM me with offers.
  13. Paz

    Unknown nihonto

    Who was selling it ? And for how much. This looks like a scam
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