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  1. Strewth, thanks Uwe. Maybe I can afford the extension now after all
  2. Nope, regular gunto fittings except for habaki.
  3. Hi John. They are bulk standard gunto mounts, nothing great
  4. The first two characters are Yasutsugu (康継) yes?
  5. OK Geraint, hopefully these are good enough. It is in a gunto; I photo'd the silver habaki as it is well above the norm
  6. Thanks Guys. I will take some photos tomorrow. The blade was / is in gunto mounts with a very special silver habaki. Cheers
  7. I know about Minatogawa Shrine and Chrysanthemum / Cherry Blossom markings on blades, but I have never come across this one before, and can find no example of it elsewhere. Anyone recognize it? Also, the signature is very hard for me to read; I have tried several books to find a match. Masazane? Masayoshi? Thanks in anticipation
  8. Thanks Bruce, Thomas, Doug, Steve, guys I have at least worked something out, it is a itomaki-no-tachi; if you look close at the saya, the embellishments have been removed but you can see where they were.
  9. sent by email, cheers, Mark

  10. Hi Bruce

    OK, I worked it out.

    Here is an extra full length pic.

    If you want specific others, let me know.





  11. Hi Guys. Happy New Year; I hope 2021 sees the end of the covid curse for everyone. Seller (to me) says his grandfather brought it back to the UK at the end of WW2. I hear this a LOT (everyone says their Chinese shop swords are antique family hand downs). But the tsuba got me, as it is one of the type of those recognized by Richard Fuller for civilian swords for military use). I wish I could pot more photos, but have reached the limit. Of real interest (to me) is the sword knot that came with it. Clearly original to the period, it is not a Japanese army sword knot as these have flat cord. This uses round substantial cord, but it is well made. The same is same, and the furniture well made. But I agree, when I saw the mei I was puzzled and then, soon after, went "Oh s**t". But the blade is clearly well made, though probably oil tempered. It has a Choji-midare ha (cloves) type hamon in places (sorry, I am not good with the camera), which is not one of the easily etched / forgery hamons. Plus the blade is BIG. So the mei was added later, maybe it is an expression like "God made this"? I tried for ages to work it out and am glad, in a way, you all had problems with it too (thanks very much for trying). I am certain the seller is legit in what he says. He said his gramp never ever talked about WW2, which I know many vets did not. Death to covid, soon
  12. Compliments of the season to everyone. I hope you all are staying safe and well, that life will get back to normal, safely, soon. I bought a katana as a punt. Will not ruin my year if it is nothing. Have really struggled with the mei, so have low expectations (but high hopes as always). Anyone? Kunimoto (saku)?
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