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  1. For the price, I take it at once https://www.aoijapan.com/tanto-masafusanot-guarantee/
  2. The least to be done by the seller is: - acknowledge the buyer of having received the payment - give an estimate date of shipment to the buyer (it can be more than a week for multiple reasons) - give him notice of shipment and send a copy of shipping documents if any.
  3. You should have written »Please, bear with me ».
  4. https://www.aoijapan.com/koshirae-hijikata-toshizos-shinsen-gumi-koshirae/ this fine Koshirae will never achieve Juyo but due to History its price is far above a classical tanto koshirae Juyo.
  5. Just FYI, shakudo Soten are not necessarily papered by NBTHK. I have seen a shakudo daisho soten tsuba, sold by Bob Benson and bought by a friend, sent to Japan for papering. It was pink slipped by NBTHK but papered by NTHK....
  6. First and last drop of price, you will never find a juyo Rai school daito at this price with a papered Koshirae: 20 000€
  7. In fact, concerning sue Bizen Kazu Uchi Mono, they are forged in Bizen style, pure masame is not sue Bizen style. From time to time, they are for sale on Aoi Art website, check the description, generally the hada is a mix of mokume and itame. Masame hada is very difficult to forge. Very good masame (no flaws) hada is very expensive and sought after. Due to the fact that all layers are folded in the same direction they are very difficult to solder, thus some collectors consider that longitudinal opening in this case are inherent to masame and not considered as kizu. The longer the blade the harder good masame is difficult to obtain.
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