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  1. Hello Jean sorry i forget to mention Kodogu also Thanks you
  2. Hello everyone , here some book i have for sale, all book are Near Mint Condition, i will give a donation if i sell some Thanks #11: Metal Smith Tsuba/Kodogu by Kamiya Monichiro Published in 1963 : in Japanese only around 200 pages 75$USD #12: Fine Japanese Sword Fittings Menuki (2) Musashiya 100$USD #13: Tsuba Taikan Book more than 500 lists Published around 1950 Very nice illustration Cover bad Condition 100$USD OBO / come with a other small reference book (next Picture) #14: Japanese Kozuka 100 Selected Collection in Japanese/English very nice color illustration 268p.Claude Thuault Collection 50$USD #15: Japanese Tosogu #64 Only in Japanese 108p. Color 25$USD #16: Sukashi Tsuba by Sasano 1972 in English 284p. Nice book 150$USD OBO #17: Firts European Symposium The Arts Of The Samurai German Sword Museum Solingen 100 Tsuba 64p. Excellent 110$USD
  3. Hello everyone , here some book i have for sale, all book are Near Mint Condition, i will give a donation if i sell some Thanks #1: Very Rare Firt Edition Red Cover W. M. Hawley Japanese Swordsmiths Hollywood 1981 1046p. 1500$USD OBO (collection piece) #2: Rokusho Vol 34 2007 Edition Late Edo and MEji Period Sword Guards And Fittings 70$USD #3: Japanese Militariy and Civils Swords and Dirks 1996 by Richard Fuller and Ron Gregory 300$USD OBO #4: Japanese Marks and Seals by James L. Bowes 30$USD #5: Japanishe Schwertzieraten Sammlung G. Oeder around 1920 Early rare Book fine Collection 550$USD OBO #6: The Yasukuni Swords Rare Weapons of Japan 1933-1945 Kishida 85$USD #7: A Oshigata Book of Modern Japanese Swordsmiths 1868-1945 Firt Edition Rare John Scott Slough 325$USD OBO #8: Kanzan Sato Translate by Joe Earle The Japanese Sword A Comprehensive Guide 20$USD #9: The Craft of The Japanese Sword Leon and Hiroko Kapp Yoshindo Yoshihara 25$USD #10: Japanese Sword Guard Tsuba Nihonto published in 1965 205page Nice illustrations 75$USD
  4. Here a link about this seller Always high price (lot gimei or in bad sheap) and seem he dont have a real shop.but post nihonto stuff from other seller in Japan. Be careful
  5. picture are from (japaneseswordgallery) ebayer you must avoid
  6. do you have a picture of the paper plz 



  7. wow thanks you everyone very appreciated Best Regards Stay Safe
  8. I start a group 3 weeks ago on Facebook for fans of Nihonto in Canada Dedicated To The Preservation And Promotion of Japanese Swords, Swordsmiths, And Related Crafts Nihonto Canada Discussion/Trade Sword/Fittings/Armor(NIHONTO) Anyone who wants to talk about Nihonto are welcome No Martiel Arts or any other kind of sword will be allowed. I created this page to regroup Canadians who love Nihonto Arts. Dissusion and being able to sell / buy items in Canada ENJOY Nihonto Canada (Preservation And Promotion Of Nihonto) | Facebook
  9. Hello Joe before i start collecting nihonto i was focused on Japanese ww2 ..here 3 exemple of many i have in the past ..i think the writing is very to uniform and its too organized too be originaly made for Japanese soldier dont forget that GI made their own flag sometime Best regards
  10. Welcome Steve here a book i buy at the beginning and i love it as Barry said a other Canadian COOL enjoy the forum
  11. thanks Mark i only have 3 tsuba book and nothing near that thanks for your expertise i am new in Tosogu and i try learning more now Merci
  12. i found a similar tsuba on the web ..the seller say Edo Myochin Tsuba here the picture of the tsuba and a link about Myochin tsuba Myochin Tsuba (shibuiswords.com) do you think its similar thanks for your time
  13. hello everyone im looking for the school of my tsuba,it is Higo school ? thanks Stay Safe
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