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  1. Looks a bit like “壽屋”!? First kanji not 100%....
  2. uwe

    My armor so far

    Congratulation to the proud parents!!! You are right though....he will definitely decrease your budget and the hobby might suffer (....but it’s worth)
  3. uwe

    My armor so far

    Hi Greg, with a bit TLC it will turn out fine, I think The dō appears quite small. Or is it the perspective? Please note, as soon as you get the missing parts and put it finally together, be sure to cut the shoulder bar of the stand back to about 36cm. Those “standard stands” are often too large..... Enjoy!
  4. Yep, it’s a rice plant “稲”. Closest I could find: ”鈴木” (Susuki) in this case. But I’m not convinced.....
  5. ...far from being that, Piers... I found about 11 families “registered” for this exact mon. As Piers said, mostly associated with the Wakisaka lineage (脇坂氏). Amongst the others are: “曾雌” (Soshi) ”中井” (Nakai*) “向坂” (Sakisaka) “黒川” (Kurogawa) ”中村” (Nakamura*) “小林” (Kobayashi*) “恒川” (Kakigawa*), to name a few.... Note, (*) means, several readings possible!
  6. Max, try to get some more/ better pics of the nakago. Use different light angles....
  7. uwe

    Once again

    No.1 Mei looks: “兼門” (Kanekado)? Date seems: “昭和十九年(?)月日” (1944). Not sure about the month....
  8. uwe

    Once again

    No.2 ”河内守藤(cut off 原....)” (Kawachi no Kami Fuji(wara....). Smiths name lost.
  9. uwe

    Once again

    To start with no.3 Date is: "皇紀二千六百一年" (Kôki nisen roppyaku ichi nen = 1941) Mei is: "包光" (Kanemitsu)
  10. I’m with Christian about the date, looks “天正三年...” = 1575. I’m curious...good luck!
  11. I can only see: “Geschenk...Kaiserl. Jap(anischer) Hauptmann Yamamoto”. So that reads: “Gift...Imperial Japanese Captain Yamamoto”?! To be save, more pics needed, like Jean said above!
  12. uwe

    Edo era? or earlier?

    Some additional thoughts: The dō is lacking some features that could be expected of early Edo or Momoyama and it is in astonishing good condition for an nerikawa (leather) cuirass of that age. You can spot unpleasant (irreparable) apparition of old leather parts on the gessan, for example (distinctly warped). A second look reveals, that the back part of the dō has a different number “三十(五)?)....howsoever. Oh, and for the kabuto. I guess it was rather a low ceiling beam....
  13. uwe

    Edo era? or earlier?

    Welcome Tomas! Well, okashi-gusoku (lent armor, “加賀藩” Kaga-Han). Maedate can be called “猪目前立” (inome maedate), also typical Kaga. The dou is an so called hotoke-dou (roku-mai/ryō takahimo, in this case) and numbered inside with “九十六” (96). In terms of age, I’ve still to do some research.... BTW: The last sentence in the listing is obviously a joke....
  14. Yep, ”康継於越前作之“ (Yasutsugu oite Echizen kore wo tsukuru).
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