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    Collect many things ....especially Fine Art.
    becoming interested in all things Japanese up to Edo
    mainly .Wanting to buy reasonable Tsuba ,Katana ,Wakazashi,

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  1. Can anyone translate the text below?On the leather scabbard covering ?
  2. So its not a surrender tag ? Thankyou for yr replies so did Mitsubishi Corporation make swords during ww2
  3. Hi Steve ...this was brought back in 1946 from Japan in our post war J Forces occupation .
  4. How does a person take apart a full Military Army shin Gunto ? Regards D
  5. Will let you know ..should arrive in a few days .Don
  6. Hi Any opinions are great Geraint ? Regards Don
  7. Hi everyone .....its on its way .....found it i9n a junk auction ...more pics to come ...floor bidder was keen !
  8. Does this look original? who is the signatur ? What scchool? Era ? Thankyou Don G
  9. Hi This is the nakaga that I perhaps should have shown first. Regards Don
  10. Any help would be grand..... OK 1) one side is very shiny and worn.(inside when worn 2) Outside is brown aged look 3) really nice Hamon 4)no signature on blade but there is on the Wood..under the copper/handle The cord is really quite old but really original I would say This was a bring back from J Force in 1946 NZ .Blade is incredibly sharp. I took the platelets of the handle off and I was surprised to find a faded signature on the wood. Also the tang has 2 holes Any help would be great. Hi there …...my name is Don and Im from New Zealand This was brought back in 1946 by a New Zealand Soldier Thankyou. Apologies I forgot to add my name …….I was in a rush when posting this merivalefinearts@xtra.co.nz
  11. This was brought back to NZ by a soldier based in Japan immediately after the war .
  12. Hi there Wakizashi pics.any comments as to where,when,by whom etc and translation of sig.
  13. Hi ...thanks to the replies to date..OK sounds like I need to get serious images to the forum..and the blade has a Hamon that is lively. Don
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