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  1. Hi All, I just cant get these two mei. Is the first one " No "? Many thanks in advance. Mark
  2. Great, Thank you Steve. All the best
  3. Hi All, Hope I've put this in the right section. I'm looking for some help on the red Kanji? please. It's on a black lacquer tanto saya. It looks as if it was added at a later date than the Wisteria Mon that is on the other side. The red Kanji seems not to be the same quality as the gold Wisteria Mon. Any help greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks all, I shall continue to store them off sword and in the dark. All the best Mark
  5. Hi All, Unsure if this question has been asked before, Apologies if it has. How do you keep your sword tassels safe, Do you leave them on the sword or are they stored elsewhere? Currently I have 6 swords with tassels and I keep the tassels off sword in a ziplock bag attached to the saya ashi. I do this as the swords are not on display and stored in their own sword bag that risks potential tassel damage every time you take the sword from and replace the sword in it's bag. Interested to hear peoples opinions. All the best Mark
  6. Difficult to get in the UK so I have used Zeiss microfibre cloth for a few years with no problems. Available from Amazon. Mark
  7. Hi Adam, Can I please have: Japanese Sword Surrender Tags- R Fuller- £80 The Yasukuni Swords, Rare Weapons of Japan 1933-1945- Tom Kishida-£45 PM sent Regards
  8. Info below Jon. 20th June 2021 fair is now CANCELLED The next fair is going to be 19th September watch this space for further updates Superbly located at The National Motorcycle Museum, Junction 6 of the M42 Birmingham, B92 0EJ, adjacent to the Birmingham International Airport It is the UK's biggest and best antique and vintage arms fair Showing: antique & vintage sporting guns, airguns & deactivated guns, collectors edged weapons, bayonets, daggers, armour, uniforms, headgear, badges, medals, decorations & other militaria, books on related subjects. Part of the event Entry Time Ticket price Dealer & keen collector preview 08:30 to 10:00 £ 8.00 Public admission 10:00 to 14:30 £ 5.00 Children under 13 free admission. Event ends at 15:00 Future Events Dates 21st February 2021 20th June 2021 19th September 2021 21st November 2021 20th February 2022 19th June 2022 18th September 2022 20th November 2022
  9. Sorry Bruce, No numbers or stars. Regards
  10. Hi Bruce, I didn't mention a blade just the saya.
  11. Wow - very pleasing
  12. Hi Everyone, Here's my offering. Nagasa of 14.6cm Regards
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