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  1. Where are you buying from if you don't mind me asking?.
  2. Good seller sucks about the 3 month shipping though:/.
  3. I think so as well and at a good price.
  4. Hello NMB I have a early Edo katana forsale in poor polish but otherwise in decent shape. No chips or nicks in the cutting edge or the blade alike 39 inches in total length with a 27 inch cutting edge I think this would make a perfect starter blade and definitely Worthy of a polish in my opinion asking 1700 or best offer plus shipping and paypal and of course a portion will be donated to NMB like the last time I made a sale.
  5. I agree 100% bar steel could be swedish steel though still a really cool blade for the right price of course.
  6. Just wondering if this is a real signature or gimi.
  7. Wondering what is out there for a Edo and up katana must have over a 29inch cutting edge preferably out of polish and doesn't have to have papers.
  8. Honestly just to get my foot in the door Id work on the price to land my first NMB sale and my first customer on NMB will have a first customer discount on every item I sell from now on:).
  9. Much appreciated It's stunning in person very beautiful blade, I'm sorry to hear about that outrageous import tax I don't blame you for wanting to avoid that my friend.
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