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  1. has anyone seen something like this before? Maybe i have just missed it, but it seems unusual. I came by a katana signed Tsuda Sukehiro, looked obviously gimei but i was surprised to see it had a Showa stamp. Is this unique or have i just been missing them before? I have seen plenty of Showa era swords with big name signatures but never one with a stamp of any kind
  2. i don't recommend removing the handle of an NCO sword. there is nothing on the nakago that will help and too much chance of damaging the sword. the handle looks like it is brass. if so the only NCO swords i know with brass handles are post war copies
  3. thanks Ray and Steve. good to know. i appreciate it mark
  4. i appreciate you taking a look. thanks!
  5. Ray thanks! does it have any meaning? maybe the name of the owner or similar? seems a bit unusual. appreciate it mark
  6. thanks in advance. i was going to skip asking as the habaki is not that well made so i figure maybe it is nothing, but it would be nice to know appreciate the look and any help mark
  7. the second does look like kanenori to me
  8. Mr Dawg (not sure but guess that is your name) hard to say from pictures but if pressed to say then sue koto Mino
  9. my guess Kansei time period (not positive on the first kanji) maker Kaga Kiyomitsu
  10. i must be missing something. all i see is a Hozon paper to Kanesaki (no date or additional info as is usual for these papers)
  11. the NTHK had/has a monthly journal or magazine. guess check June 2011, or next issu/vol 611 (i forget if they were numbered) page 27 you will have to find someone with one
  12. depending where you are located (i realize SA is a big country) Brian, our administrator might be of help. you could PM him
  13. i posted a sword for $995 on this thread sorry did not see yours until today
  14. I have a 18 3/16" wakizashi. Unsigned but with NTHK paper. Let me know if you have any interest. Mark nixe@bright.net
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