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  1. I feel exactly the same way. I have a Bowie knife and a selection of multi-tools which are always in my hiking bag, but I never have use for a knife outside the house when in an urban area. Thank you for the concern. Fortunately, there's no psychological damage. It was my decision to get involved, it was my decision not to hurt him to the point of fully incapacitating him. I don't have any regrets. Thankfully my wife (who saw the whole thing) is feeling a lot better too, with no signs of PTSD, anxiety, etc.
  2. Thanks Piers. The CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) are looking to put him away for as long as possible. He's also been charged with assault by beating for his actions towards the young woman and affray for his actions prior to the stabbing. It was in a residential area, and there were easily a dozen witnesses. As you mentioned, I have got used to shaving one handed. I've had to switch back to using a safety razor though after a few years of using a nice kamisori.
  3. Thank you John. Thank you Bryan. I was over in Hull for the surgery, it's the first time I've been there for any length of time rather then just passing through. I was at Castle Hill for most of the major surgery and Hull Royal Infirmary for a more minor operation.
  4. Thank you Gwyn. It was actually in my hometown, a small town a few miles south of Leeds, which has a much lower crime rate. Please don't be alarmed, it was a black swan event. Lincolnshire and Yorkshire tend to be very safe and filled with gentle folk who love to garden and grow things. We're a bit like Hobbits really, and the most heinous act I've been on the receiving end of before was people scrumping (stealing apples from a tree) and the occasional theft of a few veggies from our vegetable patch.
  5. Thank you John. I've been feeling the same way. I get the feeling that the murder was pre-meditated, and that the young lady was the intended target. I shudder to think what else he would have done to her if left to it. I'm pleased with how things turned out. I'd feel much worse if I'd just keep running and later found out that one or more people had been killed.
  6. Thank you John. The injury to the hand is a severed nerve, so while I'm unlikely to make a full recovery, there will be significant improvement. I'm feeling very fortunate overall. It was an attempted murder (the guy has been apprehended and charged by police) rather than an accident; but due to some excellent medical care and a few surgeries, the hand is the only major lingering issue. Very briefly, I was out running with my wife and came across a man assaulting a young woman and making death threats to an elderly couple. I intervened, he attacked me and a fist fight ensued. After a few moments he was face down on the ground. While I was calling an ambulance for him, he regained consciousness, drew a weapon, stabbed me in the lung several times (puncturing the lung) and slashed the rear of the right arm (severing a nerve). An eventful day overall. I'm mostly feeling lucky that I survived, wasn't castrated, didn't lose an eye and that nobody else was hurt. Edit: Please edit this as appropriate if there's anything inappropriate or too graphic.
  7. Thank you Marius, much appreciated.
  8. Hello, I'd appreciate some guidance on how long I can safely leave blades in shirasaya without re-oiling them. Usually I do this quite regularly, but I only currently have one functional hand and as such will need to either coach my wife through the process or arrange for a friend to visit to carry out the maintenance. I might end up sending my collection of blades to a friend, to take care of them for the time being. I realise that climatic factors and the like will affect this, but all the same, I would appreciate some ballpark estimates from your own experience. If anyone is curious, I can share what happened, but it's not directly relevant to the thread. Thank you. Mark
  9. For anyone curious: It's worst when you're just above the threshold. I bought something once that was ~£16 (with a £15 threshold), the customs fees were ~£3 plus a £12 fee. That was nice.
  10. You mean the disparity in the handling fee? It depends on who handled the collection of the customs fees. It's only if customs fees are due that you're liable for a handling fee. The handling fees vary somewhat between different couriers and £8-£12 are within the range I'd expect. Was one Royal Mail and the other Parcelforce?
  11. Printed books are zero-rated for VAT. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/pay-no-import-duties-and-vat-on-miscellaneous-documents-and-related-articles#P134_16188 Nihonto books should also meet the requirement for duty exemption:
  12. Thank you for the information Paul. Very important to know.
  13. I think that's a vital point Adam. How long we expect to stick around and continue to learn about this subject. We have the expression “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die,” but perhaps we should also have its inverse: “Start learning a new language or an instrument, and make small talk with a stranger, because life is long, and who knows what joy could blossom over many years’ time.” When balancing favorite experiences and new ones, nothing matters as much as the interval over which we plan to enjoy them. A sword doesn't need to be anything special to please someone who spends an hour looking around before buying and then brings it out once a decade for a few minutes to examine. But for someone who puts a few hundred hours into it, many of those pieces may become unacceptable.
  14. I think Mark that it stems from different underpinnings as to why people collect. It's not my place or anyone else's to say what anyone should collect, but I think we can make observations on what people with particular goals actually do collect and if their purchases align with their goals long term. I would guess that a part of the perceived elitism stems from the belief that this forum is devoted to collecting Nihonto. I would argue that it's actually much not inclusive than that. There are people who collect swords in general, there are people who collect military and historical artifacts, there are art collectors and there are Nihonto collectors. My belief is that most people who are true Nihonto collectors would be best served to buy papered blades which correspond well to established Japanese notions of assessment criteria. The so called 'lesser' blades are perfectly adequate for other types of collector. *By which I mean that they will likely be pleased with their purchases long term, not that they are deserving of a lesser standard.* I also believe that Paul's blade in this thread is a special example and it would require Paul's level of knowledge (which most of us here lack) to make a properly informed assessment of the piece. Hence why the post was interesting and informative. *I'm not meaning to imply any kind of heirachy of collectors, just trying to put labels on things for the sake of clarity. I would consider myself to be more of an art collector than a Nihonto collector.*
  15. I've attached a couple of excerpts from The craft of the Japanese sword by Leon Kapp. I don't agree with some of what I've quoted, but I think this might be where some of the conventional wisdom on this originates. I think that from a practical standpoint, it's purely decorative. From a materials perspective, I would expect that roughening the surface of the metal would increase the coefficient of friction between it and the wood. This would likely require surface roughening (as with sandblasting) rather then the application of a pattern, and then polishing the surface; which might actually reduce the overall friction by reducing the contact area. This would of course only be relevant where the habaki and the saya are actually in contact.
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