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  1. Sorry Christian, gone with the wind🥲
  2. As is saying one of my friend, take tarts when they are flying. That’s the best flying tart I have seen for months. If not for years. I am very happy everybody let it pass. When Steve is offering something for sale, it is top. I got it in the mail this morning. What an iron!!!. sorry for you guys😂
  3. Clearly the seller expects a swap.
  4. Generally, companion sword for tachi were labelled kodachi (if not tanto) - length between 45 cm and 65cm. Kodachi can be considered as the wakizashi ancestor.
  5. Manuel, if no success with NMB, try facebook Tsuba collectors group, if not already done😊
  6. Congrats to Christian👏👌 Steve is a fantastic early iron tsuba collector and his tsuba are first rate.
  7. It is not a bargain, Steve, it is a steal, if not sold, I’ll take it. Just tell me how to procede😄
  8. Don’t bother: there is only one official classification done to avoid endless discussion Under or equal to One shaku: Tanto Between one to two shaku: wakizashi Over two shaku: katana or tachi Now you are free to use whatever term you want but officially the above classification will be used. In the same way in official papers, you’ll only see : Naginata naoshi.
  9. The cat is saying: « i don’t trust anymore anyone » « Last time a vet gave me a shot for a vaccine, when I woke up someone had stolen my balls »
  10. Send him to get an anti-covid vaccine 🤣😂
  11. « If its first class work it will be attributed to the founder), » Not necessarily, it must tick all the smith kantei points. The best example is Soshu. How many unsigned top O suriage Soshu blades are kanteied to Masamune? I have seen an hozon O suriage Kuniyuki which will never achieved Juyo.
  12. If I remember well, his name was something like Simsic. I saw him once or twice at KTK meetings about 20 years ago.
  13. Jean

    Hamon style opinions

    Not Toran, gunome.
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