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  1. So sorry guys sent you a PM, havn't been on in ages! But you can list this sword as sold! Grant
  2. Hey Foo Dog and Katsumushi, yes still for sale. Were you guys the same person, just asking since I see you're both from Florida. Ill send you guys a message though, Thanks!
  3. Mostly collect shinsakuto and to me you see it occasionally. An Enomoto Sadayoshi I had at one point had a shallow one on the nakago and a small Tatsuyoshi hocho tanto I still have has a small delamination on the blade. But only on one side; can reference the pictures.
  4. Was bringing this thread back up and realized I never answered Chris's question! The marks on the nakago are actually shallow delaminations. It's hard to see in person as well as the scan but in closeups it pops out with the shadows. If anyone has any other questions let me know but gonna bump this thread. Going to propose to my girlfriend of 8yrs after she finishes nursing school (next May) so time to get the ring haha. Keeping the same as the last bump $3800 +pp/shipping.
  5. I believe this is a Bugei (Paul Chen) sword. Had one a long time ago when I was in college and it's a good sword, just not nihonto sadly. I included the link below as the koshirae is the same. http://bugei.com/bamboo-katana-344-prd1.htm
  6. Bringing this back for a potential new purchase! Bump and a price reduction to $3800 +pp/shipping.
  7. Hey L, Sent you a message! Best, Grant
  8. This may or may not be the correct area to list this but hope you're able to recover from Irma and take care! Good luck with the sale!
  9. Very nice! The saya is really interesting to look at!
  10. Wow definitely go back to that sword shop!
  11. Bump for Easter and will reduce to $4000
  12. I understand how you feel Gary, I had the blade for a good 3 years after the koshirae was separated and attempted to purchase it back at a later date but alas it was sold again. In any case though, the Ko Mihara is on hold pending payment! Thanks everyone!
  13. If it adds to the mystique I can edit the listing as "The Oni Blade"! Thanks Ray for the information and everyone else for the compliments!
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