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  1. For any given time, you can know one or the other but you can't know both. Saying you know the position at time A and the momentum at time B doesn't give you anything about the momentum at A or the position at B. So, the point is that if you ask for both position and momentum simultaneously, you cannot receive an answer to this question. Attacking that by saying yes but you can ask in sequence means you've misunderstood the point. The reason it's brought up is cited right in the post, because of the philosophical implication that: "it is a fundamental property of reality that some questions have no good answers." That is, there are more questions than there are answers as a rule, and it is just pointing out that we can't always get a satisfactory answer as a result. The overall goal is simply to guide people to a better understanding of attributions. > Dunning/Kruger effect is never far away. You are linking to a 14 year old post and using that as grist for a personal attack. You conflate expertise and infallibility as well. Dunning/Kruger is simply a personal attack. You have been working off of this bitter and angry script for multiple decades. The reason I stopped contributing to this board on a frequent basis is because it is simply mentally draining to deal with the intentional throwing of stones. Engaging with this just burns good minutes off of short lives. > Tanobe? is a Japanese and Darcy is a "gaijin". He can say what he wants, he knows Darcy will believe him. This is racism and a poor judgment of this man's character and shows a lack of imagination toward my own.
  2. Antique nihonto are not classified as weapons ... they could be a weapon, but so can a kitchen knife and it is not classified as a weapon. Antique swords are art items for appreciation and preservation at this point in their life, and a kitchen knife is a tool for making food. So in that strict sense that's kind of how it is interpreted. UPS is now shipping nihonto out of Japan but it depends on each dealer getting a contract with UPS to state the terms and this takes a while. But as can be seen above dealers are getting these contracts and it is starting to break up the logjam.
  3. It simply starts with what do you have? With what you have you pursue a good individual in that field who specializes in those swords. That's all. Louis as good intentioned as he is, being mentioned in the same thread as top level Japanese polishers, this is kind of inappropriate. It really depends on what it is. Foreigners are so brand limited that they want to drop everything on one guy. And it's just not done like that in Japan. You send something to the guy who has the best skills in that zone for the effect you want to obtain. There is no such thing as a "best polisher" any more than there is a "best car". It depends on what the goals are and what you have to work with. You don't wanst junk swords being worked on by the top polishers, there is no point. "YOU CAN'T MAKE A SILK PURSE OUT OF A SOW'S EAR" ... but you can make a sow's ear out of a silk purse so you must choose well.
  4. As long as it is Paul's koto part I had that. Hosho Sadamune: quasi-mythical, the one Jubi item is gimei. No hosho smith signed with the word Hosho in the mei. This one is jubi but widely regarded as unreliable. Hosho mei are either complicated with Takagi-gun in there or else are shorter with Fujiwara and often just niji mei. How they got the name Hosho is up to research as they didn't use Hosho in their own works.
  5. A kind and generous man, had myself and my girlfriend over to his house. He did oshigata for future series of books I've had on hold a while. A gentleman all the way and loved swords enthusiastically. A huge loss. I had been meaning to call him for a while and it's a lesson to not let some things slip.
  6. Re: papers There have been people claiming their personal judgment is better than the NBTHK since the founding of the NBTHK. Just write your own papers and see what people think of them if your judgment is superior to the NBTHK. Re: op opinion of suriage Yes Re: zaimei Norishige tachi $500k+ Re: blades I showed above for education in above anecdotes Juyo Chogi and Masamune, both of which passed Tokubetsu Juyo in the following shinsa and listed in the top 7 of the session.
  7. Fallacy: call to authority. You assume that this museum is composed of authorities who know better and is just not the hobby of a rich man. Or, you assume that the people advising are not in the 70s to 80s themselves and thereby completely unable to adapt and change. So, if you look at this as a case to cite that uchiko is ok, then you are basing it on bad reasoning. The only thing that matters is results. You are supposed to PRESERVE your sword first and foremost. Constanty grinding it with an abrasive is ALTERING the sword. Every. Single. One. Of. These. BUT "I" USE UCHIKO "CORRECTLY" whenever i get my hands on the sword and the damage they have done it needs shiage to fix. That is cost and time and money coming out of someone's pocket and it limits the life of the sword. It is patently RIDICULOUS to rub a sword with an abrasive item in order to "care" for it. Do you "care" for your mirrors by rubbing them with sandpaper? Do you "care" for your windows with sandblasters? Then don't "care" for your swords with uchiko. Honestly this far in, it's just stubbornness. People who are 80, I forgive, they won't learn something new. Tanobe sensei doesn't use uchiko on the swords I bring him to show so I don't see any reason why you should be saying his care system is inferior to yours because you use uchiko. And I can show you so many swords, each one of them destroyed. The same way you ask everyone are you above average intelligence they will say yes. That is what you get from the uchiko crowd. Frankly, the old guys out there 50 and up, you can't even see with your eyes anymore the damage that you're doing, but a young man can and so can the camera. The camera does not lie, it reveals all of the abuse from uchiko and it renders items unsaleable after your life long "care" and so they need to be polished again. As long as you insist that abrasive materials are "care" items and not repair tools, this will happen, a fast cycle of polishes until swords of today no longer exist. And when they no longer exist we will point back and say these guys thought sandpaper was a good material to maintain a steel surface. How sad. ALL YOU NEED IS OIL AND REMOVE OIL You, as a custodian, do NOT need ANYTHING more than that. OIL REMOVE OIL Sandpaper is not required in this process. I ... my mind is just completely boggled, that people are still in this day and age confused on the matter or saying I am the one who does it right. However I look around me and see Japanese people claiming they are immune to covid due to their enhanced genetics and I see people refusing to wear masks because it's a hoax so I am not surprised that people lack the facilities to determine that abrasives are not care items. CARE MAINTAIN DO NOT ALTER OIl, and rub oil off. That's all you need to do for your life. Yeah, here is the curve: It's a rust removing tool and if you don't have rust, don't use it. Otherwise oil it and remove the oil. There is no way to avoid this. You with your old eyes you can't even see. I can't even see with my old eyes. You won't get it off, you get it in the oil, you form slurry. The evidence is literally on EVERY SWORD that was "cared" for with uchiko. Swords far more valuable and important than what you have. Don't use it. There is no reason for it. Microfiber removes the oil better than a slurry of polishing stones rubbed over steel and does no damage. People shouldn't even be fighting for this backwards stuff at this point in time. I am dealing with top level dealers and they're all using microfiber. Tanobe sensei is using microfiber. It's just ... like people who want to drink hot sake because they think it's authentic. People do not do this stuff anymore. It's an anachronism. It's gone. You're using typewriters in the iPhone era. STOP PLEASE STOP
  8. Ken, I don't even know who your sword mentor is. If he has elite Soshu swords I would like to buy them though.
  9. Various airlines have contracts with EMS in different countries for handling different types of goods. There are 8 airlines who can carry packages from Japan on EMS to other countries, different airlines for different countries. The reason that people have problems with "weird rules" about swords coming from Japan via EMS and inconsistent behavior is that it depends on the contract with the individual airline about what they can carry and where. So right now depending on where you are you can still get a sword delivered, but not in the USA via EMS. I think the airline for the USA carrying swords is JAL (it is for most countries) and with the massive reduction in flights, skyrocketing infection rates, and impossibility for people to cross borders... it is just not happening now. It's not reasonable to criticize Aoi several times for not wanting to break the law and get themselves into permanent trouble for your one time purchase. And if the item is seized for being falsely declared, you're not going to shrug your shoulders and say "whelp, there goes $5k I guess", you are going to be on their case for making an insurance claim and they cannot do that if the item is falsely declared. So they are working in their own best interests, and in your own best interests. So let them do that. Be patient, take care of yourself and your family. Things will get to normal as soon as everyone stops worrying about immediate inconveniences and work together to do the necessary things to prevent spread of the virus, and from there services will automatically come back. When that is, is entirely based on how well people can cooperate to stop the spread of the virus.
  10. The above says Fred Fimio is dead... I never heard any news on that, can someone confirm this?
  11. Honami "Kachu" ... with bad papers... I hope you are not trying to impugn Honami Kochu? If so, I have to say that's simply wrong. Kochu is held as the best and most honest of the Honami judges and what he has indicated during his time is the basis for scholarship now. Since Kachu doesn't directly match up with any particular Honami name maybe I'm interpreting this statement incorrectly. Perhaps you should clarify which Honami you are trying to attack by transliterating the name correctly. Jubi being uniformly bad... again all I can say is this is simply wrong. There are of course many bad Jubi and this is the reason for the status being revoked, but the reason that many of them have high values is not because of the papers. This is the backwards facing beginner's evaluation of why something has value. A Jubi blade that retains high valuation is not because it is Jubi, but because the blade is great and rare and precious first and foremost. It got its Jubi status because of that. It has its valuation for the same reason. A Jubi blade that doesn't have great properties does not have such a high valuation in the market. The majority of Jubi are precious items and there is competition among high level collectors in Japan to get these as a result. Again: not because they are Jubi, but because the underlying blade is in general, precious and rare when they have achieved this level. The vast majority will easily qualify as Juyo and more than half will qualify as Tokuju. The NTHK predates the NBTHK and any handwaving argument about the NBTHK being a monopoly in the 1970s fails to understand that. The situation is then as it is now, the NTHK being a private organization and the NBTHK being a government sponsored organization. There is only one reason to defend green papers in the current day and age: it is because there remains a business of trying to use these to convince people that brass is gold. There is no defense of green papers. The dealer marketplace understands this and laughs at them. The dealer marketplace understands that they are for fools and for people who want to prey on fools. The only ones to have faith in are not big names at all, but only on things cheap enough or unimportant enough that you don't need the paper anyway to make a decision on them. That is, the only green paper that you can have faith in is one that doesn't matter. This doesn't mean that all of them are wrong, it means that the vast majority that exist today are wrong and by simple undeniable mathematics, every tomorrow that comes means that the green papers that are left over are those that cannot be replaced by modern papers as any one that has a good judgment in it is affirmed and overridden on an ongoing basis by a modern paper. When the NBTHK made a blanket disavowment of all remaining green papers a couple of years ago, that was the signal that when that institution turned its back on what remains, every collector should understand the situation. Anyone trying to sell you on a dream is only selling you on a dream. "The facts are that a very solid majority of them are as honest as any papers issued today by any group." That is simply laughable. Those that were reliable have in the majority been replaced by modern papers. No medium to high level dealer in Japan is trying to hock garbage onto their clients using green papers. Any collector of modest to high level education understands the papers are garbage and so any dealer who cares about their reputation will not make such a statement trying to indicate that the majority are reliable. If they attach their reputation to garbage papers like this, then their own reputation becomes garbage. So, you just do not see it because everyone understands the situation. It's for yahoo auctions and people trying to sell brass as gold to fools. Or people who want to sell brass as brass and are not going to exaggerate the situation. The eye test is fine when you're going to be selling a $300 tsuba with an Echizen attribution or an antique koshirae for which the papers say simply that it is antique. If you want to buy Sukehiro or Masamune on green papers: well you can find 3 green papered Masamune or Go Yoshihiro at any one time on auction sites in Japan. If the vast majority of green papers were reliable those blades would quickly find homes, become Juyo and become parts of top collections. They are out there trying to find idiots with more money than brains.
  12. I think the NTHK paper is authentic. I don't take the NTHK opinion with anything particularly enthusiastic. The green papers are toilet paper. The sayagaki I think is fake. It can be koto. The first thing you need to do is get it polished properly. Then send it for Hozon papers and see what the NBTHK says. Remove the sayagaki when you send it in or else pay for a new shirasaya. After this, listen to the NBTHK opinion and how much time and effort and money you put into it and then judge the decision making process that lead you to this point. As it is, it's difficult to judge like trying to determine how beautiful a model is if she is wearing clown makeup. You can't get past the clown makeup to make a good determination. Whomever is doing this to these swords needs to stop doing it.
  13. There should be no more defense of green papers. The NBTHK does not accept them now. If the NBTHK considers them junk only a fool would consider them to have any value. People went to prison over this. The board of directors got changed at the NBTHK over this. The entire shinsa system got overhauled over this. Many years later the vast majority of the OK readings have been upgraded into Hozon and Tokubetsu Hozon and this is like pulling the cream off of the milk. Eventually all the cream is gone. Yet, there is this ongoing defense of green papers because there is a closet industry of using them to sell blades for profit based on the high hopes contained within them. Please. Stop defending these bullshit papers. It was not a small problem. It was big enough that they disavowed three categories of papers and today the NBTHK itself no longer recognizes any green papers out there in the wild as anything more than a piece of paper. They are worthless. Sayagaki: you need to be careful because people switch blades, and Kanzan sayagaki has been faked god knows how many times. I once bought a Kanzan sayagaki Sadamune and that was a fake sayagaki. In the years after they got rid of the old system, 10% of submissions every year for a while were Kicho and Tokubetsu Kicho getting upgraded to the new ones. The NBTHK wrote into the magazine that they had a lot of overhead dealing with explanations to people about why they couldn't upgrade certain papers. I'm attaching scans of the Token Bijutsu itself. People need to read it. It's not small. It was not trivial. It was a huge scandal. The first problem is not that the offices were working with papers to be just like torokusho, not at all. The offices did not have expertise and so leaned on the side of preservation vs. destruction and calling something gimei when something was questionable because the primary mission was to preserve swords. Over time the error of that system was understood better. And then it was a MAJOR scandal that organized crime got in there and started generating papers. "There is a strong market in green papered blades" I will address that with: "A fool and his money are soon parted" and "There's a sucker born every minute" and "Never give a sucker an even break." That's why there is a "strong market" on newbie facing websites where people do not have the skills to judge what they are seeing. Nobody of any level of education is fooled and at commercial/dealer levels in Japan they are considered for what they are: garbage and those who believe in them are laughed at. There is a strong market in fake Chinese blades on eBay too. On eBay one can find a lot of fake gemstones too and a very strong market in those. That doesn't have any good implication other than that stupid people will spend good money on garbage with the hopes that it is their lottery ticket. These papers are indefensible now. Yes, there are anecdotes where some do get validated at shinsa but that is exactly why shinsa is there. Nobody should be looking at a naked green or blue paper to anything high level and taking it as anything other than an attempt to sell a fake at this point in time. That paper has to prove itself and you do that by sending it in for new papers. Since the vast majority inside Japan are aware and laugh at these papers, and the only people who are still holding a candle for them as having any reliability are in western circles and either consumers of, or vendors of, low priced big shot name blades with these kinds of papers, that's why they end up being sold direct on auction sites. If it fell into the hands of a reputable dealer the first thing the guy is going to do is try to authenticate it. Failing that, he's going to flush the thing back into the market by drop kicking the junk right out the back door. Some are bold enough to put it on their site. The only grey area is when it is an item of tosogu, without any high level judgment associated with it, and a price so low that it's just considered an attached opinion because if you papered that thing to Hozon you'd just be doubling the price for no reason. But if you see a Somin with green papers out at auction: god be with you if you want to believe in the legitimacy of that paper and that the green paper scandal was only a minor issue with a few bad papers. Even if it was only 10% of papers being bad, since the NBTHK rapidly took in and shredded green papers and exchanged them for hozon, tokubetsu hozon and juyo for 37 years, all that did was increase the percentage of bad among the good that remained. It's a filter... if you scoop a net through a school of fish you catch all the big fish and those smaller than the holes stay in the water. Scoop that net through 37 times and you get all the big fish and that what is left in the pond is not worth eating. Nobody should be continuing a defense of these papers. Nobody. Anyone trying to do this is continuing a myth that is used to defraud newbies and low information collectors. Green papers are garbage. They are to be looked at as no better than your drunk uncle's opinion. Interesting, but ultimately nothing to bet real money on. The second report citing 10% of subs being upgrading junk kicho papers is from 1992. I wish NMB would take an official position on this, as the NBTHK has an official position (a. they admitted the problem was a major scandal, the police were involved, the board changed over and the shinsa system completely overhauled from this "minor" problem and b. the remaining papers in the market are disavowed) and to not tolerate the continual desire of people to find ways and reasons for certain papers to be good (i.e. to support the value of an item during a sales pitch or that is held in a collection). If that paper is one of the mere handful that is OK, then it needs to be authenticated by resubmission: there are no other alternatives. Every time someone posts a dissenting opinion in support of this crap, it further muddies the water, which leads to newbies getting screwed, which puts money in the pockets of people who do not care about newbies getting screwed, and when the newbies find out they are being screwed they exit collecting. That exit damages the ENTIRE MARKET only to benefit the handful of people who use this crap to leverage short term sales to people who have faith in them and these papers for no good reason. There is no reason today, on this planet, in 2020, to look at any green paper and say anything more than "Hmm." any more than you would take the opinion of a friend. They are useless for any serious matter.
  14. From the little bit visible on the paper it didn't have the acid etched look from when it went in. But that may just be because it's a photo of a photo. The green paper is from 1979 which is the last year of scammery with those papers before the NBTHK stopped it. They should just be burned. I hope they had no influence on the buying decision. Send it in for Hozon papers. As for Naotsuna there are at least 3 generations and some unknowns as there is a lack of dated work. There is a nidai piece dated 1376. Sadatsuna is put around 1362 and Nidai Naotsuna is a senior student to Sadatsuna. Shodai Naotsuna is put around 1334. 1387 as a date then is more likely to correspond with the third generation. If they wanted to say 3rd generation they could have said it so you can take the date as meaning "not Shodai and made very close to the Muromachi period."
  15. The polish is a clown show. Sato Kanzan would not attribute this to Masamune. The only positive is that the papers do not show the ridiculous clown makeup that the blade is currently in. So maybe the NTHK judged it better than the ridiculous state it is in. This is the definition of needing a polish. The shame of it is that the blade was disfigured when being put into this condition for no good reason, and then it needs someone to pay for it to be fixed. If you enter into this kind of thing, the moral of the story is that you reap what you sow.
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