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  1. I paid more on my top example on the Heianjo tsuba for my collection Good stuff is going higher, cant use 1990 prices anymore Fred Geyer
  2. There are 10 generations of Owari Masatsune this would be the last 2 they did not get titles and made very thick tanto I have had all the generations the one you showed in the photo was 3rd generation. I am sure this is a complete and original Shin-shinto 9th or 10th generation Masatsune Fred Geyer
  3. Also some really nice Satsuma items and rare fittings it is tomorrow so we will see who gets new toys !! Fred Geyer
  4. https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/26088/ Looks like they are having another auction with swords, Armor and fittings close to the last one but nice stuff !! Fred Geyer
  5. $1300 and sold ?



  6. I see they just put up there Japanese auction catalog armor, swords and fittings at very back some good stuff finally since traveling has been so bad some new things to look at ! Fred Geyer
  7. I just wanted to say HI Ron !! miss seeing and talking to you ! Fred Geyer
  8. Can't wait for your show Mark, as you always do a GREAT job looking forward to seeing everyone!!! If you want to come to a show for all those who visit this site come to this show you will love it !! Fred Geyer
  9. I have never seen anything like it the items from the estate are really great ! Fred
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Japanese-SWORD-TANTO-IN-BEAUTIFUL-MOUNTS-SIGNED-AND-DATED-100-original/164083342546?hash=item2634211cd2:g:WEkAAOSwH31eSC7i have 2 great tanto for sale take a look Fred
  11. I have no Flipping idea who these people are posting the video stuff...yes sword to a lucky person ! Fred Sword good utube and video not so good
  12. Sorry to everyone on the site, I cant take it ...................why do people think they have to say stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, facts people facts , who gives a crap about here say, maybes, could be, well I am not for sure , I have no clue what I am talking about BUUUUUT...... here is my guess to something i know nothing about.....again please give me examples of faking a $650.00 gun show sword ...yes that was the price in the 1970. Faking a great Juyo Bizen blade for 35K yes !! hell it still happens today Cant we take this truly outstanding and impressive educational group of collectors up a few notches so everyone here can learn and move forward in....wait here is the big word…..".knowledge" ok I am done thank you to all for my rant Thank you Fred
  13. Ed I only say things here in "……." in for points of comment and ZERO against you..... when you allow misinformation or made up information and you have nothing good that comes from this...… my points below
  14. yes I agree I did post for comments and also did post in the for sale section at the same time I ask though if a comment is made please also post the reason with NBTHK examples for your comments of concern for education not just "well I think" as we all have them but if not proven they are just fiction comments not educational notes for all to be better and smarter which the reason for this site as I understand it please post your examples so we may see others to study the mei Fred
  15. All, this came from a old collection and have been setting in storge for 12 years after the passing and 30 years of collecting , the reciept that was attached this sword was bought in 1972 I do not believe alot of faking was going on then for what these sold for then. The reason it was posted on the site was to show collectors here a great sword, NEIL …...NOT EVERYTHING IS A SCAM !!! I will 100 percent guarantee this sword will paper if sent to the NBTHK or I will refund the papers cost with sword price if returned in the same condition. Fred
  16. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Japanese-NAVY-SWORD-MINATOGAWA-SHRINE-SWORD-BY-MASANAO/164038867617 Fred
  17. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Japanese-NAVY-SWORD-MINATOGAWA-SHRINE-SWORD-BY-MASANAO/164038867617 Thanks Fred
  18. really nice set of higo fittings https://yuhindo.com/sadahiko-soroikanagu/ Fred
  19. post some CLEAR photos the group here can get you in the right area or even nail it Fred
  20. great show moved a lot..... got to play with a MONSTER set of fittings not for sale but just outstanding work !!! wonderful to see all the old friends have a beverage or two with them HUGE bottle of Camyus came in ......thanks to Joe ! NO Battle just a hand shake so done with that Thanks to Fred for another great show Fred Geyer
  21. So packing ready to go...... 100 fittings and 3 or my best swords I have had so my tables will be over the top !!! come see me and say hi !!!! maybe something that you will like ! I hope to see EVERYONE on the site at the show buy your airline tickets and come to the show it will be a great show !!!!!! Fred Geyer
  22. David, i would not say anything on something like this but i think i have to and ….FYI you have hit me personally also, so when i started everyone was a ass that i asked questions to ...zero internet ....zero books just the old timers and i got nothing only stuiped looks so now with a group like this.…. it is great !!!!!! tons of ideas and comments to the point ....this hobby/study you learn every day. if you think you are the smartest person in the room "group" then you are in the wrong room, trust me I know a lot but I know nothing to others everyday in this hobby is going to school and learning.... so get out your note book and learn. last thing my grandfather said a lot …….the ones who keep talking don't have time listen Fred
  23. All, not in the hand maybe looks good at 5 feet but then grab a 5x loop find under cuts find chisel marks the base of the tsuba has nothing no life ! again another watch out..... alot of fakes and the stamping is the base of the best out there
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