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  1. To start something… It begins with: “備後府中住(竹中?)國….”
  2. Where Jean? Can you remember the name of the museum?
  3. Sry, couldn’t find the term…. Depending on the spelling with “番” (watch, guard, position…) or “判” (seal, monogram, signature…) I could imagine that it might have something to do with these things…..?!
  4. Very nice James! The lights should be LED. Dimmable would be perfect, so you have the possibility to create some asthmosphere and lower the “impact” to the pieces…
  5. "清宣" (Kiyonobu) I assume!
  6. First kanji is "元" (gen) the rest is pure guesswork. If forced I could imagin to read "元弘二年....." (that would mean 1332). But I'm far from being sure and hope the more knowledgeable guys chiming in....
  7. Oops…. (I’ve edited my above post accordingly) Thanks for correcting me, Moriyama San!
  8. Hi Dominic, the reading of the mei “相模國住人廣光” seems correct. Unfortunately all of your pictures of the other side are out of focus. To get a proper translation you should give it another try (I have an idea, but to be safe I need better pics…).
  9. As soon I’m back home, I’ll have a look in “O-umajirushi”. Perhaps there is something written about it….?!
  10. Unfortunately not Bruce! But he should be listed in John Slough's book, as far as I know....
  11. Well, I couldn't find a similar reference piece (actually no surprice). So all we can say for the time beeing is, that it's most likely a Myôchin work of the mid/late Edo period. Sorry can't be more specific....
  12. Matt mentioned “武久” (Takehisa), Bruce! Possibly a smith from “愛知県” (Aichi-ken)…?!
  13. Hi Piers, also “sumitategaku” with opposite “sakura” could be a possibility….?!
  14. Hmm, tough one! A quick search brought up nothing similar. Obviously not in my books….
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