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  1. #15 was decent. i planned on bidding, not sure when i dropped out but it went for more than i wanted to have in it. May have been old naginata-naoshi but the papers didn't help and there was a good size chip along the ha by the tip. and also it was only maybe 17" or so so i thought that a limiting factor
  2. i had looked at all the items in advance. I liked #56 and was under bidder. A few others were interesting but a LOT of swords were in bad shape and had problems. I planned to bid on a lot of items but the prices were ridiculous (in my opinion), some 4x and more to what you would see the same item at a big sword show. I thought the bidding was strange. A few items were special and did well but the majority was WAY over valued. I feel bad for some buyers as ( if they didn't see the item in hand) when they get the item they will be very disappointed.
  3. Barry See the picture. There is a dot between the person's picture and the title. It you hover over it you can see what appears
  4. all the best. get well soon. Take it easy and let your body heal. take care
  5. i am posting this at the request of Grey Doffin I am unable to log on, neither with my regular name & password nor with the fake name acct. I created the other day: Icant Getin. I can't even post a message with the "Post now and join later" option at the bottom of a thread for non-members. Someone here who uses the name Marco sent me a PM just as all this was beginning. If he sees this, please contact me through my website. Thanks, Grey by mark jones
  6. i usually have some stuff for sale. I live in Toledo OH but i will be in Grand Rapids Oct 9-10. Maybe we could meet up and you can see items in hand. my email is nixe@bright.net mark jones
  7. Kanemune (maker) March 1944 (19th year or Showa 3rd month)
  8. sorry -- silly me, not paying attention. i edited my post and removed the link.
  9. Check out Grey's site, he sometimes has one https://www.japaneseswordbooksandtsuba.com/
  10. this is a Chinese fake. please stay here and learn. there is a lot of information here on fakes. we see them a lot
  11. Fred just announced the 2020 show is cancelled............. next year Aug 6-8 2021 https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=1315310158836506&set=a.130612280639639
  12. Mark

    Took a flyer

    Congratulations, happy it turned out well.
  13. if you have a "green paper" that verifies a signature for a top Shinto smith, (EX: Shinkai, Tadayoshi, Tadatsuna, any of the JoJo saku or SaiJo saku) or an unsigned blade with attribution to Top level Koto smith (Masamune, Sadamune etc etc) then i would discount or not value those. It would be logical that an owner who wants to sell a big name sword for top price to get Hozon TH first. If the :green paper" is for a low ranked smith or attribution to low ranked smith then it is probably fine. The problem was (in the past) people trying to make money selling BIG name swords for BIG money that were not what they seemed. just my opinion
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