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  1. Kashu Iyetsugu Katana sue Koto Ubu signed and dated 66 cm with koshirae Two tests Side 1 - Miyai Rokubei - two body cut through the dodan. Dated 1650's Side 2 - Fujita Yoemon - Riokaruma , the most difficult cut through the hips . Dated 1650's
  2. I did say this has meaning to me. When the previous head of the NBTHK takes the time to take a good look at the sword ( often over a few days ) and then form an opinion and write everything he believes to be relevant to the sword on the saya it is important to me. In a shinsa they will often look at 100's of swords and are pressed for time so it's no guarantee of increased accuracy. I value Mr. Tanobe's opinion more than a Shinsa but that's just me. Even in sayagaki they often state there is a disagreement and the attribution given is a result of that and it's open to further study.
  3. I have another sword coming from Japan that has the Last Morishige paper. I will post at that time. Mr. Tanobe was injured recently and it was either wait for the Sayagaki and paper or send the sword. I asked for the sword to be sent. I am being told it states to Morishige and mid to late Nanboku-cho. Again , i will list the paper. The Sayagaki means much more to me than the paper.
  4. They were acquired a year apart
  5. Two Tachi both NBTHK papered to Morishige mid to late Nanboku-cho One is longer and thicker.
  6. I'm not debating just stating what it's papered to. You are free to disagree with the paper. It's papered to a specific smith and not a school so convention would dictate it would match his recognized working period. I am not knowledgeable enough to argue one way or the other.
  7. It is papered mid to late Nanboku-cho NBTHK
  8. It's the same on either side. Not exactly sure what this one is. They are oversized
  9. Sorry for the poor photos. I just got it. It's really a beefy blade for it's age. It was recently polished and papered.
  10. Tachi and Tachi mounts NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Papered to 1st generation Omiya Morishige O suriage 75.7 cm Hi , 9mm thick at mune . Very healthy with lots of activity
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