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  1. Thank you for the advice I really appreciate it, I will reach out to Woody. Looking back I think that would be more fair, but we agreed to settle the matter with a refund so it wouldn't be fair on my part to change terms. You live and you learn I guess. But from your experience his work is good to store my blade in? I just want to preserve the blade as well as I can going forward.
  2. Hi Stephen, I also posted on another chain. I had heard good things as well. Unfortunately, this is my experience that was no so good. I also transported myself to and from in a heavily padded box. I do not think that he was trying to cover up I just think that he was being careless.
  3. Thank you for the advice, that makes sense to me. I had it done by Mike Virgadamo.
  4. I was wondering about this as well. I had this shirasaya made because the kosharae mountings and scabbard that I had are not in very good condition. I wanted to have the blade protected at least in the shirasaya. What are some ways or signs to tell if the shirasaya itself is of good enough quality? Thank you.
  5. Thank you! He was suggested to me by a SoCal collector and he said that he had been doing them for many years. I also saw multiple recommendations on multiple forums. But I doubt he was an actual Sayashi, his prices are what I now understand as quite low so I believe that assumption is right.
  6. Rokujuro, Thank you glad to have found this forum! I assumed that he would be careful as well. I wish I posted here earlier but unfortunately I was struggling to even get my money back for the cost of the shirasaya so I am assuming he was not actually a professional. I definitely messed up on that :/
  7. Hi all, I am new here and wanted to get your input on a recent unfortunate event to my blade. I have what I think is a Bizen Koto Suriage Muromachi Period Katana that was recently subject to some unfortunate damage at the hands of someone who was making me a shirasaya . Long story short it got two chip/ dings in it on the Mune and Yakiba. I know that polishes can cost thousands of dollars but I truly love this blade and it means a lot to me. So I was hoping for your input on wether it is worth pursuing a polish or if you have any advice. Maybe also if you could give me some info on the blade that would help a ton! Thank you
  8. I used Mike Virgadamo's services last year to have a shirasaya made for my murumachi period katana and was more than displeased with his services... Everything went smooth until I picked up the blade. Like an idiot I drove home without taking a really good look at the blade. It wasn't until I got home and inspected the blade again when I noticed not one but two chip marks on the blade, one on the yakiba and one on the mune. Before leaving my blade in his possession I had inspected, cleaned and taken pictures of it and saw no marks in these locations on the blade. When I brought this up to him he offered me $125 off the shirasaya and said that he didn't hear anything damage the blade and did not believe that it happened while in his possession despite his acknowledgement that there are tools in his shop that could cause this. I told him that I wanted all my money back which is more than fair and doesn't even cover the cost to fix the damage, considering a good polish is upwards of 3k. It wasn't until I threatened to sue him that he agreed to give my money back and still never admitted to doing anything wrong or even said sorry. I will say the shirasaya itself was of good quality... but at the expense of my blade definitely NOT worth it . Anyways sorry for the rant but I wanted to send out a message with a warning to always be vigilant and careful with who you trust your blades with because not everyone else will have that same care for what is yours. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way and must be much more careful
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