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  1. It would seem using EBAY prices as a guide isn't entirely helpful so, Price reductions 1. £40 2. £40 3. £20 4.£30 5.£50 Or £140 for all five
  2. Hi Guys Im reducing my Nihonto library and have five very rare Sotheby's auction catalogues for sale. All catalogues are in used condition but there are no loose pages or serious damages. Numbers 1-4 are annotated by a well known !980s dealer with some interesting observations on sale price, quality and value! FREE Postage in the UK Postage at cost price for international delivery approx. £10.00 per catalogue please check with me. Individual prices given or £250 for all five 1. .Fine Japanese works of Art 1982 including the Field Marshall Sir Francis Festing collection. 152 pages with mostly black and white photos . there are colour photos of the Festing Masatoshi and Masamune swords. There are handwritten annotations for most of the sword sales. £60 2. The Backhoff collection of Japanese swords and sword fittings 1981 With dust cover and price list, page 22 is torn and there are extensive handwritten annotations £60 3. Japanese swords and sword fittings 1981 54 pages with extensive handwritten annotations £30 4. Fine Japanese Netsuke, Inro Ceramics Decorative works of art Swords and sword fittings 1983 154 pages 54 pages Nihonto related with extensive handwritten annotations £50 5.Important Japanese Swords New York 1981 Including collection of Alfred J Cohn 484 listings in good condition no annotations £70
  3. Hi Ray Glad it made it to you safely ( that’s one well traveled box) and glad you like it, Regards Tony
  4. Hi guys Something different for all you Kozuka collectors! A lovely little lacquer box probably Taisho but maybe Meiji. Box measures 225x98x26 (mm) in black lacquer with three floral cartouches in kin / gin hiramakie and takamakie (which look like Zohiko pattern to me)and will take several Kozuka or kogai. I bought this box in a Kyoto sword shop at least 10 years ago and never got around to using it as intentended so it comes with an unused chirimen covered pad. Please note Kozuka shown is not included in this sale SOLD thank you
  5. Hi Guys I still have these tsuba and they are still on sale should anyone have missed them first time around. I would consider vintage military watch (my latest obsession) as an exchange or trade. Regards Tony
  6. Hi Wim I have a green and ivory silk sageo , full lenth ( approx 3 m) that I bought in the Japan Sword Shop in Tokyo It has been used and has a few marks from shitodomes but still looks good. Yours for £ 40 (I paid almost double that!) I'm in the UK so no customs charges, at least for now. Regards Tony
  7. Hi Guys Offered here first, Three Katana length Sageo These were bought in Japan ( sword shop next to Nijo Castle) and are all new, unused. All three are synthetic ( Rayon I believe) but they are good quality , nice and thick 1. Dark Brown 2. Dark red/maroon 3. Blue /white £20 each or £50 the lot, Free postage in the UK, overseas postage at cost approx £10. Paypal is acceptable
  8. Hi Guys Offered for sale( again) a Daisho pair of Tsubas by the Satsuma Oda School 17C. I'm not a Tsuba guy so this appraisal is based on expert opinion from NMB and Token Societyof GB members. Sadly I have to admit the signatures are indecipherable and don't look much like Naoka, Naonori or Noamasu to me so perhaps not masterworks of the school. Nevertheless both Tsubas have a lovely “wet” surface sheen characteristic of the school and crisp carving. The Dai measures 79mm X71mm The Sho measures 70mm X 67mm In the original box with an odd looking lid, I suspect this was part of a stacking box for Daisho Tsuba £450 with free postage to the UK and overseas postage of £20.
  9. Hi Guys Offered for sale here first: Kokusai Tosogu Kai- 2nd Convention and Exhibition This beautifully illustrated book is in mint condition and has 115 pages packed with the very best Tosogu and related essays. Most of the koshirae and fittings shown are from private collections and not to be seen anywhere else. As an aside,I bought this copy when visiting the Japanese Sword Shop in Toranamon in Tokyo, the owner had just shown me around all three floors of the shop an I didn't want to leave without buying something! £100 plus actual postage costs ( estimated £10 UK and £30 overseas)
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