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  1. I can see a frog and these guys below, but still can't see a duck .... or Winnie the Pooh!
  2. .... well that's what it looks like to me anyway! I bought this tsuba from one of NMB's finest a few months back. I thought I'd start with a simple design to see if I could understand the appeal of tsuba collecting - SPOILER ALERT: I can't! The patination is dark, as per the small image (my images make it look too light, but I've included them for detail) I paid £130 GBP for it, but will sell for any reasonable offer. Cheers, Jon
  3. Just the stuff that UPS requested Paz (commercial invoice, etc) because I didn't think it'd be an issue with exporting. I'm probably just being paranoid - its more likely just a paperwork cock-up between UPS and HMRC!
  4. I wonder if there's a greater focus on swords by HMRC now? I'm trying to EXPORT a sword (all the way to France!) and its been with UK customs for over a week. Some of the delay is down to UPS being useless, also their customer service are a waste of time; they just make-it-up as they go along when you ask what's happening and where it is. Therefore, I don't know the real story yet, but when it eventually gets to France (or gets back to me, or gets impounded), I'll post an update in a separate thread, so as not to hijack Tony's. I'm just lucky that I have a very patient, understanding buyer!
  5. Just waiting for UPS to actually deliver my package to confirm a happy customer and my next donation will be on the way Brian (over a week so far from UK to France and STILL "awaiting clearance") Cheers, Jon
  6. Hi Sean, My 0.02 worth - I think Mark and Soren have covered it well. It's pot-luck that "someone who wants it sees it", and the longer it's available, as Mark said, the more people that will see it. You'll notice that there are some items in this forum that have been available for a couple of years, but as with any supply & demand situation, the more urgently you need the money, the faster you have to drop the price until someone who's seen it bites. Also, as Soren said there have been some issues with cross-Atlantic export/import (e.g. see the thread about the UK Customs impounding some swords from the US). Hopefully, these issues will be temporary, but its fair to say that some potential non-US buyers may be somewhat reticent. Jon
  7. Does anyone know of a Microdear supplier in the UK? (I would use Alex's cotton shirt idea, but I'm a cheap-skate so all mine are poly-cotton! ) Jon
  8. Does anyone have any idea when EMS might start air services to Europe again?
  9. To be fair, Christian, that's a pretty good try! Having said that, the saya pattern on the tanto does look good.
  10. Nice find Colin, I like it (other than the tsuba). I don't know much about tsuba, but I've seen one like it before. Fortunately, I managed to find a catalogue photo (below) Cheers, Jon
  11. Thanks Colin, I hadn't spotted that in their Ts&Cs. Yes, a meet-part-way is looking increasingly likely!
  12. Hi All, I need to post a sword within the UK, but the highest value insurance cover I can find is Parcelforce at £2,500. Does anyone know of any carriers that will provide higher cover? Any assistance much appreciated. Thanks, Jon EDIT: Admin - if the query is not allowed, please delete or move - Thanks
  13. Paz - Get the electronic version in PDF format; it makes searching (inc. kanji) so much easier & quicker. Cheers, Jon
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