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  1. Brian, I don’t understand what you mean when you say: There you have it. I suspect they would be illegal anyways. Weapons and not art. Can you confirm that Koichi? Is this item illegal? Also, does anyone know if there are any articles or museums that keep these? Or is considered to be just a piece of ww2 memorabilia... ‘Thank you
  2. Is it possible that there are only 2 Kanji letters? Or should there be more than that...
  3. Thank you. Will do
  4. Does anyone know where I can find more information about Toshi?
  5. Sorry, I do not know the correct orientation. Here is another persons opinion. It's pity that the second kanji is not as clear as first on (包). Actually looking at it, I think it could be 俊 (toshi).
  6. 7In other words, this is very likely not a fake since it came directly from Pacific Theatre and has been on our family possession for over 70 years. Same with the Sword in other link I posted. Sadly, he died less than 5 year after the war so we were unable to get any of the back story of how they were acquired which is a shame. I am thankful to have this forum which can uncover the history and significance of these priceless pieces of history. Thanks again Joe
  7. My Grandfather was a Marine in the 1st division and stationed in Pacific Theatre brought this home. It has been in our family since the end of WW2. I value the input and if it is significant I appreciate knowing more about it. Thank you for your input and if you know anywhere I could take it on the east coast close to NYC where someone may be interested in looking more closely at it please let me know
  8. Thank you. Any idea of the historical/cultural significance?
  9. Thank you Dale, will do!
  10. Thank you, appreciate that clarification. Anyone on the east coast able to take a look? I am close to NYC and Philadelphia and happy to bring to someone who could take a closer look.
  11. Could you please explain a little more about Moriyama San? I spoke to one historian who said it is likley from Civil War era 1400-1650. Does that make sense? thank you
  12. Thinking since total length is 65 cm it may be a Kodachi? Seems like it is old since only one mekugi...
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