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  1. The best of the best. Legendary WW2 sword. A must!
  2. Personally, I hope you’ll be around much, much longer!
  3. Kids marvel at candy stores... I would feel like a kid there!
  4. Can you provide more pictures? The kissaki, the Hamon... looks to be a nice sword even though it is suriage.
  5. Gimei, and a very obvious one.
  6. Yes, and Ed is one of the greatest guy to deal with. I absolutely recommend him.
  7. The Hamon definitely looks like a Chinese Hamon. I’ve seen plenty of them like that. To be honest, they look quite good in hand.
  8. 16k


    Muromachi. Mino or Bizen I think.
  9. 16k

    Tourist piece

    Looks legit I guess, but I would pass... unless the price was extremely low.
  10. Did you clean the nakago or just the active rust? Because it looks a bit too clean to me.
  11. Yeah, I don’t understand the beating. This is a very nice Koto sword with a very active Hamon. It’s probably not a deal, but not a loss either. Good looking too!
  12. This is so beautiful That is why I love Shinsakuto. You get to see a sword just as it ought to be, as the smith envisioned it and not reshaped over the years. It’s one of the most beautiful thing to behold!
  13. Happy but not surprised. As I said somewhere else, it is a bad time to send anything that has to go through customs. The guys are backlogged and getting stuff on time or at all is hit and miss...
  14. Thank you for letting it go that long, Brian!
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