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  1. The interior of the Hachi appears to be lacquered black, the plates around the mei have been covered in gold leaf, this is a relatively common practice. Usually it is just a single plate, It would be worth checking the area for any other kanji. Nice armour by the way.
  2. Max, Quite a nice looking Dou, I agree with Uwe, id say early-mid Edo period, we will need better photos to give more details.
  3. Last price reduction. 3. 100 USD + Shipping
  4. Thanks for the additional image, the shape of the Mabizashi, Byo, Haraidate-dai and Shinogi definitely point to Ichiguchi. It is unlikely that this group worked before the Edo period.
  5. Very nice. A little oil should be fine, but replacing the fabric sections will require a professional and the final result will not necessarily reflect the original. I would be interested to see the top of the uppermost plates, are they concave?
  6. Looks like Ichiguchi work to me, likely early-mid Edo period. Do you have any close up images of the Haraidate-dai?
  7. Price reduction 150 USD Shipping included anywhere in the world.
  8. Price reduction. 1. 250 USD + Shipping 3. 150 USD + Shipping
  9. Thanks for the kind words, it really is a nice piece in hand. Maybe some new photos in better light will help it find a new home.
  10. Bump, before the sale is pulled.
  11. 3. Height: 6.6cm Width: 6.2cm Thickness at Mimi: 0.4cm Thickness at Seppa-dai: 0.4cm Nakago-ana Height: 2.2cm Nakago-ana bottom Width: 0.9cm Nakago-ana top Width: 0.2cm Weight: 69.4g 200 USD + Shipping
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