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  1. I have not weighed it yet as I recently moved and have no idea where my jewelry stuff is. I'll tell you it is quite heavy to my hand however so is good brass.
  2. Maybe, I know it was verdigris and it was in that condition. It was not shiny either but green and white which looked like corrupted ibota wax to me. Appears to be much patina in the scales and the rim. I'm looking for help and opinions so keep them coming, perhaps this may need a professional restoration.
  3. That was my thought but it does appear to be gold gilt to my eyes; however, I am not a metallurgist.
  4. And what appears to be copper under a thick gold gilt?
  5. And what appears to be copper under a thick gold gilt?
  6. I believe clouds. Here is some closeups of the corrosion.
  7. I wanted this but Stephen beat me....
  8. Ah, so you're the purchase of that set.
  9. Why is this gimei? Is it still traditional made or a complete fake?
  10. I'm with you big John. I really want the big set BUT I took a medical job in the middle of nowhere to help with Corona on a native American reservation and I'm trying to find a little place to buy so I can stop wasting my money on rent. I'm so desolate that there is no mail delivery and I have to rent a po box and go into town. I have the money for the books, but if I but them and then the housing offer comes through I'll be screwed. I really do want those books and you've offered them at a great price.
  11. Well heck, now we all have to wait for free.
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