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  1. I was typing on phone (which I hate) earlier. I want to thank Peter for this topic. I feel it and have worries about future of the study. Let's take the last 2 NBTHK-AB sessions I attended (was fishing during last one) as examples. Members strive to present lessons and kantei that seem hard, but in reality are easy as it's always the same smiths or makers. Look, I enjoy a Natsuo lesson as much as anyone, and yes Rai blades are nice. But that's all we do. @Jussi Ekholmwould have the numbers but how many Rai blades pass Juyo every year, year in year out? Nice? Yes! But we know. If we want new members, new interest we need to focus on what inspires collectors or new study entrants. That means an end/suppression of Nihonto elitism. When a new person enters with a nice Echizen blade with great nie, and wonderful suguha hamon, appreciate that. Learn as well. No, we say "you need a Go Yoshihiro to know what a sword is!" or "Koto is all that matters, you waste your time." Counter productive and discouraging. Why not an NBTHK meeting where we do a "around the table" where everyone shows one NEW item they are looking at for study. Again, everyone poo poo's my "buy high, sell low" statements but if you have been doing this at all for the last 6 years, you know it's true. Can I buy a Juyo XYZ sword/fittings and get money back? Sure! Try it with a top maker not named Natuso etc and see what happens. No one likes to burn money. I accept it to be a care taker for items, but new folks see a problem. So much more to add, but it's late for me. Great topic and we should keep at it.
  2. I enjoy the North American branch online meetings Peter. I see you there often. They are seldom held though. I cannot do oshigata based kantei as I learned by pictures and imagery. Oshigata kantei is a remnant of the early non internet era. There does seem to be a real lull now in interest. There was a barren landscape of items during the 2020-early 2021 sars2 issues as well. It doesn't help that the better collectors I know of rarely share items or engage in discussion anymore. And lastly, the price point of this study is brutal and most semi interested folks I have asked are very turned off to high buy prices but low resell prices. Not many folks can burn money this way. Just my 2 cents. 20 cents after inflation.
  3. Norikatsu, shinshinto smith, Masakatsu, his best student, and Yamato Hosho, the best at masame hada are my 3 swords:
  4. I like the look of it, but after some comps, seems mei is off a bit. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Vermithrax16

    Mito tsuba

    Sure, I have this one: 8.75 X 8.1 .88 thick 252 grams
  6. It will vary I imagine. I know some folks with 100-300 swords. Never ends for them. I am about at end for my sword collection. I know what I like most and when I complete a set I have in mind, that will be it as far as purchasing. I still love to study and learn, so that never ends. Fittings on the other hand........
  7. Very pleased to be able to share this with the board. If you read my posts it's clear I am fond of Hamano school works. The master Shozui founded the school, and it's easy to see the Nara school influence in his art, but he added to that. Large themes were usual for him. To his students he passed along his bold designs and fine detail with accent work that grabs the eye and attention. Once grabbed, you come to see themes, use of space, and subtle details that are beauty. He had great students, Noriyuki being one of, if not the best. Validated Noriyuki works are rare to see but always a fun study. Noriyuki himself was a master metal artist with vision. Thanks to our own member here Ed of Yakiba.com I had an opportunity to add a Noriyuki work to my collection. Thanks Ed! Highly recommend. This work is of the God Fukurojuro, or sometimes seen as Jurojin (or are they one and the same....). "Fukurokuju is usually portrayed as bald with long whiskers and an elongated forehead.[1] He is said to be an incarnation of the Southern Polestar. The sacred book tied to his staff either contains the lifespan of every person on earth or a magical scripture. He is accompanied by a crane and a turtle, which are considered to be symbols of longevity. He is also sometimes accompanied by a black deer (ancient legends say a deer turns black if it is over 2000 years old)." As this piece is unsigned, it is attributed to 'Den Noriyuki' as Noriyuki I and his son, Noriyuki II, are so close in styles and execution it's hard to parse them. In any case, Noriyuki I student Naoyuki is one of my favorite fittings makers, and so I include a picture of the two works together at end.
  8. Anything papered Omori is going to go very high. I think I have seen either this set or menuki by very same smith somewhat recently on Auctions (Jauce, Buyee, etc) so maybe a collector is moving them via Rooster.
  9. Congrats to buyer. Wonderful sword.
  10. I loved the motif on this kozuka and the moon/clouds work. On common auction site so after study I worked on a bid amount I thought fit the piece. I wound up with it, so I guess I was wrong, or right. Depends how you look at it. Kozuka of a frog/toad looking up at moon. Brilliant shibuichi with great color. Composition and use of space, especially empty space, is excellent IMO. Great in hand, better than the pics I managed. It has a mei......and I don't think it's correct. I will post it here to let the sleuths offer an opinion if they would like. Naoharu of Yanagawa School, which is a medium name. Based on what I got it for, not many thought it was correct either. Also added a modern kogatana as I liked the hada. Thanks to Kelly Schmidt for doing all the work on these items, Much appreciated and can recommend highly.
  11. I had never heard the legend of the "Sohaya no tsuruki" but after viewing a sword at Touken Matsumoto I found out: https://japaneseswordlegends.wordpress.com/2015/09/30/tokugawa-ieyasu-and-the-sohaya-no-tsuruki/ Here are the pictures, old sword on top: Here is the more modern utushi. LOVE ukubi kissaki: https://www.touken-matsumoto.jp/en/product/shousai/KA-0448
  12. If mounted with pegs DOWN, could be hand protection? No idea but wild find. Thanks for posting Dale.
  13. Slapping blade down hard on shirasaya or saya often the culprit. Super annoying and a serious put off to me on a blade.
  14. Hi Peter, If you search "LCD digital microscope" on Amazon you will see many models. The one I bought is no longer there, but around $120 the models are similar. 12MP and 7 inch screen. I run it off my PC as I cannot figure out how to operate it just by itself (no user guide supplied, have not found good one online). But my PC is in the den which has crappy lighting, thus my light issues. Wow! That's a great handheld! I have a small one I think 2X just for quick looks but it's impossible to take a picture with it. Creative folks here, let's see some pictures!
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