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  1. It is “Maru ni ken-katabami” (or “Naka-wa no uchi ni ken-katabami”), Dick! Often related with “Sakai” family..... I wonder about the armor, though?!
  2. Adam, I’m afraid, that the nakago of an kogatana is telling not so much....
  3. What I can make out is: “長門国住藤原?太良” Reading of the first two is “Nagato”! Though, “郎“ would make sense, if there wasn’t a third (illegible) kanji....I think?!
  4. uwe


    Hi Grev, unfortunately, there is no such a thing like “correct” tare in this sense. Different types of tare are possible. The only question left is, does it fit or does it not fit?
  5. Adam, your reflections carrying most of the desired answer..... So just two additional comments: 1. This helmet has nothing to do with an “akoda-nari” kabuto. 2. Ansei (1854-1859) is far too optimistic. But at the end of the day, it depends of what you want to have....
  6. I would say “肥前国正次” (Hizen no Kuni Masatsugu) Nengo seems right: “皇紀 2603” as far I can tell....
  7. Adam, the Jingasa above is a so called “Bajo-Jingasa” and the Kabuto is a “Zunari-Kabuto”. Google the terms and you will find a lot of info! More later, if you want. Off for work....
  8. I assume “謙光斎一知” (Kenkōsai Kazutomo)
  9. Don’t have much time, so in a hurry... Underneath seems to be the measurement “寸法”, (一) and the signature “記名”. Not sure (finished) about that...
  10. Brian threw me a lifebuoy, so I also made it back to the vessel. My best wishes down to SA......get well soon!
  11. Adam, the difference is, on futaye-gusari the connecting links are winded twice! Well spotted, John! I also think that the positioning of the holes might be crucial...
  12. ...Hayanobu saku "早信作"? Sounds a bit strange, but I wasn't able to find another plausible reading (let alone any reference of the smith). Can someone point me in the right direction please?!
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