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  1. Very nice sword Michael, Just for interest, Bruce has shown a screw in type of sarute cord retention, here is a push in type I got when I purchased a lone kashira with the remnants of the sarute cord in it. Regards
  2. Thanks David, I asked because your nakago is in better condition than mine. Regards
  3. Hi David, Would it be possible to get pictures of the full blade and nakago please? All the best
  4. Hi Brian, Could be: Suikosai Kaneaki tsukuru kore wo Japanese Sword Index has an example under Oshigata of Showa swordsmiths
  5. Thank you Steve. Just for interest. Here is a picture of the reverse side. It came with a WW2 Japanese signed flag. All the best
  6. Hi All, Not sure if this is the right section but here goes. Could I please ask for a translation of the pictured Tasuki. I have translated the other side which is a patriotic saying along the lines of "Praying for Long lasting fortune in warfare" Many thanks in advance All the best
  7. Hi Steve, Here is a larger picture.
  8. Thanks Guys, Doing some more searching and found my sword has already been discussed back in 2012 here on the NMB: Again, many thanks for the replies. Regards
  9. Hi All, I've had a go at translating this mei, Nakago is fairly corroded making it difficult especially the date. I've got - Echigo Kuni Ju Imai Sadaroku Tsukuru Kore and a Date of Showa shichi ( I think) How did I do? Your thoughts would be greatly Regards
  10. Best wishes and speedy recovery Brian.
  11. Wow Dave, Thats a lot of dribble, You must feel it as the blade is put into the saya? Regards
  12. Hi All, I use a saya file that was purchased from Namikawa. I wrap a piece if cotton cloth over the end and clean the inside of the liner, you would be amazed at the crap that comes out. Regards
  13. On it now Geraint, The new file is now about 20 pages so far with various ships and military history. Regards
  14. Sadly Ray I don't think Roy has his website running now although you can get some of it on Webarchive. I have always kept any thing that comes with the sword whilst I'm the custodian and when it comes to the time to sell, the new owner gets it as well. I'm just amazed that the 10 shilling note is still there after all this time.
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