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  1. I have been slower than usual promoting the show due to uncertainties with covid. I spoke with the Hotel today and they are optimistic (99% sure) I can have the show this year. States all around Illinois are opening up and they are waiting for the Governor to rescind some restrictions so they can have events like ours. I am not as sure as they are but i am cautiously optimistic. As soon as i know for sure i will update the website immediately (www.chicagoswordshow.com). In the meantime I want to share this update as I have been getting a lot of inquiries about coming to the show. It seems there is a lot of pent up demand for a show. Please note: If anyone does not feel comfortable coming, i understand completely. There will be NO pressure from me to attend the show. Everyone's health comes first. If we do have the show I will enforce all health requirements and if anyone does not want to comply please stay home. That being said I am working with the hotel and hope to use the large Ballroom on the mail floor to allow social distancing and better ventilation. I will update the website as we get closer. I would recommend you make hotel reservations if you plan on coming, they can be cancelled if we don't have the show. Here is a link. https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/group-booking/CHIRW/G-JASW?src=envision_email_grpreserv_ENG_20201030_GroupBooking_TC000000170A000007762ENG_G-_28798 You can also click the link to reserve on my website. I have a list of those who had tables reserved for last year's show (and those who paid and asked me to to apply it to next year).I will hold everyone's tables. Do not send money for table(s) until we know for sure. As nothing is settled yet you are welcome to contact me but i won't have firm answers until the State relaxes the meeting limits. I will post changes/updates immediately on the website. I attached a flyer you can print in case you can share it with others. Fingers crossed Mark Jones
  2. Acxel or Mr Acxel ? sorry not sure how to address the message......... I run the Chicago show, i am hoping to have the show April 30 - May 2 as long as IL allows events by then. I travel through Chicago occasionally and might be that way in a week or so. If you are available to meet as i drive through let me know. Or if you can come to the show there will be people there i can direct you to that might help.. you can reach me at nixe@bright.net Mark Jones
  3. i am in Toledo OH but will be at a small show this Sunday in Livonia a suburb of Detroit. he can email me at nixe@bright.net or call 419-283-0941 (i am EST). mark jones
  4. I have to these 3. $150 plus post each. i also have a couple of polished blades in shirasaya
  5. Jose where in KY are you? I was in Louisville last weekend and could have brought all my items to show you. Not all blades and handles fit all koshirae so sometimes the fit is important if you need it for a particular use. you can email me at nixe@bright.net mark
  6. think i see Kanbun on the paper
  7. Bob Chicago show is scheduled for April 30-May 2, 2021 I talked to the hotel last week and they are cautiously optimistic that they will be able to have the show. It depends on the State and health regulations. I have not been actively advertising the show as i would prefer to know for sure one way or the other. I will update the show website as things clarify http://www.chicagoswordshow.com/ mark
  8. depending on size usually 4-500 for Shirasaya and $150 for tsunagi.
  9. you could get this book Imperial Japanese Good Luck Flags and One-Thousand Stitch Belts Hardcover – June 30, 2008 by Michael A Bortner (Author)
  10. these flags are reasonably common. I have owned dozens and dozens. At any big militaria show you can buy as many as you want (genuine ones) for $150 or so. they were given to military men going off to war by family, friends, workmates etc. They were carried for good luck and many were taken by souvenirs by vets. There is a reasonably modern book dealing with these flags. The book explains all about them. you can probably find it by researching. If i recall it i will add it
  11. Steve-san Thank you. The link was interesting, seems he was a very progressive and kind person. At least i feel a bit better not being able to figure out the inscription myself, it does seem challenging thanks again mark
  12. i have a blade by Enshin, i can read the Date but not sure about the line on the left, it seems to be a "custom order" but i can't understand it. seems to say something about #9 in 100. any help appreciated. i will have it listed for sale in my dealer section shortly thanks mark
  13. maybe SoShu Ju Tsunahiro
  14. looks real but late and low quality sort or dock work, might be classified as Nagoya-mono
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