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  1. Thanks for sharing Bob. I'm sure that many of us wish that they were for sale rather than show.
  2. I see downvote but not who voted that way.
  3. Hi Mauro: I am most impressed by your record. I wish that I had seen something like that 20 years ago.
  4. I offer my condolences to Natalya and her son. Bill took on a big responsibility when accepted the challenge of running the Tampa sword show. He innovated in many ways. He will be missed by those who knew him.
  5. Looks like a standard San Mai awase -the layer tsuba. The rim holds the layers together.
  6. Thanks Ian for sharing this wonderful journey and story.
  7. Jussi can you please translate this part of the labels of the picture? Thanks!
  8. Sure does! Thanks Ed.
  9. Welcome Johan, Stephane and Richard! Take your time going through the FAQ and reading some threads. The search function should get you to what might interest you. Feel free to ask questions. We have a friendly helpful place here.
  10. Hi Ed: Can you please post an image of the first habaki without the fuchi sitting on it? I have not seen that design before.
  11. Dear Forumites: I am looking for a copy of a Japanese magazine Aito from 1979 #7 specifically. I have attached an image of the cover. If you have on that you can part with or know of one for sale please let me know.
  12. b.hennick

    Spare Change?

    I am impressed by the work of Radovan Stofcik.
  13. Thanks Peter. I am looking for Aito 1979 #7. He has number 6. I wrote to ask if he has #7. If you come across it please let me know.
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