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  1. Look at the Ebay site he has sold hundreds of the fake fittings, one more way to ruin a hobby for the new person everyone should look at what they are producing to educate yourself Fred Geyer
  2. John, do not note on many things, read a lot but this school it is a favorite 1. with Akasaka , first buy the Akasaka book then note the following, 2. shape of the seppa , look 1,2 then 3 then the rest 3. Seppa tagana ..the signature if not one 4. the angle of the Kogai Ana ..leaning to the right or not ??? 5. thickness of the mimi 6. the edges of the motif ...Akasaka did many fine edges, age adds corrosion 7. over all flow of the tsuba ... when you noted old , ones on the group understand this vague meaning of Tadamasa to Tadatoki with be nodding there head 8. look at as many Akasaka tsuba as you can even online you will start to see it 8. weight or maybe I should say density in hand being last good luck , great school to study ! Fred Geyer
  3. Peter, I believe there were 21Juyo pcs in the room swords and fittings best of the best if you drop a camera or anything away goes something people have spent their lives looking for and not to mention the costs with this , as James noted above just traveling with this stuff makes the owners nervous !!!! So thank you to the owners for bringing their prized items to the show for everyone to see and learn from as it was one of the BEST displays ever !! Fred Geyer
  4. ED , We have a company that is FDA/CDC and Niosh approved ....Indiana Face Mask "IFM" and I have shipped to the show 400 FDA class 2 surgical and 100 N95 masks per Fred's request to cover the new face mask requirements for the shows guests and table holders so he will have the required "REAL" masks at the show FREE for anyone coming in the show Fred Geyer
  5. At the San Francisco show coming up will be a OUTSTANDING display for study put on by the NBTHK-AB of Ichijo and Nagatsune fittings it will be the best display ever put on in the USA of there works I believe all of the Nagatsune are in his sketch book and the most of the Ichijo in the original boxes from Ichijo when he made them for the original buyer If you are a Kodogu person or just want to see the best of the best, come the the show and see the display as a grouping like this will not be put together again !!!!!! Fred Geyer
  6. why does the one have a $25 habaki ? Fred
  7. i was going to buy they yari ...you beat me to it ! Fred
  8. see the show tab...was the best show ever ! Fred Geyer
  9. Home ................................................BEST F'N SHOW EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark did a great job with the show everything was perfect, great to see all again was a pleasurer to see everyone from all over the US again had great stories and great laughs with the group Saw at least 20 new faces which was great Mark also as James said above a Tachi display ..one of them i was going to pack up put everything in the car and grab it and run like the wind ...well as fast as a fat guy can run !!! it was wonderful to see and study So I say we are back !!!!! Thanks again Mark! I want to see everyone in San Fran Fred Geyer
  10. I hope everyone can come !! Get the hell out of the house, have some fun see great stuff.... add some cool things to your collection !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really this will be a great show if you live in the mid-west come for the day it will be well worth it as Mark always does a great job if you don't fly in for a day AND SEE GREAT STUFF !!! Fred
  11. Time for everyone to get out of the house ..... Excited to have a show again !!! I am sure its going to be a outstanding show as Mark always does such a great job ! Fred
  12. I paid more on my top example on the Heianjo tsuba for my collection Good stuff is going higher, cant use 1990 prices anymore Fred Geyer
  13. There are 10 generations of Owari Masatsune this would be the last 2 they did not get titles and made very thick tanto I have had all the generations the one you showed in the photo was 3rd generation. I am sure this is a complete and original Shin-shinto 9th or 10th generation Masatsune Fred Geyer
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