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  1. Shinobugaoka no hen ni shikashite horu "kore"? followed by the signature. So "carved this at Shinobugaoka"??
  2. Purporting to be Shibata Ka - you will want to examine the signature carefully - either way I like the blade and I think you have a winner... -t SHIBATA KA – Yakiba.com
  3. Perhaps my favorite artist - a beautiful sword. -t
  4. Toryu2020


    A very nice job of copying the original - I am wondering did he make the choice to copy the signature or was that something you asked for? Did he include any hidden tells that it is a copy, like the punches in the kuchibeni? -t
  5. John D - As Shugyosha has pointed out this blade is in perfect condition for kantei - the hada and hamon are both visible and there would be no need to update the polish before shinsa. If you cannot make it to the San Francisco show we do offer a mail-in service and I believe Nihonto-Antiques may be bringing swords to the show for their customers, if that appeals to you you might contact Moses. If you have any questions about the shinsa process you can PM me here or email us thru the website... -tch https://nthkamerica.com
  6. Brandon - In order to schedule timeslots we need a certain "critical mass" to be reached to insure a workflow that aids the shinsa team in their task and satisfies the day/time requests from customers. Once we get closer to the event you will receive an email Reservation Confirmation that will include the day and time for submission. As I said elsewhere Saturday Am is not a problem at this point. -tch
  7. Lots of pubs in England, has to b e a few more wall-hangers out there! -t
  8. Can't wait to see the full restoration. Certainly looks like a good candidate at this point... -t
  9. Momotaro and his "Army" - excellent piece!
  10. Good news Tony - looking forward to your conclusions. Paz - this item, a tsuba, came from E-sword and the stickers and the values noted on the invoice might have helped going into GB but thinking of this among a pile of boxes at a United States Post Office gives me nightmares!! -t
  11. Just received this from Japan today. I wonder if they've been reading this thread?😉
  12. Yurie san - I ordered early and received an early copy seems like more than a year ago - last I heard they (Alpha) was going to send out corrected copies once they were printed. Has anybody seen those? -t
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