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  1. I haven't made any sales, but advice received since joining has saved me from buying "unwisely", so I've sent a couple of quid out of the money I would have wasted!
  2. FZ1

    date ?

    Brian has provided a chart of date kanji on the front page of the site (see below). That may be of help to you. Cheers, Jon
  3. Hi David, Have you tried here? They're advertising Gunto parts. Cheers, Jon https://www.japanesewarriors.co.uk/shop.php?ps=1&pg=3 japanesewarriors@outlook.com
  4. ... and if you're selling, some information to go with the pictures would be good. Cheers, Jon
  5. Thanks Jussi. Its interesting that NBTHK put a date attribution on some papers but not others.
  6. Hi Johan, I'm no expert, but I think its a superb job - well done for persevering!
  7. Just spotted anther one - Tanto this time. https://www.samuraishokai.jp/sword/19610.html Although this one appears to be cut-down from a longer blade, I assume Tanto sugata varyi less than longer swords, so does that make it more difficult to pin them down to a date range? Jon
  8. On one of the motorbike forums I'm on, you can't post or respond to wanted or for sale ads until you hit 10 posts (i.e. in the main section of the forum). I think its the same board engine as this one, so might be a possible way of dissuading this sort of nasty behaviour? Jon
  9. Thanks Michael, much appreciated. Cheers, Jon ( EDIT) P.S. sorry, I should have used "search" first!
  10. Morning all. As per the title, does anyone know of anyone in the UK making tsunagi, and shirasaya? Any info and/or contact details would be gratefully received. Cheers, Jon
  11. You're right Chris, but everyone has different interests and my family are no different - they don't "get" my collecting tastes. Perhaps it's better for such collectables to go to people who will really appreciate them, rather than our families accepting them reluctantly and then not appreciating what they have.
  12. A quick Google shows this article by Markus S. https://markussesko.com/2013/02/24/the-difficulties-of-classifying-kamakura-blade-shapes/ It doesn't answer the main question, but may add to the plausibility of "wriggle room" to be exploited for marketing purposes?
  13. Thanks Jussi - I was hoping you might chip-in with your knowledge of early blades, so your comments are much appreciated. I think you're confirming my suspicions that the Late Kamakura attribution is indeed used quite "liberally". I'm interested to hear other views as well. @Rivkin - Kirill - Please can you explain the "Hard Reset" comment? Or point me to a source that explains it? I'm new to all this, so I don't (yet) know many of the basics. Thanks!
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