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  1. When one relies upon others’ judgements to declare himself elitist, problems arise…. As it has been said blades must been judged according their own merits, independently of the smiths. It is what experts do for o suriage or mumei blades in Shinsa. Quality then determine the level of the kanteisho. A blade by a Rai smith, be his level saijo saku, may never reach Juyo level. The sword makes the smith and not the opposite.
  2. O kissaki are also found on Keicho swords. The O kissaki originated in the Nambokucho period and were in vogue between 1356 and 1368.
  3. Question has been asked, Jacques, and I am sure you’ll answer it.
  4. I don’t know if Darcy’s articles are still available but there was one related to the rating/ranking system. a very good shop, one of the top, if not the best one is Sokendo. You will find swords from 5K¥ upto no limit (several 10M¥).
  5. Wonderful Nihonto for sale by Rivkin at very reasonable price👍👍👍
  6. Another example from one of my former tanto
  7. Forget shinsa criteria, I know 2 historical tanto which will never pass juyo but which should be by right as unique: both are the only existing exemplary tanto : one is by the founder of the Ayanakoji school, and the other one is this one:
  8. Just to add, often the shogun or Daimyo who had not treasure swords to offer, had a stock of o suriage mumei swords and offer them with a certificate of famous appraisers stating that the sword was forged by grand Grand Master so and so. Nobody was fooled and the blade could be reoffered a few years later and so on… Everybody was keeping face.
  9. Except for some special events when smiths forge swords dedicated, the custom was to offer old swords made by master smiths.
  10. John, in this case, you must buy blades in perfect polish, nobody has never learned anything from an out of polish blade. Here is a post I wrote years ago: https://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/12646-advices-for-newbies-buyers-rules-of-thumb/
  11. In fact John, Nihonto for you is a key for dreaming and not for learning😀
  12. Undoubtedly Nick is one of the best to provide full packages (papered blades+koshirae) well priced.
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