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  1. @Michael 67 yeah I could tell it was a high quality blade right away just from it's shape. Truly beautiful, a pleasure just to see pictures of. It's just so strange how the rating system works for the WW2 blades. I commented just because I generally don't understand it. Would love feed back on a perfect example right in front of us. Cheers Edward
  2. I would like to bump this for you. How is this gorgeous, reasonably priced Gunto still forsale. Come on people snag this while you can.... Looks to be in almost perfect condition.
  3. Oh. Was just confused, I tried to sell a sword to Matt and I was told by Matt himself because the smith was only rated 1 million yen it wasn't worth much. It also wasn't a shrine sword like this one though. I think the shape and length of this one is much more appealing. Mine did have a much more extravagant hamon.
  4. @matthewbrice correct me if I'm wrong please,he's rated 1.8 million?
  5. What is this smith rated at. If you don't mind me asking?
  6. Wow that's a steal of a deal my friend. I think this would make a perfect starter blade.
  7. Good call, alot people will have you take pictures send this send that. In the end they just wanted to tell you what to do, not really interested.
  8. Hello NMB members. Another rainy day here in New England, so stuck inside doing some Nihonto research. Not able to find to much info on the Horii school. Wondering if any members have any info on the matter. Picture just for pleasure 😜.
  9. For 699$ you made out really good.
  10. Very reasonable price for a nice Gendatio presentation. Edward
  11. I feel you'll have better luck selling it with some more pictures. Edward
  12. Just jealousy, simple as that. Edward
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