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  1. That are sad news! He had been seriously ill for quite a time. A great loss 😔 RIP!
  2. It took me awhile to get the first part, but Moriyama San was faster 🙂 Found an example: https://nominoichi.jp/未分類/日本刀-脇差-銘)竹木禽獣鍛備州長船住祐定刀身/
  3. I tend to read it as “祐包” (Sukekane)?!
  4. 吹毛且不動小野…., not sure if it’s right. Oh, Steve got it already!
  5. uwe

    Iron Jingasa

    I frankly can’t answer your question, Gary! My counterpart (posted on fb) is quite light, cos it’s made of thin metal plates. I think this is more suitable for gunners (Piers?!). Yours looks more like a “Shimazu-tank”. On the other hand, the painted on signs indicating the usage in a specific unit, as might be also the rank of the wearer… In any case, not the hat of the “guy in the last row”!
  6. Hi Julian, there is a difference between cleaning and / or polishing urushi, no matter what color. I wouldn’t recommend the latter for DIY. It’s sometimes tricky and needs knowledge as also experience. In case of the above kabuto is Thomas absolutely right! Still a lot to say, but I suggest to wait until you have the helmet in hand…..
  7. uwe

    Kabuto and Menpo

    I think Myōchin is possible, Gary!
  8. I’ve had edited my above post straight after the release to the possibility of the “Saneyoshi” reading, wonder were it went….🤔
  9. “於東都笠間一貫斎繁継” (Oite Tōto … as you said) For the other inscription I can imagine it reads…. “東都住妙法真義作” (Tōto Jū Myōhō Shingi saku) …no warranty of course 😉
  10. uwe

    Kabuto and Menpo

    Nice set, Gary 👍 May I have a picture of the signature on the menpō? Also some more pics of the kabuto would be nice (without maedate, although a nice piece!!!) in order to get a better idea of the shape…
  11. I think you can translate “宍道” as “Shinji”…. Regarding the date, the carver simply avoided to chisel “四” because of its meaning. I’ve seen this several times.
  12. That’s my try…. ”尾州浅野住真野國泰鍛之” …seems to be Mano Kuniyasu?! (If I’m right, then it reads: “Bishū Asano Jū Mano Kuniyasu kore o kitaeru”)
  13. “濃州住池田兼綱作” (Noshū Jū Ikeda Kanetsuna saku), I assume!
  14. To get the ball rolling… “第三 ? 一 三設 五號” I’m not sure what O is meaning.
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