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  1. For further info try https://www.google.de/search?q=koshirae+markus+sesko&client=safari&hl=de-de&sxsrf=ALeKk02ixQWIPlVX-1JbrNEHie3CvgegNA:1618810926948&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=HG-nXYJ_plaeGM%2CP2OXBVhO9YsEoM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kTIVJJbYjTk2UcgcToNiuoDNMzQOA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiK_4jSzInwAhWi2uAKHSVXA-QQ9QF6BAgXEAE&biw=1269&bih=903&dpr=2#imgrc=HG-nXYJ_plaeGM
  2. Hi Grev, if you already have an PayPal account, you will be ask for your login data after filling in the order form of the museum and clicking on the payment method “PayPal”....
  3. Indeed! For example the “戊辰戦争” (Boshin sensō / Boshin war) or the “西南戦争” (Seinan sensō / Satsuma rebellion)...to name only two!
  4. Hello Oliver, the mei reads "明珎紀宗周作" (Myôchin Ki Munechika saku. The other reading of the name is Munekane) The nengo is "嘉永セ年甲寅二月日" (A day in February Kaei 7 = 1854, "甲寅" is the zodiac date = Kinoe Tora) Something more about this smith.....
  5. 無銘 - Mumei 伝 (越前 来) - Den (Echizen Rai) Followed by the measurements....etc.
  6. uwe

    lost armor

    This unholy practice goes for a while on the market and seems to become more and more common in certain dealer circles. They “destroy” not only the armor itself, but also the whole historical context of the piece. All for the sake of (little more) profit....
  7. Hi Johan, like Moriyama San already pointed out, “於” means at/on in this case.
  8. Oh, just noticed your post here Bob....
  9. It’s “失上光廣” (Yagami Mitsuhiro) Can’t make out the other side completely. Starts with “長崎國住人(弘).... and ends with...彫之” (Nagasaki no Kuni Jūnin.....Kore o Horu)....
  10. Pics of the kabuto itself Simon?!
  11. uwe

    lost armor

    It’s a real shame and I sometimes would like to “talk” to those sellers.....
  12. It wasn’t me....this is called teamwork!
  13. Ah, thanks for sharing, Bruce So the first seven mansions are standing for spring (East, Azure Dragon). 8-14 for winter (North, Black Tortoise), 15-21 for fall (West, White Tiger) and 22-28 are left for summer (South, Vermillion Bird). That was new to me, as also the fact seeing it used in a nengo.... Nice find
  14. It’s followed by the zodiac date (Mitsunoto Hitsuji) “...癸未年辰鬼宿月” and then with what I would translate as (month of the dragon ghost ?!).... The dragon stands for the third month of the lunar calendar and “鬼宿” refers probably to the Chinese “ghost” constellation (one of the 28 mansions)...but I can be also totally wrong
  15. Welcome Barry and Piers! @Marc, sure! @Barry, there are at least 3 mon on the fittings Barry! @Piers,
  16. Tough, indeed! I will try to follow up with this.... PS: We also have a discussion about kamon-maedate on our forum. Maybe I can gain some help there!?
  17. Hi Marc, as mentioned, I'm not familiar with the language. So the short way...... Igai: Yokota: Oshima: and Baba: Probably all a dead end?! So to be continued......
  18. Hi Marc, which maedate would you like to trace back? Regarding my armor (meanwhile completed with the missing original parts), it's from the "Wakisaka-clan"! One of the "Seven spears of Shitzugatake". It is said, that only 18 gusoku of that type are extant today. I myself know about 5, more or less complete, of such armors and their remaining..... Harima Tatsuno-han, good nose Marc Tatsuno castle came in posession of Wakisaka Yasumasa in 1672..............But I don't like to hijack the thread here! You are right, unfortunalely it happens very seldom, that a collection item can be clearely assinged, but it's always fun to try !
  19. Hi Marc, sorry for the long silence... I have to go back to a previous post in order to not lose track. Well, complete signed leather armors are quite rare and were mostly made (assembled) by the Iwai. You can find, however, a lot of signed armor parts and kabuto from this school. I should have several examples in my records, if you are interested?! "Iwai Nagahisa" You are lucky, research here in Europe is far more difficult and cumbersome. Especially when you can't breach the language barrier. And when it comes to museums...I know what you mean In terms of the maedate you posted last. For the first one I had a hit on "馬場" (Baba) and two other families. The second is depicting a "simplified" kanji ..... need some time for that! Now to the reason why I'm interested in some of the flags....(see below ) (Sellers picture) PS: I have to thank you for the pictures, now added to my archive
  20. Strange... It seems somebody tried to write “口住藤原直宗” or maybe “沼田藤原直宗” (Numata Fujiwara Naomune)...hmmm!?
  21. I would go for “Mutsu no Kami Fujiwara Toshinaga” (I’m a bit in a hurry this morning, though.....)
  22. Ok, let's start with the maedate/mon for this post. I was combing through my books, well aware, that this "mon thing" could become sort of "mission impossible"! First I broke down the crest into its components. Namely sumikiri-gaku and sumitate-yotsume. Unfortunately sumitate-yotsume was quite common and widely used. Bearing in mind the kuginuki (if it is kuginuki at all and not also meyui??), I listed as much clans/families as possible for each and then looked for intersections. Without considering the framing (sumikiri-gaku), though! In this way three families remaining on the shortlist: "猪飼" (Igai) "横田" (Yokota) "小島" (Oshima) - not sure, different writings (大島 = Ôshima) All Tokugawa retainers. Of course, this does not claim to be complete or absolute correct. So take it with a grain of salt! The second approach was to look simply for a perfect match. So I hit the "big book" and thats what came out: Drop of bitterness, no connection to kuginuki, so far....
  23. Yes Marc, I’m still here and you find me impressed! I really like your focus on Munechika as I also like tatami-gusoku in general. Give me some time trying to answer your questions. Some of the flags attracted my attention....but I will come back to that later.....
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