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  1. I've had 5% on gendaito / shinsakuto you need to mark it as a collectable with the correct code.
  2. I don't think UK customs ever read the documentation in the package or stuck to the side. Every shipment I've ever had the document pouch has been untouched. They only seem interested in the customs description and value on the shipping label.
  3. Use USPS Priority Mail, a friend shipped one from the US to UK a few weeks ago and it arrived in less than a week.
  4. We haven't been able to bid on most sword auctions since eBay UK put the block on 10 years ago. There have been loopholes for swords listed in different categories but it looks like eBay have finally closed those now.
  5. Thought I might as well update this old post. I submitted it for shinsa in Japan as I didn't want to have the mei removed without confirmation it was definitely gimei, it failed but was advised to have it removed and resubmit. So after having the mei removed, I resubmitted and it came back as Sandai Soshu Tsunahiro.
  6. Guess you didn’t notice that the website has a few questionable swords on it.
  7. They probably came from the same Edo period sword dealer, easy way to get some extra profit on a sword.
  8. I'd send a letter to the address on the BOR286 form explaining the problem. It's quite possible that they sent the cheque and it got lost in the post...
  9. I had a sword which was sent from Japan and was charged the full rate instead of the 5%. All you need to do is download the form below: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/581510/bor286.pdf Also include a brief letter giving an explanation of why the item is over 100 years old. It took 2 weeks for me to receive a reply, and then 2 weeks later I got a cheque back for the difference.
  10. I’ll take this sword please John.
  11. I'm not very confident but here are my answers: 1. Shape and length suggest shin-shinto, hamon is definitely Bizen and it reminds me of a Sukenaga I saw recently. So my answer is Bizen Yokoyama Sukenaga, Tenpo period. 2. Shape suggests kanbun period, kesho yasurimei just don’t fit with Hizen, I’m guessing it’s possibly an Osaka Shinto smith, my guess is Shinano no Kami Nobuyoshi. 3. Shape suggests koto and the bo-hi terminating in the kissaki is also something you’d expect to see on a koto sword. The hamon is also quite different on both sides particularly in monouchi. It has a nice tight ko-itame jigane visible in places. I’m going to go for Yamato Tegai late kamakura period.
  12. I think it will be this proposal: https://www.change.org/p/sajid-javid-reconsider-the-offensive-weapons-bill-for-fencers-and-hobbyists
  13. I think you’ll be fine it’s not unusual to see odd tracking entries with the Royal Mail. I wouldn’t expect any tracking updates for at least a week yet.
  14. When was the parcel shipped? It's not unusual for it to take 2-3 weeks before you get updates from Australia. It will update on the Australia post website before the Royal Mail site. If you've got an Android/iOS phone, install one of the parcel tracking apps, set the tracking number to australia post and it will notify you the minute the tracking number gets updates.
  15. What does it say when you put the tracking number in the Australian post website?
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