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  1. Hello I need your help about this water wheel tsuba 6,6 cm diameter 0,4 cm thick What do you think about this ?? Thank you Regards
  2. Hello I have four seasons silk paints but I can'not read the hiragana signature Can anyone help me ? Regards
  3. Hello I have found this one shakudo tsuba with silver fukurin kozuka ana with silver fukurin Dimensions 63 mm /50 mm thick 4,2 mm nakago ana 23 mm/ 6 mm What do you think? regards
  4. Thank you for this answer Here are others pics regards
  5. Hello I have this mokko gata iron tsuba with 82,5 mm/76,5 mm, rim thick: 3,5 mm itsuana thick 2,7 mm with ukikaeshi mimi 4,5mm itsu ana 28,5 mm/ 9 mm What do you think ? Thank you Regards Bernard
  6. Hello I have this blade but I can'not say if this one is katana or wakisaki The blade have no visible hamon or hada the nagasa is exactly 60,6 cm (2 shaku) I know that this length is the limit between wakizashi and katana but this blade is also suriage with 2 mekugi ana separated with 4 cm. this means that this blade had original nagasa of 64,6 cm (length of katana) So what do you think katana or wakizashi ? Regards
  7. Hello I have see this tanegashima with strange barrel protection you can see on the pics that the ama ooi is fixed on the barrel by one rivet also you can see one median hole that communicate with the barrel So this barrel protection his non conform like the hituba (pancover) what do you think caliber 12 mm total length 107 cm weight 2,120 kg Thank you regards
  8. Hello Last found ( in fact this one was a part of the lot, with the last zunari and one momonari, that I have found this last month) So, this one have only three plates shikoro The ukebari have on this edge one bias tape printed with small mon series Regards
  9. Hello Here is my last find; one "tired" zunari etchu Kabuto that requires a good restoration Can anyone date this kabuto ? What is the type of shikoro? ishimanju type ?? what's mon on fukigaeshi ? Thank you Best regards Bernard
  10. Thank you very much for your comments that confirms what I thought That's why I did not hesitate to buy this despite the "hard polishing" in addition his very low price ( 200 euros) did not leave me too much choice
  11. Hello I have found this one total length 137,5 cm barrel length 101,5 cm total weight 4,066 kilogs caliber 15 mm (5 monme) this one can not be shot without support (too heavy) there are no kanji under the barrel (I think perhaps this was erased) There is only one silver inlay kanji on the top of the barrel but difficult to read (see pic) What do you think ? Hazama zutstu ? regards
  12. It's not mine it was to confirm my first opinion given to the incoherence and the bad position of the kanji and other things ( bad mekugi ana, bad yazuri mei ...........) Note that the drawing and the engraving of the kanji are better than the old chinese fakes Thank you
  13. Hello Can anyone help me to translate this katana omote mei (I think the two last kanji are: ichirô) on the other side (ura) there is: Ansei san nen ni gatsu (1856) Thank you Regards
  14. What does it mean ? Thank you for your help
  15. Hello I have this yanone menuki on wakizashi tsuka with, on both, long signature stuka length 215 mm yanone right 75 mm yanone left 70 mm with great difficulty I have transcribe the kanji of these meniki and I translated some kanji particularly the last of the left menuki (8, 9, 10 and 11) Fusa michi saku kore. Someone can complete or correct my translation ? regards
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