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  1. I always take my own light to a museum. Usually they let me use it. I also have a willing cane with a drop down seat. It allows you to sit in front of a blade and use your light to see better.
  2. Hi Anik I reduce the file size by setting the resolution to 120 dpi and the physical size at either 10" height or 8" width. You do not want megapixel images but kb pixels.
  3. Hello: I asked for a translation of this tanto by Masatada. Can someone please tell me about this koshirae - WWII era I believe.
  4. I think that the blade was made by Murakami Masatada.
  5. Paul Martin used to sell microfiber cloths with his information on them. They work well and are not very expensive.
  6. Brian Tschernaga could turn those into fine kozuka.
  7. I look forward to working on the next instalment.
  8. Rust removal needs to be done as well. Yes the scratches can be removed by a professional and then the shakudo would need repatination.
  9. Darcy just listed a great set of menuki with this theme - solid gold juyo...
  10. b.hennick


    For many years shinsa have only been held in association with sword shows. I'm not sure but the Chicago show had one scheduled. The show was cancelled this past April.
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