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  1. All the lines in this blade appear rounded. I can't see the yokote line at all. There is pitting and some rust + the mentioned blister. The blade might take a polish but I do not think the restorations costs will ever be recovered. The tang certainly points to Kaga. I do not think that there is much to be learned from the blade in its present condition. Check the blades for sale on messageboard. I have seen some very well priced good blades.
  2. I too have been very happy with John's shirasaya.
  3. OTH I gave a sword to Brian Tschernaga who arranged for the polish while he made the habaki and shirasaya. Paul Martin can coordinate all that in Japan as could several others.
  4. Hi Gary: Do you have any photos? They should be interesting.
  5. Welcome Greg and Walter got have come to a great place to learn about Nihonto.
  6. Try Mark Jones. He has a dealer section on the forum.
  7. Hi John Good to see you on nmb. We had tables near each other a few years ago - withe in Tampa, Chicago or if a long time ago in San Francisco.
  8. EBay is strange. My login name and associated email and my 300+ positives disappeared. When I contacted them, they said that I hadn't used the account for more than two years. I provided #s of items purchased, or emails to me from them, etc. They have done nothing. I stopped using ebay.
  9. It took me a while to find the Dealer Showcase. It now is easier to find. On the far left click on the button Browse or if that is not showing click on forums. In either case you scroll down to reach the Dealer Showcase.
  10. Happy New Year and welcome to NMB. Once you into this hobby you will find it addictive. Go slowly and do not try to improve the blade as you will end up with sad results.
  11. The blade appears to be on a blue towel. When enlarged the thing that you see appears to be part of the towel. Consider that if you own the blade, it will always have discussions like this.
  12. When I tried to download the photo, it was part of a long strip of images. I cut it out of the strip so that I could post it here. As for shinae I have only seen a group of creases caused by bending the blade never a single crease if that is what it is. Everyone has different tolerances for flaws. This is one that I would not accept. Others will have different opinions.
  13. This bothers me. Maybe that is why it is so inexpensive.
  14. Welcome John. There is a sword club in New York. You should look them up and once meetings happen go to one.
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