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  1. Hi Adam, yes, suitable space is a real problem, also for me. Especially when you have to keep the peace at home 😉 Hmm, interesting “extension plate”. Such modifications are seldom seen! When it comes to the placement of the sode (like Piers suggested). Try to put the shoelace loops under the watagami and tie each sode to the stand, right above the shoulder bar (or directly together). This way, the largest portion of the laces will be hidden by the watagami and the kobire… Keep us updated!
  2. uwe

    Menpo Mei

    That could explain the similarities Piers mentioned…probably intentionally?! I’ve to check….
  3. uwe

    Menpo Mei

    That’s true Thomas! The fact that he didn’t sign with that name (at the latter Edo period) may be an indicator that this affiliation is fictitious….
  4. uwe

    Menpo Mei

    Another example of that smith's work...
  5. The date pretends to be koto, but as Ray said…. With the above links and suggestions you should be able to translate the mei (quite easy) and the nengo yourself. Have fun, John!
  6. Hmmm…., 土海岡野作後志三口?? If you ask me….that doesn’t look good!
  7. The nengo reads “嘉永三年二月日” (Kaei 3. year a day in the 2. month = February 1850). The mei is “源清麿” (Minamoto Kiyomaro). Renowned smith, if legit….
  8. Guess it reads “竹内” (Takeuchi), John!
  9. As mentioned above, good matching set in good (restored!) condition! Thomas and Piers have given good advice especially in terms of origami. I don’t want to go into the translation (description) of the papers on the website for the time being…
  10. 丈 For the right side radical makes no sense….Thinking the other way round I could follow John’s reading! Hope somebody can confirm or comes up with a better idea 🤓
  11. If pushed I would go for “永禄十年八..” (August 1567) Hope I’ve found all strokes this time…
  12. Indeed, a closer look reveales this little stroke I've missed...
  13. I think the left one reads “中井住越前守直正” (Nakai jū Echizen no Kami Naomasa). The right seems to be “宮崎越前守直正作 (cut off)” (Miyazaki Echizen no Kami Naomasa saku /cut off).
  14. Hi Jesper, unfortunately there is no similar publication as far as I know. Nevertheless, take this book with a grain of salt…. Thomas, with “older” I mean the first half of the Edo period! No chance to be pre Edo, as Luc mentioned. Let’s do some analysis 🧐
  15. “鍛“ is a bit sloppy written and could cause some headaches in this case 😉
  16. It might be "一文字天秀鍛之" (Ichimonji Amahide kitau kore).
  17. Oops….totally off this time. Had Uesugi but couldn’t believe 🤓
  18. First glance: 上杉(見….. I think it means good cedar?….the rest is more or less illegible to me. 二十九 ち stock number?
  19. “武州住正方”
  20. It’s “兼則” (Kanenori), October 1943 (昭和十八年十月)!
  21. As already mentioned somewhere on this forum... I bought 2 armor related items in Japan via his proxi service and I'm just about to purchase a third one. No problems at all! Smooth handling, good comunication, items well packed and shipment was quite fast. These are my experiences so far!
  22. I see you found it Mark 👍 Unfortunately, I know nothing about the costs….
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