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  1. i have a few. is the koshirae more copper color or brass? I can send you some pictures. email me at nixe@bright.net
  2. Jason I have a few sets. size is sort of important, do you have an idea what size you need? Mark nixe@bright.net
  3. Bushu ju yamamoto genki toshinaga think the other side is truly forged/folded 15 times
  4. https://www.aoijapan.com/wakizashi-awataguchi-minamoto-hirotsuna-saku/
  5. Robert Hughes may be able to help but he usually handles it for swords when he is acting as agent. Not sure as he is not in possession of the sword. Sounds like someone will have a lot of work picking it up or receiving it then getting it done then getting it back to whomever.
  6. when i have received items from out of the country through USPS i have never got a bill for import tax/customs. When i receive items from other carriers i have been surprised to get a bill, usually a few weeks after i get the item. Antiques should not be charged/billed (here in the U.S.) but when i got the bill i tried to explain that and dispute it but it was impossible, too much red tape so i i just paid. Maybe they want the SS so they can use that when they send you a bill later on.
  7. I had talked to Bill a month or so back. at that time he was planning a show in Tampa the last weekend in february. I have not heard anything final so not sure. Things are challenging. I was going to a small show this weekend, it was all set and on until yesterday, the health dept said NO after approving it so it is hard to plan.
  8. Sorry. I have the wrong type. I learned something. Didn't know anything about the green type
  9. i have a decent one but not matching numbers. $350 i can take pictures if you are interested
  10. #15 was decent. i planned on bidding, not sure when i dropped out but it went for more than i wanted to have in it. May have been old naginata-naoshi but the papers didn't help and there was a good size chip along the ha by the tip. and also it was only maybe 17" or so so i thought that a limiting factor
  11. i had looked at all the items in advance. I liked #56 and was under bidder. A few others were interesting but a LOT of swords were in bad shape and had problems. I planned to bid on a lot of items but the prices were ridiculous (in my opinion), some 4x and more to what you would see the same item at a big sword show. I thought the bidding was strange. A few items were special and did well but the majority was WAY over valued. I feel bad for some buyers as ( if they didn't see the item in hand) when they get the item they will be very disappointed.
  12. Barry See the picture. There is a dot between the person's picture and the title. It you hover over it you can see what appears
  13. all the best. get well soon. Take it easy and let your body heal. take care
  14. i am posting this at the request of Grey Doffin I am unable to log on, neither with my regular name & password nor with the fake name acct. I created the other day: Icant Getin. I can't even post a message with the "Post now and join later" option at the bottom of a thread for non-members. Someone here who uses the name Marco sent me a PM just as all this was beginning. If he sees this, please contact me through my website. Thanks, Grey by mark jones
  15. i usually have some stuff for sale. I live in Toledo OH but i will be in Grand Rapids Oct 9-10. Maybe we could meet up and you can see items in hand. my email is nixe@bright.net mark jones
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