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  1. The second one is signed “井上真改” (Inoue Shinkai)... ...oh, just noticed that Ray was already spot on...
  2. Yup, it’s “一刀斎安綱” (Ittosai Yasutsuna) dated 1940...
  3. Nothing important John. Only “自身銘である”...what I guess means, there is the own signature of the maker (artist).
  4. For sure Andrew and I totally agree! Unfortunately, we record a faster and faster growing gap between the demand and the availability of “resources”. This applies equally to sword as well as armor restoration and will become a real task, already in the near future....
  5. Yes Jean, “光” is possible. My first thought was Tadamitsu, but I’m not convinced at all....
  6. Well, now #277, #358, #421, #448 and parts of #277 are left. So let the guesswork begin...
  7. uwe

    Edo Period Armor Set

    Hello Jason, it's everytime difficult to fix a price for something in this field. Actually there is a saying...."it's worth what somebody is willing to pay..." Not talking about the armor above (!!!), but you should get a presentable piece from the lower end of the scale for slightly under $5.000,-. But be aware it depends mainly of the condition. So condition (type and other minor details) can lead to significant price diffrences! Another important aspect is, of course, taste! Listen to your gut feeling and don't buy only because it's suppostly cheap!
  8. Moriyama san, am I right in the assumption that both readings are possible for #288?! Chinkyū (珍久) also read as Yoshihisa?
  9. Fuchi is quite nice....and made by “宗孝” (Munetaka, 1798-1859)!
  10. John, I think the missing link for #280 is “内”. Hence “Echizen ju Kinai saku”! ...and for #444 it could be “萩” (Hagi)!
  11. A great project Dale (I’ve been doing something similar for armor for some time) So let me start with #248: “武州住正方” (Bushū ju Masakata). ....ok, fast yet #288 seems to be: “珍久” (Chinkyū)
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