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  1. Goto Teijo (Mitsumasa) was the 9th generation mainline master. His works cover many motifs and are always a treat to see. Happy to be the new caretaker for these 2 kozuka. A long eared rabbit theme done in copper with rabbit done in silver. Nanako is small and fine and the detail of the rabbit body hair and ear features is excellent. A massive drum on shakudo, gold uttori. Again, the nanako it's excellent and while I tried to capture with photos, how pronounced the drum figure looks in hand is quite spectacular. This piece has a special meaning due to where it came from. Both feature a kiwame-mei by the 15th generation master Shinjo (Mitsuyoshi) which attributes both to Teijo and states they are as Teijo made them without alteration ('saku'). A very exciting Friday to say the least.
  2. A little background and color on the Haruaki piece: http://www.aisf.or.jp/~jaanus/deta/g/gamatekkai.htm https://art.thewalters.org/detail/25617/tsuba-with-the-taoist-immortals-tekkai-and-gama/
  3. Brian had a post about spending time appreciating and learning from the most skillful works when one can. I agree. Most of us mere mortals cannot afford most of the finest maker fittings, or even get access to them. But that should not dissuade from seeking them out and study. From examples, you can learn to spot poor work (inlay, engraving, patination) from good work. You can internalize the clever use of space as a medium in fittings, as it's surely a tool that makers used often. Themes and legends are often represented, from well rendered works one can lend that to evaluation of good works of the same. A couple of examples from "Pinnacle of Excellence: Sword Fittings of the Mitsumura Collection" that I have spent a lot of time looking at are posted below. I don't think posting a million pictures from books is a great idea, but I use this as a starter. We can resurrect this thread:
  4. A fun and wonderful write up of some records sleuthing and effort sure to bring a smile to any nihonto lover's face: https://blog.yuhindo.com/the-hoshizukiyo-masamune/ Listing with unreal pictures: https://yuhindo.com/hoshizukiyo-kencho/
  5. Blade looks very stout! Do you have any dimensions? Thanks for sharing.
  6. Vermithrax16


    Time to resurrect this theme! Some additions over the years:
  7. I saw this on Aoi Art this week and considering how much time we spend talking about fakes and all the incorrect assumptions about them, maybe it's covered in here. Would need an English translation. Maybe Grey has a copy?; Katana no Gimei by Inutsuka & Fukunaga. https://www.aoijapan.com/book-katana-no-gimei/?fbclid=IwAR1JeuiVf2VY80WsGehqmT1vbMOjS5zYbM1K5XPdAdga-cTAO2Q_spUHwB0
  8. I had yet another excellent and smooth transaction with Grey yesterday. Appreciate the valuable service and interaction.
  9. A bit over your budget, but close: https://www.aoijapan.com/wakizashi-mumei-attributed-as-echizen-seki/
  10. There was another Dragon tsuba posted recently that was open to guesses. I feel that one and this one share some similarities to Choshu and Mito. I have a couple examples as reference: Mito, (flame shape and scales similar): Choshu, (clouds similar):
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