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  1. Hey guys, quick question for you all. Does anyone happen to know if the importation "ban" has been lifted? I know things are still slow with sending out of country, with shipping through the sea still being the only viable option. Or has any news come out? Thanks and stay safe to all!
  2. Found a nice little Meiji-era Police sword with an older blade. I am having a bit of difficulty, however. I believe the second kanji to be "sada," but the first, I'm not so sure. Any guesses? Thabks in advance!
  3. Robert, I definitely would love to visit sometime! I'm currently stationed in Yokosuka. Been to Kamakura a few times. Beautiful place! Beautiful tanto as well!
  4. Agreed, Stephen. I feel we need a pinned thread for stuff like this. Although, we are only human, amd some people have bad days and pride, we are still accountable. Ken, I'm sorry to hear that that happened. I always fear the same, as my language skills are not the best yet. It feels like there are sellers like that everywhere, but even on some of the sites (yahoo auctions in particular) here, I see some people ridiculed for asking questions on tosugu or nihonto. Makes me wonder about how some stay in business. Thankfully, haven't had that issue with anyone I've dealt with here, thus far. Worse is anyone not responding for those that do bot sell in Japan. Licensing issue? Was it scratched up terribly?
  5. Although we know it's the same with quite a few schools, especially in eras where a multitude of smiths were working, but it seems to me it would be easier to point out such on such as Ko-Uda? Well, not easier in the sense, but better to narrow down. Surely quite a few smiths. Maybe it is due to to such with the older Uda smiths that jigane carried quickly from the "ancestor" Norishige, so it's better or "safer" to attribute to a "more common"if it's a fine line and not get someone's hopes up. Even then, I would think some would get a smith attribution. Even though uncommon, still quite a few attributable works to certain smiths and most known to the school, it would appear.
  6. Thanks guys for the comments! I took a risk on this one as no one was bidding and for the price, seemed like a nice study piece. Honestly didn't see the hakobori at first. I agree with the statement about the bohi on the omote side. Well done, done later maybe for better balance or just to add aesthetics? I was wondering maybe koto, but I feel ot points more to David's view. I'll show more pics later. Thankfully, seems to be healthy, but appears to have a spider web-like shinae on the ura. I agree a new polish would bring out the best. Has some nice sunigashi toeards the hamachi. I think the flash tends to make the rust look worse, but will tend to it gently!
  7. Well, between working Public Health in Japan and being stuck, I found myself enjoying the hobby of Yahoo Auctions and picked up this little guy. Between this and looking at project cars think I'm in trouble lol. The mei appears to read Kunitomo, possibly of Yamashiro? I will get more measurements soon, but seems to a nice little one! A well made, blade with some loose grain. Notare hamon that is almost a mirror of itself on ura/omote, and the itame hada is a bit pleasing. Nagasa is approx 21 in, with a midare-komi boshi? The bohi has been nicely carved and is a treat. The only complaint I have is that it seems someone used this to fool around with, leading to some hakobori near the middle of the ha. Unfortunately placement too. Surely would be removed without issue in a polish, but hamon depth would suffer a little bit. Tried to get a good photo, not as bad as I thought, but still! After removing some of the grime with isopropanol, and oiling it and with some on the nakgo to try and slow the red rust that was prominent in areas, appears to be a well made blade! Hope you guys enjoy! Apologies bout the pics! I shoulda used better lighting and backdrop, but was tired last night, haha!
  8. Agreed. Some IJA/IJN Flag Officers carried "Showa-to" with very nice hamon, fittings, shape, etc. I remember seeing one in an auction in Va. in modified "civilian" koshirae with Edo period tosogu. A very fine suguba that moved toward a choji-style hamon towards the end of the blade. Sometimes we have to remember that just because a wartime blade isn't fully traditionally made, that doesn't mean they couldn't be custom ordered. As for the fittings, there are quite a few good pieces! I missed out on a gendaito in Type 98 koshirar a year back. The field grade tassel was nice, the blade truly eluded Soshu characteristics. Didn't have a big gendaito smith name, but was very nice and cheap. But ehat had me researching was the tosugu were mostly silver-plated. Thought it was a joke or a very dull old nickel finish. Boy was I wrong. Thought long and hard before it sold! People will know a good smith and sword, even if not famous. Unfortunately it seems those circles have now eluded us in time as such smiths and their main histories are forgotten!
  9. Thought it was pretty neat as well! Guess either second thoughts or made a deal, as it ended early. Can't say I blame it either way! Its a very nice looking blade and in nice gunto mounts to boot!
  10. Thanks guys! And Bob, maybe for that rusted out Shigetsugu! loljk. Also, sad story. I was attempting to take a pic of a possible bend (which turned out to be nothing) that I posted a few days ago, I lost my grip on the nakago and the end hit and sliced onto my my isopropalol bottle. Kinda glad it did. Found a microchip I didnt know was there! Thought at first somehow it had chipped my blade, but looks like there is a scuff above it that was on the seller's photos. Maybe someone was being a bit rough with it before they got it! But overall, still a very nice sword, and helps me microview any blade now I will see in the future! In any case, definitely shows why to be extremely caredul, no matter how long you have handled weapons. Could endanger you, someone else, or the blade itself.
  11. Thanks guys! Think my eyes are just terrible lol.
  12. Hey Ken! I'll take more pictures later off work, but agreed. It was hard tonfind a good photo. I meant to take photo with the tsuka off to have a good flat area to start the photography. Thanks guys! Thankfully, although the blade is tired, I see no signs of shinae, but is not always a thing and we know minornones have a possibility of being removed during polish.
  13. Very nice! Looks Muromachi, middle part to me! Always been wanting to find a koto blade in Kai mounts. Also, is that an equally nice NSKK dagger I see next to it?
  14. I was oiling my sword the other day and for reason, it felt as if it was bending with no pressure. Maybe I'm just imagining things or my hands got too fat and molds onto anything? Haha, what do you all see?
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