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  1. Geraint: OK. Interesting. Many thanks for taking the time to educate me on this topic. I've learned a lot as a result of this post. Cheers.
  2. You gentlemen have been very tolerant so far, so please indulge me with another question regarding the naming conventions. I'm inferring that Izumo Daijo is an honorific of some sort and the smith was known as Fujiwara Yoshitake is that correct?
  3. I seem to recall that my friend told me that the wrapping chord came undone at some point and some helpful soul attempted to make it right. Thanks for your input.
  4. Here's a better picture of the nakago. Hopefully this will make things easier to evaluate.
  5. John: No need to apologise. I'm afraid you'll have to indulge me here as I have zero experience in sword smith signatures. In your view what does the signature say?
  6. Thanks very much for your input. I realise that these comments require an investment of time on your part. No need for apologies at all. I have an appreciation of the complexities involved here. I will ask for a better shot of the nakago.
  7. John: Many thanks for providing this link. I had a quick look. This is beyond what we were hoping for! Steve
  8. John; That is great news! This is exactly what my friend was hoping for! The name of the smith and the period when the sword was made. I have to think that if there is the possibility that the signature was forged (in some instances, not necessarily in this instance) then his work must have been considered desirable? Thanks gentlemen for your prompt responses. My friend will be thrilled to know this. Steve
  9. Geraint: Thanks for this. This may be the best picture of the nakago we can get. If it makes the difference between an educated guess and a definite identification I'll ask for a straight on shot. I'm pretty new to the Nihonto area myself. I'm thinking based on your comment that "Izumo Daijo Fujiwara Yoshitake" is a well known smith? Good of you to take the time to respond. Steve
  10. I’m posting this wakizashi for a friend who isn’t comfortable posting pictures on forums. It was brought back to the U.S. shortly after the end of the war by a then Major in the American occupation force. He knows very little about it and is hoping to get a translation of the signature and an approximate time period of production. He’s had the sword for many years as he acquired it directly from the Major who was an acquaintance and just wants to know more about it. The knife is apparently not original to the sword. These are the only pictures I have. I’m told the blade is 22 inches from tip of kissaki to the tsuba. I’m hoping I can help him out here by asking the experts on this forum.
  11. Well. "He who hesitates ...." I decided to pursue the purchase this morning and it's gone! I was sure it was good but couldn't gauge the price. It had been sitting around for weeks so I concluded that if it was a good deal it wouldn't still be available. Guess only two people knew what it was. Oh well, live and learn. Many thanks for your input guys. Too bad it was in vain.
  12. Bruce and John: My apologies. It's been a while since I read the posting rules. Please disregard my comments re. value of this piece.
  13. John: Thanks for clearing that up as well as the reference material. This field has a lot of ground to be covered, but I'm making some headway. Worth picking up for the price do you think?
  14. Bruce: By the "all white same" I take it you're referring to the ray skin on the Tsuka? Not to be mercenary, but I'm tempted to pick this sword up however I'm not keen on overpaying for it.
  15. Probably just lack of knowledge on my part. I'm equating the presence of two suspension rings on the saya with the type/model. I should have said Type 94 which I think has two rings as opposed to the Type 98 with only one. When you say "looks completely Kai Gunto" do you mean it's a legitimate Kai Gunto?
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