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    Mostly tsuka-maki, but I am slowly trying to learn more and will eventually learn to forge as well in the coming year or so. Collecting is great, but maybe more so after school when I can afford 5 months of a mortgage spent on one piece ;)

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  1. Sure do Here are two that just went out this month. Grey was a complete build with new tsuka, custom dyed silk, polished and lacquered samegawa in morotsunami maki. The other was nihonto that was remounted during the war. Replaced missing and damaged samegawa, matched antiquing, and then the tsuka maki. Photo shown here though is before I straightened out the diamonds Thanks Greg. Shes stubborn and doesn't like to worry me so I find out things days after they happen lol Challenges is how we learn I will be learning to forge on my own over the next few months, currently buying up tools and saving for a decent forge I want. Forging was always the goal for me, but I wanted to learn and become proficient at everything surrounding the sword as well Cheers, Sal'
  2. Thanks you very much! I had a chance to handle a very nice saya some time back and thought to myself "I can do that"....so I did The spacing of the ribs and keeping the angle of them correct as it goes down is much harder than one would think. With a curved saya the mune is ever so slightly shorter than the ha and you need to compensate for this as you make your way down. May not have got what I wanted or needed money wise, but I enjoyed learning Sick dog that needs hundreds of dollars of testing after an already VERY expensive knee surgery, and my mother just had a possible stroke over the weekend and I may need to fly up. Beggars can't be choosers :/
  3. Needed this gone today to minimally cover bills. This literally sold for just $225 locally. Someone should have a least put in an offer .
  4. Yupp again just as it sounds, cleaning some stuff out. Nothing too special but the price Antique dragon tsuba in wakizashi size, and antique WW2 tsuba. $75 Shipped CONUS Cheers, Sal' of Jizamurai Customs
  5. This is NOT a nihonto, but a commercial blade with custom work, A large portion of this sale through here will go to help Ford. If there is another sub forum on here better suited to post this just let me know and I will post it there. Was not going to post this item on these forums to start but just read about Ford. If this this sells through this forum at the current asking price of $500, I will donate $200 directly to Ford Hallam. Even if this does not sell through here I will still donate $100. Currently stressing over bills myself, but I can't help but want to help someone as great as Ford, with all the things he does for all of us, in any way I can. Hey there folks, long time no post Concentrating on catching up with customer back logs, working with a few companies, and learning new things Was going to use this blade to practice polishing before I learn to forge, butttt as always, bills bills bills... So this Hanwei Tsunami wakizashi got a full make over. -Reworked original habaki -Made new seppa with a traditional rokusho patina and a simple coin edge. -reworked original tsuka to a full wrap of samegawa -Antique fuchi in maple leaves and wave theme. -Antique menuki in Tiger theme -New hand carved horn kashira -Saya was reworked and given HAND CARVED ribbing (this took 13 hours!) for the first third then a lacquered and polished or "samesaya" finish on the lower two thirds. She has new hand carved horn koiguchi, kurigata, and kojiri -New and fitted simple iron tsuba that I gave a traditional black patina and sealed in wax. Priced just to cover materials and not even all the labor on the saya This was a project more to see something in my head come to fruition. $575 Shipped $500 Shipped CONUS, Please add any paypal fee's when applicable. Thanks everyone! Cheers, Sal' of Jizamurai Customs
  6. Hello, I don't post on here often enough, but I feel my life has been truly enriched by Ford and the work he does, and how always willing he is to share all of his knowledge. I want to know if there is a paypal address or other method that would be preferred if we want to donate to Ford and his family to show our support through more than just words. Thanks, Sal'
  7. Thanks John! Also any help on the saya or any info on the blade at all would help Cheers, Sal
  8. Here is one that I just seen in person and snapped some quick pictures of, really might want to try and pick this up but wanted to find out more about it first Any and all help would be appreciated! Thanks! Sal'
  9. SOLD! Thanks everyone, all of you that did your own research, and those of you that just had "magical" knowledge of this stuff, and thankfully posted what you knew for me, I really appreciate it! Cheers, Sal'
  10. It very well may be nihonto, but I have no good translation or history on the blade, and did not want to list it as such without knowing for certain. The blade seems well done and traditionally made, and if it was made from a well known smith in the current mounts the price would probably be considerably higher And Frank, off hand the menuki were made of copper I believe Thanks, Sal'
  11. Hello Brian I only say it's not Nihonto because of the lack of age on the nakago, but I have not done any research into the blade, or translated the mei :/ If I were to guess it was made in the last 30 years.
  12. Up for sale is one of my most recent projects. It's a Japanese o-tanto (Long enough so tech a short wakizashi) with just over 14 inch nagasa and about 20 inch over all including habaki and tsuka. It features a traditionally done kesho polish which is still in about 98% good shape. Blade has a very stout and sturdy feel in the hand and should make a nice cutter if you so choose it. Blade is signed but I have not had it translated, feel free to chime in if you can This is not a nihonto so if need be feel free to take down this sale page if you feel this does not belong here I custom made everything on this project with exception of the well executed habaki which was done by Wally Hostetter. All buffalo horn was hand carved and polished by me including the Kaeshizuno, nothing was store bought. Tsuka was carved by me and features high grade samegawa from namikawa, elegant shaping, and very nice antique dragon themed menuki. Saya was hand carved by me and blade is held snugly with zero rattle or movement in the saya but can be broken free with just a push of the thumb. Saya finish was done by me in a form of tsugaru-nuri which is a multi-layer finish that is almost never seen anymore on newer blades, specially not at this price point. I plan on making this finish my"signature" Price is $SOLD. If using Paypal you can send as a gift or add the 3% Cheers, Sal' of Jizamurai Customs
  13. I'll be going, i've been trying to make it to at least one show a year
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