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  1. Up for sale is a Japanese WWll Naval officer`s sword in excellent condition, It measures 25+3/8" tip to the guard, 24+3/4" cutting edge, 1+1/8" width, 6 mm thickness at the notch and 38" in mountings. The temper line is attractive gunome-choji temper pattern throughout the blade and has deep temper at the point. It came with brown Naval sword tassel, no cut, no fade and in mint condition. Tsuba and o-seppa are matched number 0346 stamped and kikusui-mon stamped on ko-seppa. The handle is tight fit with kikusui-mon engraved copper habaki, tsuka-ito wrapping is no cut, no loose. The scabbard is same-gawa (ray-skin) covered wood scabbard, no tear, no crack, no bend. The forging grain is tight itame-hada, no opening, no blister, no forging flaws. The blade is in original polish, no rust, no stain well maintained. Japanese WWll Naval officer`s sword in kaigunto mountings, The blade is signed "Kikusui mon, Minatogawa Jinja Masanao 菊水紋, 湊川神社正直", dated "Showa Juhachi-nen Ku-gatsu hi (a day, Sep., 1943) 昭和十八年九月日", shinogi-zukuri shape, WWll time period made blade. Asking Price: USD$8000 If you are interested kindly send me a message or mail keyh503 at gmail dot com Thanks for looking..!!!
  2. Thanks for the information. More details about the sword: It Comes with the Katana, Koshirae, Sword bag, Blade is unaltered with it's original length. Authentic Japanese designed, superlative materials made, faithfully crafted and Fully Sharpened Blade. Many of the existing Masahiro swords were made in the late Muromachi period, and the charm of the Soshu-den tradition is fading. Along with Sadamune and Hiromitsu, Masahiro is a representative of Soshu smiths, and was a prominent family from the Nanbokucho period to the late Muromachi period. The polish is in good condition, the blade is overall healthy with no fatal flaws. More pictures of the sword,
  3. Up for your consideration is a Katana Japanese antique Long 71.2cm sword in excellent condition, no damage to it's original state. More details about this exceptional piece: Swordsmith: Soshu ju Masahiro (Masahiro lived Soshu), Cutting Edge Length: 71.2cm (28.03in) Age: Muromachi period, Primary Material: Tamahagane, Sword Full length: 91.3cm (35.94in). Saki-haba: 2.8cm (1.1in), Saki-gasane: 0.8cm (0.31in), Moto-haba: 3.1cm (1.22in). Moto-gasane: 0.8cm (0.31in), Jigane: Itame, Hamon: Gunome-choji, Sori curve: 1.4cm (0.55in) Koshirae length: 107cm (42.13in), Shirasaya length: 100.3, The blade is unconditionally guaranteed to not have any fatal flaws and/or hagire. Asking Price: USD$6800 If you are interested kindly send me a message, keyh503 at gmail dot com Thanks for looking...!!!!
  4. Up for sale is an exceedingly rare and highly collectible Muramasa wakizashi sword with NBTHK authentication, this is a uniquely rare beauty sword. These are one of the most collectible of all sword as it does rarely comes up for sale but unfortunately have to put it up to go to a new home. The blade is signed Muramasa and the sword is in excellent condition, Muramasa blade in Shirasaya mountings. The cutting edge is unbelievably sharp as this is by far the sharpest. More on the sword condition: forging grain, no openings, no blister, no forging flaws, no bend, no nick and no crack. Blade has all of the characteristics you would expect to see with the Muramasa blade and The blade is unconditionally guaranteed to not have any fatal flaws and/or hagire. Overall a rare and desirable wakizashi Asking price for this sword is USD$12500 but I'm Open to reasonable offers. For all inquiries, contact me via PM or email equipments at protonmail dot com Thanks for looking!
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    Hello, I'm interested in learning the details of a katana, please does any one have any books on it to sell? let me know.
  6. Hello, I would appreciate if anyone can help me out I'm Looking for top level work in Echizen Kinai tsuba. Thanks
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